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38. Damien's Plan


It was Christian! I should have realised, but he was sneaky. Sometimes he would seem ok, other times he would give me funny looks, and it was him that tossed me in the trunk of the car.

All the time he made out to Vincent that he was working with him, when all the time he was working against him...and me. How long he had been working with Daniel I couldn’t imagine.

The person I felt most sorry for was Gianna.

The only time she was really angry with him, was when she found out that he and Vincent had kidnapped me. I wondered if Christian really loved her, or whether he was just using her from day one.

I wasn’t sure I liked Damien. He was tall and muscular but unlike Vincent, he had paler skin and blond hair. At first I wondered if he was another FBI agent, but he was drinking Vincent’s scotch. I doubted whether Vincent would have given that to an FBI agent. Even though they were helping us, Vincent didn’t seem to like the FBI. Damien was different. I could tell they were friends.

Even when Vincent called him an arsehole, I could tell it was partly in jest.

I didn’t like the way Damien was looking at me. It was like he wanted to see me naked. Now I knew what it meant when someone spoke about undressing you with their eyes.

I suppose Vincent did it too, but it was different with Vincent. With Vincent I liked the idea of him undressing me, I didn’t care what part of his anatomy he used.

Although Damien was Vincent’s friend, I got the impression that Vincent wasn’t too keen on the way he was looking at me either.

When Damien spoke about what Daniel would get, I knew he was referring to me. The thought made me feel sick, and I panicked.

Vincent must have felt me shaking, because he wrapped his arm round me even tighter. He made me feel safe.

I just hoped he would always make me feel this way.

When Vincent asked Damien what he should do. I knew exactly what I wanted him to do.

I wanted Vincent to take me as far away from here as possible. If Christian knew our plans. What the FBI had planned to do, then he would tell Daniel. I wouldn’t be safe. Vincent wouldn’t be safe.

I felt tears pooling in my eyes.

Damien looked at me, concern on his face.

“You, Vincent, need to take care of your girlfriend. Leave everything to me, I’ll deal with it.”

Vincent brushed a tear from my cheek with the pad of his thumb.

“Sshh Rosie. It’s going to be fine. You trust me, don’t you?” he whispered.

I nodded.

“B...But he’s going to try to kill you?” I whimpered.

Damien scoffed.

“It won’t even get that far. Christian will want to let Daniel know what the FBI agent’s have planned. He’ll have to do it face to face, because we’ve already put a block on his phone. He won’t want to risk letting this opportunity pass by.”

Damien smirked.

“When they meet, we’ll take them both out.”

I gasped.

“What about Gianna, she doesn’t know, does she.”

Damien shook his head.

Vincent sighed.

“She’s going to be heartbroken. She loved that bastard, although now I’m thinking maybe the feeling wasn’t mutual. He was using her, to get to me. With me out the picture, she would get everything...”

Vincent hesitated.

“You don’t think…?”

Damien shook his head again.

“Gianna had no idea. I’m sorry, but there will be no wedding tomorrow.”

I felt a sudden rush of guilt. Gianna was so looking forward to her wedding. She was so excited. If it hadn’t been for me, perhaps none of this would have happened. Daniel only became involved because Vincent had me. He just used Christian to get what he wanted. But that also meant that Christian wasn’t loyal, and I knew both Vincent and his father prized loyalty more than anything else.

If Christian hadn’t made his move now, then he would have found another way, sooner or later. All he wanted was the power and the money.

That wasn’t why I felt guilty. I felt guilty because Damien was going to kill Daniel and Christian, and I was glad.

Glad because this nightmare would be over.

I swallowed nervously, and looked up at Vincent.

“Does it make me a bad person because...” I hesitated, and tears began to pool in my eyes.

“Because I’m glad they’re going to die,” I blurted.

Damien glanced at me, then looked at Vincent.

“How on earth did you find such an angel. You must be the fucking luckiest man alive.”

Vincent pulled me into his chest, and kissed the top of my head.

“I am Damien. Rosie is...” Vincent sighed, “She’s fucking perfect.”

I felt my face flush.

Vincent had already told me that he loved me, but hearing him sing my praises to someone else...well, I just wasn’t used to compliments like that.

Damien chuckled.

“It was nice meeting you Rosie. If you ever get bored with Vincent, come and find me,” he smirked.

I pressed my cheek to Vincent’s chest.

“I won’t...” I hesitated, “because I love him.”

Damien looked at us both, and rolled his eyes.

“I think I’m gonna fucking vomit,” he scoffed.

He stood up and headed for the door.

“I’ll see myself out.”

“Will you be back tonight?” Vincent asked.

Damien shrugged.

“It depends how things pan out.”

Then he winked.

“Worried that I’ll walk in on something I shouldn’t?”

Vincent rolled his eyes.

“You have a one track mind Damien,” he chided.

Damien chuckled, and stared at me.

“And you don’t? If that sweet little angel was mine we would never leave the bedroom.”

I felt my face flush again.

“Don’t you have a couple of slime-bags to kill?” Vincent retorted.

Damien nodded.

“I’ll speak to you soon.”

He opened the door and left.

Vincent sighed.

“Why don’t you go and get ready for bed. I need to speak to my father.”

I nodded, and slid off his lap. I guess the events of tonight had killed any romantic ideas stone dead.

Before I got far, Vincent grabbed my hand a pulled me back towards him. His hand cupped my cheek, and he pressed his lips to mine.

“You know how much I love you, don’t you Rosie? We’ll have all the time in the world once this has all been sorted out.”

I nodded, and smiled.

I felt a little deflated. Even when Daniel and Christian were no where near, they could ruin what was a great moment. But Vincent was right. Once this was all over, we would have the rest of our lives together.

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