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24. Coming Clean


I followed my father back inside. He looked pissed, if I was honest. I’d told him a lot of what had happened, but there were still some things that he didn’t know. In hindsight I should have told him, but I was more than a little angry last night when he took control.

By the time this morning came, I’d cooled off a little. I could see his point to a degree. That didn’t mean my feelings had changed towards Rosie though, and I wasn’t sorry that I’d snatched her away from Daniel’s filthy paws.

I had the feeling that Rosie felt something for me to. She hadn’t pulled away when I had comforted her, so that was good, right?

I sat down at the table, and one of the stewards set an extra place.

“Hold breakfast until our guest returns,” my father insisted.

The steward nodded and headed back inside.

“So are you going to tell me what else happened to Rosie?” My father demanded.

I sighed, “More than should have done,” I admitted.

My father glared at me, waiting for an answer that wasn’t evasive.

I rolled my eyes.

“Angelo’s men were supposed to be watching her, when she arrived at the villa. One of them tried it on, when she struggled, he struck her, so I killed him.”

My father narrowed his eyes.

“When you say tried it on…?” his voice trailed off leaving the question hanging.

“If I hadn’t intervened, he probably would have raped her,” I stated.

He closed his eyes and shook his head in disbelief.

“Later,” I continued, “she fell asleep in the bath, so I carried her back into the bedroom. Then I took her for breakfast, explained where we were, and she flipped. I lost my temper and pointed a gun at her. She fell and hit her head.”

My father narrowed his eyes.

“What were you thinking, are you fucking insane, pointing a gun at a child!”

I clenched my jaw.

“What did you expect. She was extolling the virtues of my perverted fuck of a brother. I lost control. After everything that he’s done, and he almost corrupted her. She doesn’t know how close she came to ending up in his clutches.”

My father shook his head, “What else,” he sighed.

I ran my fingers through my hair. Thinking about what I’d done, I wasn’t surprised she looked pale and ill.

“The necklace she wears. I gave it to her. It has a tracker inside. That’s how we found her so quickly when she ran. After Daniel’s man beat her, we found out who it was, and grabbed his phone. I showed her the texts, Andrew also told her what Daniel was. I think its just sinking in that her father was going to hand her over to a child molester, and he knew what Daniel was.”

My father sighed and shook his head once again. I should be grateful he hadn’t lost it.

“You’re going to tell her about the necklace, Vincent. You need to talk to her, tell her everything. Then I’ll arrange a school when we get back from Antigua.”

I nodded, what else could I do.

“You better tell her about the guardianship, It’ll have your name on it now. But I meant what I said, father. I want a future with her.”

My father nodded.

“It would please me if that were to happen, but I won’t force her. Ultimately the choice will be hers. Perhaps being away from everything will help. Have you spoken to Gianna?”

I couldn’t help but smirk.

“Not yet, I thought I’d let Christian take the brunt of her temper.”

My father chuckled. My sister was nothing if not feisty.

“I’ll speak to Rosie later about school and my guardianship. We stop over in Madeira tomorrow. Maybe you should take her to dinner, just the two of you. You can perhaps buy her another necklace? One that doesn’t contain a tracker,” my father scoffed.

I stood up.

“You’re not staying for breakfast?” my father questioned.

I shook my head, “I’ll let you talk to Rosie. I’ll go and find Gianna, try and make my peace with her,” I hesitated, “I’m sorry father. You were right, I should have done this differently.”

He nodded, but smiled none the less.

“You have admitted your mistake, Vincent. That pleases me. Now go and try and appease your sister.”

I didn’t know which one was going to be easier to appease. Granted all the things I had done, had been done to Rosie. But she was a lot more placid than my sister. Perhaps if I could gain her forgiveness, she could persuade Rosie that I really wasn’t such an arsehole. The real arsehole in all of this had been Daniel. He’d ripped Amelia away from me with lies and deceit. Then he’d tried to groom Rosie. Then finally when none of those things had worked, he’d set Michael Ryan up, so that he could get his hands on his daughter. Trying to lay the blame at my doorstep. Having said that, the man who had been killed was a piece of shit, but he worked for a bigger fish. We would have played the slow game, and dealt with the bigger fish, not the patsy.

I tried to put it out of my mind. Thinking about Daniel would only sour my mood, and that wouldn’t help if I was trying to smooth things over with Gianna.

I found Gianna sitting out on deck with Christian. By the looks of things she’d forgiven him. She sat astride his lap with her arms wrapped around his neck, his hands resting on her arse.

As I walked over to them, Christian smirked. This caused Gianna to snap her head around.

As soon as she saw me, she glared.
“What do you want?” She snapped.

I rolled my eyes.

“So you forgive your boyfriend, but not your brother...I’m not the one that put her in the trunk of the car!”

Christian scowled at me.

It had probably taken him all night to pacify Gianna, now here I was deflecting her anger back on him. It wasn’t like I way lying though.

“Besides...” I added, “if Daniel had got hold of her...” I let my voice trail off.

Gianna’s expression softened.

“Is papa going to look after her now?” She asked.

I nodded, not sure whether to tell her my intent.

She smiled.

“You do like her though, don’t you Vincent? She wasn’t just a hostage, was she?”

I couldn’t help but smile at my clever little sister.

“I do like her Gianna, but as father has reminded me, its her choice whether she wants to take it further.”

Gianna jumped from Christians lap, and wrapped her arms around me.

“I do love you Vincent, even if sometimes you are an idiot!”

She pulled away and hit me in the shoulder with her fist.

I chuckled. If anyone else had done that, I would have flattened them. But my little sister, she could get away with anything.

“I’m going ask her out to dinner tomorrow, maybe you could help her find something to wear. I think it will be good for her to have a female friend,” I hesitated, “and maybe you can persuade her to say yes.”

Gianna chuckled, “I’ll go and find her. Maybe we can have cocktails again.”

I rolled my eyes. I had a strange feeling that Gianna and Rosie would become good friends. Perhaps she would even persuade Rosie that I wasn’t the bad guy after all.

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