His Kitten

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27. Sunbathing


I watched as Rosie walked away from me. Cursing to myself.

The way her hips swayed. The way her body looked so perfect in that dress. I wanted so much more, but I knew that if I kissed her again, it wouldn’t have just stopped at a kiss, and I had made a promise.

A promise that had been somewhat grudgingly given, but a promise none the less.

My father knew how I felt about her. It wasn’t just how closely she resembled Amelia, although that may have been part of it. A second chance at happiness perhaps. After Amelia I had never found anyone else who ignited that spark. Not until I saw Rosie.

I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her, tied up on the sofa. Under normal circumstances I would have just given that piece of shit that had touched a woman like that, a severe beating, but this was Rosie. I couldn’t bear the thought of anyone else touching her. It didn’t matter to me that I was twice her age, or that I had kidnapped her. There was something about her.

It was stupid of course, why would a beautiful young thing like that be interested in me, but she was. She didn’t fight off my advances as much as I thought she would.

Now, she didn’t seem to be fighting them off at all.

I’d promised my father though, that I wouldn’t touch her until she was eighteen. The hardest promise I had ever made. My little sister wasn’t helping either. Dressing her up like a package just waiting to be unwrapped.

I sighed as she disappeared from sight, and headed to the bar.

I poured myself a large scotch, drowning my sorrows and throwing myself a little pity party.

I barely even noticed that I wasn’t alone, until he spoke.

“Well? How was your date?”

I turned around to see my father standing there.

I grabbed an empty glass and poured out a generous measure, before handing it to him.

I took a large swallow of my own.

“We had dinner, we danced, I brought her home, we kissed goodnight and I sent her to bed,” I huffed.

My father smirked.

“You never dance!”

I rolled my eyes.

“I do now, seems I was just looking for the right girl to dance with.”

He walked over and squeezed the back of my neck.

“She’ll be worth the wait, you know that Vincent don’t you?”

I swallowed down the last of the scotch, and pulled away from him.

“Yeah, I know,” I huffed, as I slammed the glass on the bar and walked away.

That’s if she thought I was worth the wait. I got the distinct impression after I told her to go to bed, that she thought I was blowing her off. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Something I intended to remedy tomorrow.

I tossed and turned most of the night thinking about my Rosie. My Rosie. She was mine. We both knew it. If I couldn’t make her mine until her birthday, I could at least let her know.

The sun had barely risen when I made my way out of bed, and headed for the gym. It was only small but it had everything I needed. Right now I had to exert by body to take my mind of my gattina. My kitten. My Rosie.

I hit the treadmill first. When I was about halfway through my warm-up, I heard the door open. Glancing round I saw my little sister.

“So,” she began, as she started to stretch, “how was your date?” she smirked.

I rolled my eyes.

“Fine,” I huffed.

Gianna frowned.

“I went to all that trouble, to make Rosie look ravishing for you, and you say it was ‘fine’!” she grumbled.

I stopped the treadmill, and turned to face my sister.

“I have you to blame for going to bed with a massive hard-on in my pants then,” I scoffed.

Gianna chuckled.

“Did she turn you town, Vincent?”

I frowned and shook my head.

“She didn’t get the opportunity,” I huffed.

Gianna tilted her head.

“You’re really into her Vinnie, and I’m pretty sure she’s really into you, despite everything that you and Chris did. What’s the problem?”

I almost laughed out loud. My little sister, ever the matchmaker.

“Papa made me promise,” I revealed, “no action until she turns eighteen.”

Gianna pouted.

“I hope you at least kissed her goodnight? When is her birthday anyway?”

I smiled, as I remembered the kiss, and fleeting as it had been.

“Yes I kissed her goodnight. Her birthday, is on your wedding day.”

Gianna looked at me and a mischievous grin appeared on her face. She stood up and headed for the door.

“Is that your workout,” I scoffed.

She looked at me and grinned.

“Change of plan, meet me by the hot tub later,” she hesitated, “and wear something suitable.”

I frowned.

“Suitable?” I queried.

Gianna chuckled.

“Yeah, something that makes you look less like a businessman and more like someone who is on vacation. Just lighten up a bit.”

I narrowed my eyes and shook my head.

“What are you planning sorellina?” [Little sister]

Gianna just grinned.

“Guess you’ll just have to wait and see!” She smirked as she sashayed out the door.

After I’d finished my workout I quickly grabbed some breakfast. It was still early, so no one else was there. I was slightly disappointed, that Rosie wasn’t there, but I figured she was probably a late riser. Plus I did wonder if she might be a little hungover. Not that she’d drunk a lot last night, but she wasn’t exactly used to alcohol.

I headed to the study straight after to check on work and emails. I knew that Gianna had suggested I lighten up, but working was ingrained into me. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d actually taken a vacation. I was only here now because of Gianna’s up and coming nuptials.

There wasn’t a lot that couldn’t wait, so I headed back to my room, to change.

I couldn’t help but smile when I entered the room. A note was on the bed, on top of some clothes, if you could call them that.

Wear this. No Arguments. Gianna.

I chuckled. She was incorrigible.

I looked at the clothes. Swimming shorts, the sort that surfers would normally wear, and a loud Hawaiian shirt. I normally would wear anything like this. Still, I’m sure Gianna only had my best interests at heart.

I quickly changed and headed to the sun deck which housed the hot tub.

We were heading into warmer climates now, so to be fair to Gianna the clothes she had laid out were quite fitting.

Both girls were lying on a couple of sunbeds on the deck. Rosie was wearing the bikini she had been wearing the first day on the yacht. She was lying on her stomach, he arms above her head. I licked my lips.

Gianna was the same, laying on her stomach, taking in the sun. The only difference being, that Christian was perched on the edge of her sunbed, rubbing suntan lotion into her skin.

He glanced over at the table, and gestured with his head, a grin on his face. Another bottle of suntan lotion stood. Christian then glanced over at Rosie.

I smiled back, saying nothing, I picked up the bottle.

I walked over to the sunbed where Rosie was laying. I perched on the edge.

Immediately Rosie turned her head and looked up at me.

“We can’t have you getting sunburned now can we,” I asserted.

She blushed, as she watched me pouring liberal amounts of the lotion onto my hands.

“Just relax,” I whispered in her ear, “let me take care of you.”

I gently began to rub my hands across her shoulders. Working my way gently down her arms. Then I moved to her back, savouring the feel of her delicate velvet skin on my fingers.

She let out a gentle hum, as I worked my fingers over her body.

“Does that feel good, my little Rosie,” I whispered.

She hummed an acknowledgement, which was closer to a moan.

My fingertips glided down the outside of thighs and swept across her perfect little arse. I leant down and kissed the middle of her back. She giggled. She had the most angelic laugh.

“What’s going on here?”

I looked up to see my father standing there. He had a smirk on his face.

“I dont want Rosie getting sunburnt. She probably not used to the strength of the sun here,” I reasoned.

My father hummed, suspiciously.

Gianna turned to head and looked at our father.

“Besides, Papa I dont want one of my bridesmaids to look like a lobster do I?”

Rosie snapped her head around and stared at Gianna.

“What!” she exclaimed.

Gianna sat up and smirked.

“Yes, I’ve decided I want you to be my bridesmaid,” she stated.

She quickly looked at our father with doe eyes.

“That’s OK isn’t it papa?” she pleaded.

He looked at Gianna and chuckled.

“Of course,” he beamed, as he turned and left the deck.

Gianna looked at me and winked.

“Besides, it’s the best man’s job to look after the bridesmaid. You don’t mind, do you Vincent?”

I chuckled and rolled my eyes.

“No, Gianna. I don’t mind at all.”

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