His Kitten

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7. Plans


I sat there staring at her. Even after she had fallen asleep. Those lips. So perfect. I just couldn’t resist a taste. I was surprised when she didn’t kick up a fuss. Even more so when she admitted she’d never been kissed. Fuck, she was so innocent. Was that what I liked about her so much. Or was it the fact I had stolen her from Daniel or perhaps it was because she was Michael Ryans daughter. The perfect revenge.

After all I was Don Marchesi. Head of the Marchesi crime family, the Italian Mafia. I always got what I wanted, and right now I wanted Rosie Ryan.

I left the bedroom and headed back to my office. She would sleep for a while now. I could keep an eye on her from my office and get some work done.

As I reached the office door, I heard my name being called. Only one of my men dared call me by my name. Christian. He was my second in command, and my best friend. It should have been Daniel, if he hadn’t been a traitor.

“Vincent! We need to talk.”

I nodded, and unlocked the office door. He followed me in.

I walked behind the desk, then sat down. First of all I flicked on the computer, and brought up the camera feed in the bedroom. Then I looked at Christian. He was already sitting on the chair in front of me.

“Have we made contact with Ryan yet?” I asked.

Christian nodded, “Our best man is going to the prison today. He’ll show Ryan the picture, and tell him what we want.”

I nodded, “good. Was their something else?”

Christian took a deep breath. I could see something was bothering him.

“What are you going to do with the girl? You know we can’t let her go.”

I glanced at the screen. My little kitten was still fast asleep.

“I have no intention of letting her go, Christian,” I smirked.

Christian ran his fingers through his hair.

“And what if Ryan doesn’t agree, or if your brother tries to get involved? We don’t want to look weak in this.”

I narrowed my eyes. I knew what he was saying. If Ryan decided his life wasn’t worth his daughters, then under normal circumstances we would send the hostage back bit by bit.

“You let me worry about that, Christian. By the time this is over my brother and Ryan will be dead, and I’ll have his little princess eating out of my hand.”

I chuckled at the memory of feeding her just now. In truth she was already eating out of my hand.

Christian shook his head, but he was smiling.

“That fucking family is going to be the death of us,” he smirked.

I bit my bottom lip, and grinned.

“I’ve waited along time for this Christian. My brother thought he was playing me. He’s the one who’s gonna be played my friend.”

Christian stood up, and nodded. “He deserves it after what he did.”

I watched as he headed towards the door.

“Hey Christian. Take one of the girls into town, I need some clothes for our little guest. You know the sort of things I like! No heels though, she needs to still look innocente.” I chuckled.

Christian rolled his eyes, “I hope she’s worth it Vincent!”

I smirked, as he left the room. Oh she was definitely going to be worth it.

I picked up the phone, and dialled. After a couple of rings it picked up.

“Hello!” a gruff voice, who I recognised immediately.

“Alex. Is everything in place?”

“Yes!” he hissed, “you really shouldn’t call me. What if Daniel was listening?”

I chuckled, “is he?”

“Of course not,” Alex replied, testily.

“Then it isn’t a problem, besides...” I looked at my watch, “he’s nothing if not a creature of habit. How is he coping with the loss of his little kitten?” I asked.

“He’s pissed,” Alex grunted, “I’ll be glad when this is all over.”

I chuckled, “Don’t worry my friend, it soon will be, and when it is you’ll be a very rich man.”

I hung up. Everything was going perfectly according to plan.

After a couple of hours of working, I sighed. Being the head of the family wasn’t all it was cracked up to be sometimes. It was mostly paperwork and occasional meetings. When my father was in charge I was more hands on. Like when I had killed that piece of shit downstairs. I missed those days. Of course there were benefits. I didn’t very often have to worry about being attacked, unless it was in an underhand way. Which brought my thoughts back to Michael Ryan and my brother Daniel.

Did they really think they could hand me over the Feds that easily. I had eyes and ears everywhere.

My brother was no better than that piece of shit downstairs, and Michael was an idiot for trusting him.

I glanced at the screen. My little kitten was still fast asleep. She didn’t know how lucky she was. I’d saved her from the clutches of Daniel. What sort of person grooms a child, so they can get their hands on her when she becomes a young woman, and what sort of father lets him.

A knock on the door disturbed my thoughts.

“Come.” I grunted.

Christian poked his head around the door.

“I’ve sent the girls to your room to put away the clothes,” he murmured.

I nodded, “just make sure they don’t wake her, or they’ll have me to deal with.”

I glanced back at the screen. I didn’t know what was in the pills that Andrew had given me, but she still seemed dead to the world.

Christian chuckled, and closed the door. Leaving me once again, in peace.

I didn’t look at the camera feed after the girls entered the room. I knew that they would be quiet. They knew better than to wake my little kitten. It was about half an hour later that I looked at the screen. The doors to the closet were closed, so I knew they had finished and likely left the room.

I glanced at the bed. Something wasn’t right. Last time I looked, my little kitten had been restfully asleep. This wasn’t the case now. She was thrashing about on the bed.

I quickly left the office, and headed back to the bedroom.

As I entered the room, all I could hear was her moaning and crying. Her head thrashing back and forth on the pillow.

Beads of sweat, trickled down her temples, and her hair was plastered to her forehead with sweat.

I sat on the edge of the bed, and placed my hand firmly but gently on her forehead. Holding her head still. I wondered if this was the result of the concussion, or something else.

She was still whimpering and moaning. Still fighting with some demon in her dream.

I gently tapped her cheek with the palm of my hand.

“Wake up, kitten,” I urged.

With still no response, I tapped her face a little harder.

She whimpered, then her eyes snapped open.

She stared around the room, panic stricken. Then her face crumpled, as she started to sob.

I wasn’t quite sure whether it was from the sudden realisation from where she was, or the nightmare she was having. Perhaps it was a combination of both.

Whatever it was, I hated seeing her distraught like this. She was in a situation not of her making. I wrapped my arms around her pulled her into my chest. She didn’t fight to pull away, in fact if anything she pressed her head into my chest.

I gently stroked her hair, as her breath came in gasps, in between sobs. I was tempted to ask her about it, but felt now wasn’t the time.

“It’s ok piccolo, it was just a bad dream,” I soothed.

I slowly swept the sticky hair from her face. The clothes she was wearing were damp with sweat.

“Let’s get you cleaned up, and get you some fresh clothes,” I whispered.

She nodded.

“I’m sorry,” she whimpered.

I shushed her, holding her until her sobs subsided.

Maybe this was just what I needed. A chance to show her I was the good guy. Certainly better than my brother, of her waste of space of a father.

I picked her up and carried her into the bathroom. She clung to me like a limpet. Whatever she had been dreaming about, had shaken her up quite badly.

Was it a dream? Or a bad memory resurfacing? She’d been through so much in the past few days. I truly believed that I was the only one with her best interests at heart.

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