His Kitten

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4. Vincent


I walked back to my office smiling. I didn’t very often smile, but that sweet little girl had put a smile on my face. She was so young, so innocent, so perfect.

The only thing that took the smile off of my face was the thought of that filthy bastard touching her.

If I hadn’t have seen him on the camera’s god knows what he would have done. It gave me a lot of pleasure ending his life. I would have preferred it to have been slowly, but the others needed to know that wasn’t acceptable.

She was just supposed to be a hostage, a little leverage. Then I found out who she was, and everything started to make sense.

I opened the office door stepped inside, closed the door and locked it.

Logging into the computer, I quickly sent an email then opened the cctv feed.

With a few keystrokes the feed from the hidden camera in my bathroom came up.

I looked at the screen. She was beginning to undress. I could tell when I carried her up the stairs how perfect that little body was. Now I could see it for myself. Perfect except for the red mark on her thigh. My poor little kitten. I watched as she stepped into the bath, wincing when she sat down.

Then my phone rang, I had to smirk. I knew exactly who it was.

I accepted the call.

“Where is she, you bastard. What have you done to her. If you’ve touched a hair on her head I swear...”

“Daniel, my brother what a pleasant surprise,” I smirked, “ You got the photo then.”

I looked at the photograph of Rosie tied up, with a gag in her mouth. One had been sent to Daniel, the other would be shown to her father.

“If you touch a hair on her head, I swear I’ll kill you, Vincent. She’s mine.”

I chuckled, “You know brother, you should really look after your toys a little better, it was so easy to hack into your computer and your tracking software.”

I heard him sigh down the phone.

“Vincent, I want her back,” he groaned.

I rolled my eyes, “I’m sure you do, but you should have thought about that before you set your stupid friend up. What did you think, Daniel? Kill two birds with one stone? Get rid of her father, and your brother. Did you really think I would be that easy to take down? You made your decision when you left the family, Daniel. The only reason your alive is because I persuaded Papa not to kill you. Don’t make me regret it.” I growled.

“You don’t want her, Vincent. She’s nothing to you. You’re only doing this to get back at me,” Daniel hissed.

I smiled, he probably knew I was enjoying this.

“That’s where your wrong Daniel. I’ll give you one thing, she is a pretty little thing. She’s naked right now, lying in the bathtub in my bathroom.”

I glanced at the screen. She was laying in the bath with her eyes closed.

“I’ve decided to keep her for myself, my own gattina.”

“You bastard,” Daniel growled, “I’ll get her back, I swear if its the last thing I do.”

I chuckled, “good luck with that brother.”

I pressed the button to end the call, and chucked the phone on the desk.

Then I looked at the camera feed. I panicked slightly. My silly little kitten had fallen asleep in the bath.

“Don’t drown yourself, gattina. I haven’t finished with you yet,” I smirked.

I turned off the screen and stood up. Heading back to my bathroom to retrieve my little kitten.

When I tried the bathroom door and it wouldn’t open, I rolled my eyes.

Of course she would lock it.

I pulled a bunch of keys out of my trouser pocket, found the master key and unlocked the bathroom door.

I couldn’t help but smile, seeing her laying in the bath fast asleep.

I walked over and dipped my fingers in the water. It was still quite warm. At least she wouldn’t catch cold. I would scold her though. She could easily drown if she fell asleep in the bath.

I grabbed a towel off the rail, and gently lifted her out of the bath. She moaned. The sound was like music to my ears. I quickly wrapped her in the towel. She didn’t wake as I walked her back to the bedroom. She was a tiny little thing. She couldn’t have been more than about five foot tall, and as light as a feather.

I sat down on the bed, with her on my lap and gently started to dry her off.

The friction of the towel on her skin must have woken her. Her eyes snapped open, and she squealed, then she tried to squirm away from me.

I held her tightly, until she stopped, then she let out a whimper.

“Sshh gattina, you fell asleep in the bath. The last thing I want is for you to drown.”

She stilled slightly, and stared at me with those big blue eyes. She looked so scared.

“Do I scare you, gattina?” I asked, my gaze holding hers.

She looked away, and nodded biting her bottom lip.

I brushed my thumb across her bottom lip.

“You shouldn’t do that gattina, unless you want me to...scare you more,” I smirked.

Her face flushed. Perhaps she wasn’t so innocent after all. By the time I’d finished with her she wouldn't be.

“Now,” I began as I moved her from my lap and onto the bed, “lets get you dressed, shall we?”

I stood up and retrieved the clothes from the bath room.

When I walked back into the bedroom, her arms were crossed tightly over her chest holding the towel tightly.

I snickered.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before, is it gattina?”

Her face flushed bright red, she was about to bite her bottom lip, but then she thought better of it. It was just as well, the way she looked at me when she did it before was arousing me, way too much. Is this what attracted Daniel to her.

“What does it mean? Gattina?” she whispered, glancing at me then quickly dropping her gaze.

I sat down on the bed next to her. I gently placed my finger under her chin, tilting it gently so she had to look at me.

“It’s just a pet name,” I smirked, thinking of Daniel. I knew he always called her kitten, now it was my turn, except she didn’t know that I was calling her exactly the same.

“Do you like it?” I asked, then I smirked, “or do you prefer...kitten?”

She gasped and open her mouth slightly. I could see her little mind working overtime. It wouldn’t take long for two and two to come together, and likely make five.

I picked up the shirt from the bed.

“Now put this on.”

She stared at me taking the shirt in one hand and clutching the towel to her chest with the other.

I narrowed my eyes, “I don’t like to repeat myself,” I scolded, glaring at her.

“W...would you mind turning your back,” she whispered, “please.”

She asked so nicely, but I wasn’t in the mood for compromises.

“No...Just put it on,” I growled.

Her face flushed, it couldn’t have turned any redder. She was mine now, she would have to get used to me seeing her body.

She turned away from me slightly and let the towel pool around her waist as she put on my shirt. It was huge on her, but I liked it.

“Come here, gattina,” I urged.

She turned to face me, her face still red as a beetroot. I leant close to her and buttoned up the shirt, leaving the top two buttons undone.

“There, now lay on your stomach,” I demanded.

Her hands gripped the towel that had pooled around her waist. She stared at me, a terrified look on her face.

“Now gattina. You need to start doing as you’re told. You’re going to be here for quite a while, so don’t test me!” I growled.

I could see tears pooling in her eyes, but she had to learn to trust me.

She let the towel drop, and laid on the bed on her stomach. The shirt covered her bottom for now.

“Stay there and don’t move,” I ordered, as I got up from the bed and headed back into the bathroom.

I grabbed some Aloe Vera gel from the bathroom cabinet and walked back into the bedroom.

She was still lying on her stomach. There were no tears, which I was thankful for.

“Good girl, now just relax,” I soothed.

I felt her go tense as soon as I lifted the shirt from her bottom. I looked at the red mark on the top of her thigh. He’d really hit her hard, the bastard.

I squirted some gel onto my hand and gently started to rub it onto the her thigh.

She gasped at first, then I noticed that she had begun to relax.

“This should take some of the soreness away,” I soothed.

I continued to rub in the gel, enjoying the feel of her soft skin on my fingers. Taking more time than I probably needed to.

“Does that feel better, gattina?” I whispered.

She nodded, “Yes, thank you...”

She hesitated, and I chuckled deeply. She knew nothing about me, not even my name. Only what her imagination had carved out.

“You may call me Vincent, gattina.” I concluded.

I picked up the boxers that were still laying on the bed, and tossed them in front of her.

“Now put these on.”

I walked over to the dressing table, as I saw her scramble to put the boxers on without me seeing anything. When I turned around she was standing next to the bed, holding the hem of the shirt. She looked absolutely terrified.

I sat down on the bed, with my legs astride. I patted the space in between.

“Sit here,” I urged.

She hesitated again. This was getting annoying.

“Either sit here, or I’ll use this hairbrush on your arse!” I hissed.

She quickly did as I asked. I rested one hand on her shoulder. I could feel her trembling, as I started to brush her long chocolate brown hair.

“How do you normally wear your hair, gattina?” I asked, as I finished brushing her soft locks that reached to the centre of her back.

“Like this,” she whispered.

I smiled and pushed her hair so it draped over one shoulder, leaving the other side of her neck bare.

“Good,” I whispered, “I like it like that.”

I gently pressed my lips to the side of her neck. I felt her tremble, as a small gasp escaped her lips. It was different this time though, there was no fear. I felt the slight arch of her back, as she leant into me, not shying away like before.

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