His Kitten

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39. If you want something doing properly, do it yourself


This wasn’t how I had expected to be spending my evening. I had expected to be spending it with my beautiful Rosie, worshipping her body and making her moan as I gently took her virginity. Not trying to get hold of my father to tell him that his son in law to be, was a back stabbing viper. Not to tell him that his daughter’s heart was about to be broken because there would be no wedding, and her cowardly fiancée was about to be killed by the secret service.

Damien was good. I never knew he’d had tabs on Daniel. Nor that he was closely following what me and my family did.

I suppose it wasn’t really a surprise. One of the most influential families in the world. Multimillion businesses, with fingers in nearly every pie. It wouldn’t do the world economy any good if we were to fall. Especially if we fell to someone who was going to take our businesses and turn them back into a criminal enterprise.

My father had worked hard to change that. No drugs, no human trafficking, and no illegal arms deals. That’s not to say that we didn’t run a company that sold arms. We just sold them to governments, all legal and above board.

I doubted it would stay that way if Christian and Daniel had anything to do with it.

I let out a heavy sigh, and picked up my phone. I glanced towards the bedroom door. The last thing I wanted to do was to leave Rosie. I knew my fathers room was only a few doors away, but I didn’t want to leave her.

I know Damien said he had everything under control. It didn’t mean I couldn’t still be worried about her. I would only be happy once Daniel and Christian were dead. I shook my head. Christian had been my best friend. It was me who had introduced him to Gianna. What is that old saying? Keep you friends close, but your enemies closer. I obviously didn’t keep Christian close enough.

I dialled my fathers number, after a few rings it went to voice mail. Damn.

I was torn. Should I leave Rosie, and head over to my fathers room or wait. I really needed to let him know what was going on. That by the morning there would be no need for the FBI decoy, because there could be no wedding without the groom.

I dialled the number again, praying silently that he would pick up. My prayers weren’t answered. He was probably asleep, or going over his speech for the father of the bride.

I sighed and tossed the phone on the coffee table.

I walked over to the bedroom door and opened it slightly. Rosie was asleep. Cocooned under the covers like some little hermit crab.

I chuckled silently. Even when she was asleep she was as cute as a button.

I headed for the door to the apartment. I guessed I would have to talk to my father face to face.

I barely got halfway across the room, when I heard a knock at the door.

Surely that couldn’t be Damien, back so soon. Or perhaps my father had seen the missed call. I walked over to the door and opened it. As soon as the lock disengaged, the door was pushed open with force, causing me to stumble backwards.

By the time I regained my footing, I realised why the door had been opened so forcefully.

Daniel. He stood there with a smirk on his face, and a gun pointed at me.

“Did you really think that I would give her up, without a fight?” he sneered, “where is she?”

I wanted to glance towards the bedroom door, to see if she had woken. I didn’t dare though. One glance in that direction would tell Daniel that she was in there.

“Not here,” I growled, “where’s the traitor? I thought you paid Christian to do your dirty work.”

Daniel huffed out a humourless laugh.

“If you want a job doing properly, I’ve come to the conclusion you should do it yourself. Perhaps you should have come after me, rather than sending your lackey Damien.”

I narrowed my eyes. Surely he couldn’t have killed Damien. Damien was too clever for that.

Daniel rolled his eyes.

“He’s not dead, at least he wasn’t when that idiot lead him to where I was. I’m guessing that either Christian is dead, or Damien is.”

Daniel shrugged.

“It’s not like I care either way. You on the other hand...”

He glanced at the bedroom door.

“She’s in there, isn’t she? Do you think she’ll come running when I shoot you? I’d love to see her cries of anguish as she realises there’s nothing she can do to save you, as I drag her away.”

I shook my head.

“You really think you can get away with this Daniel. You think the hotel...My hotel isn’t going to be swarming with security?”

Daniel laughed.

“They didn’t do a very good job. I’d ask for a refund if I were you, after all, I walked straight in here didn’t I. I don’t see hoards of security men coming to protect their boss...hmm? Lets put into the test shall we.”

I heard the report of the gun, before I felt the pain. I screamed as I fell to the floor. The bastard had shot me in the kneecap. It wasn’t life threatening, at least not yet, but it hurt like fuck.

My pain threshold was relatively high. The scream wasn’t for the pain, it was in hopes that it would wake Rosie. Hopefully she had her phone in the bedroom. She could call for help, or barricade herself in the bathroom.

I grabbed hold of my knee, in an attempt to stem the blood flow. Daniel slowly walked towards me. I had a horrible feeling he wasn’t done with me yet.

He pointed the gun at me.

“This is your last chance, brother… Tell me what you’ve done with my kitten?”

I glared at him.

“Fuck you!” I hissed.

He smiled.

“No Vincent, that’s what my little kitten will be doing when I find her… and you will die a slow and painful death.”

I watched as he pulled the trigger, everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The sound of the gunshot, the pain in my stomach. The sound of my own scream.

I clutched my hand to my stomach, and felt the sticky fluid on my hand. I didn’t need to look to know it was blood.

He looked at me and smirked.

“I guess I’ll try the bedroom first.”

Daniel walked slowly towards the bedroom door.

His voice rang out in a gleefully musical tone.

“Little kitten? Where are you? Come to uncle Daniel like a good little kitten.”

He glanced over his shoulder at me, and smirked, before opening the bedroom door.

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