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20. Confusion


Gianna dragged my from the dining table as through her life depended on it.

Most of the upper deck was outside, but there was a small area inside which housed some internal stairs.

I glanced behind me nervously a couple of times.

“Is...Is your father angry with me?” I stuttered.

Gianna slowed down. Then she shook her head.

“No Rosie, it’s just...Well he doesn’t like it when people don’t do as he says.”

She suddenly stopped, her hands rested on my shoulders as she spun me to face her.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were still at school? How did you meet my brother?”

I swallowed hard. I thought she knew. She was with Christian, probably his girlfriend. Hadn’t he told her either?

I glanced nervously over my shoulder.

“Vincent didn’t tell you?” I asked.

She shook her head, her hands still resting on my shoulders.

Her eyes focussed on the bruises on my face.

“He didn’t do that, did he?” she asked, panic in her voice.

I shook my head. I’d been quite happy to tell Andrew that Vincent had kidnapped me. Somehow it didn’t seem as bad as telling his sister. She probably wouldn’t believe me anyway.

“I should find something to put on,” I muttered.

Gianna finally let go of my shoulders, likely realising I wasn’t going to answer her question.

We finally reached the deck where the cabin was, where I had woken up.

When I walked towards the door, Gianna frowned.

“This is Vincent’s cabin!” she exclaimed.

I shrugged. “It’s where I woke up. Besides, I sleep in his bedroom back at the villa.”

Gianna closed her eyes and shook her head.

“Merda. A papà non piacerà,” she muttered, [Shit. Daddy won’t like that.]

She opened the cabin door and I followed her inside.

She walked straight to the walk in wardrobe and started looking through the racks of clothing.

“Did you choose these,” she huffed.

I sighed, “No.”

I wasn’t going to tell her that Vincent chose them. Most of them were low cut, short revealing dresses. I would much prefer to wear a pair of shorts or a pair of jeans. That had never been an option since I was here.

Gianna rolled her eyes.

“We need to get you some different clothes, Papa wont like these.”

I frowned. I couldn’t understand what was going on. Why would her father even care what I wore. It wasn’t until I told him I hadn’t finished school that everything went crazy.

I watched as she grabbed her phone from her bag, and walked back into the bedroom.

I followed her out.

She pressed a few buttons and held the phone to her ear.

“Roberto? Ho bisogno del tuo aiuto?” She began, speaking into the phone. [Roberto? I need your help?]

She went silent as she listened to what Roberto was saying.

I thought he was just a waiter who was in charge of dinner, but perhaps he wasn’t. Maybe he was in charge of the boat.

Gianna continued, “Ho bisogno che trovi una capanna per Rosie e dei vestiti che non la facciano sembrare una puttana.” [I need you to find a cabin for Rosie, and some clothes that dont make her look like a whore]

There was that word again. I had no idea what it meant, but it was an insult of some kind.

She was silent again. It didnt really matter that I couldn’t hear what Roberto was saying. They were speaking in Italian anyway, so I couldnt understand a word she said.

“Ho bisogno di qualcosa per stasera. Jeans, una maglietta. Cazzo, ho bisogno di un guardaroba che conosca bene adatto a un’adolescente, altrimenti papà impazzirà,” she replied. [I need something for tonight. Jeans, a tee-shirt. Fuck I need a whole knew wardrobe suitable for a teenager, otherwise daddy is going go apeshit].

Silence again, but this time she started nodding her head, as though Roberto could see.

“Si, grazie Roberto,” she said as she finished the called. [Yes, thank you Roberto.]

She looked at me and rolled her eyes.

“Come on,” she huffed, as she headed towards the door.

I looked towards the closet.

“What about clothes?” I asked.

She forced a smile, “dont worry, I’ll find you something to wear.”

I rubbed my arms as we headed down the passageway. I was starting to get a bit chilly. It wasnt warm enough to be running around a ship in nothing but a bikini. As we passed windows I realised it was beginning to get dark outside. The sun had been warm, but without it, and being in the middle of the ocean there was definately a chill in the air.

We stopped outside another cabin door, and Gianna opened it.

It was similar to the other one, but a bit smaller. No walk in closet, but a bathroom.

I jumped slightly when Roberto walked from the bathroom.

He wasnt smiling, but then I hadnt seen him smile at dinner.

He was carrying some clothes which he laid on the bed.

“È il meglio che posso fare, con breve preavviso. Il guardaroba completo dovrebbe arrivare in mattinata,” he stated, looking at Gianna. [Its the best I can do, at short notice. The full wardrobe should arrive in the morning]

Gianna nodded, as Roberto left the room.

“This will be your room now, Rosie. Roberto has arranged some new clothes which should arrive tomorrow. For now you should wear these.”

I looked at the clothes. They looked like a female version of the uniform I had seen the waiters wearing.

A black skirt, a white blouse and some black flat shoes. There was also some plain cotton pants.

More like the stuff I had worn back at home.

I sighed and picked up the uniform.

“Ok, I guess I’ll get changed.”

I walked through to the bathroom and closed the door. I blinked back a few tears.

I guessed having to work, was better than finding myself at the bottom of the ocean. I doubted I’d ever get away now.

Vincent had obviously got tired of me, which didnt surprise me. Maybe his father didnt want the death of a minor on his hands, so this was the next best thing.

I decided to quickly shower, before I dressed.

There was some shower stuff, and I noticed a toothbrush and essentials.

I quickly dried myself, pulled my hair into a ponytail, and put on the uniform. At least it covered the bruises on my body, although my face still looked a bit rough.

When I walked out the bathroom, Gianna was sitting on the bed texting someone.

She frowned a little when she saw my hair was tied back.

“You should wear your hair down, it looks so much nicer,” she urged.

I shrugged, “I dont want it getting in the way when I’m working.”

She frowned again, then realisation dawned on her face.

“Don’t be silly Rosie, you wont be working. These were the only clothes in your size. You’ll be getting new clothes tomorrow.”

I frowned, and looked down at the clothes.

“I...I don’t understand,” I stuttered.

She smiled, “Don’t worry, Papa will explain everything.”

Her smile dropped and her expression became serious.

“Please Rosie, tell me how you came to be here?” She pleaded.

I swallowed hard.

“I don’t think Vincent wants me to talk about it.”

Gianna narrowed her eyes.

“What did he do Rosie? Tell me, I wont let him hurt you.”

I bit my bottom lip. She wasnt going to let this go, but I wasnt sure she could do anything to stop him.

“Papa won’t let him hurt you, right now he’s making Vincent tell him everything,” She added.

I took a deep breath, and let it out slowly.

“They kidnapped me,” I whispered.

Gianna frowned, “They? What do you mean, they?”

“Vincent and Christian, from a house in New York. They drugged me and brought me back to Italy.” I blurted.

Gianna’s face morphed and she became angry.

Shit, she was going to kill me. She’d never believe that her boyfriend would do a thing like that.

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