His Kitten

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9. Beautiful


As I entered the bathroom, I walked over to the sink, and set her down on the counter. Her little arms were still wrapped around my neck.

“You can let go now, gattino,” I whispered.

She slowly released her arms from around my neck.

Her head dropped, as she looked down at the floor.

I put my forefinger under her chin, and tilted it up. Her face was red. I doubted it was the after affect of the bad dream, more likely she was embarrassed.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked.

She shook her head.

I put my hand on her thigh, she flinched a little, but didn’t complain when I gentle rubbed my hand up and down.

“Just stay here, gattino, while I run the shower,”

She nodded.

I walked over to the shower and turned on the water, allowing it to heat up.

I walked back to the counter, where Rosie was still sitting.

She looked at me, her eyes still glistening with unshed tears. I cupped her face in my hand, gently caressing her cheek with the pad of my thumb. She was so beautiful, and she looked just like her mother, Amelia. My Amelia.

Or at least she should have been mine. Daniel put paid to that.

Amelia had been studying at the Conservatorio Bellini in Palermo. She was a very talented musician. She was beautiful, clever and talented, and I was a fool. A fool for her, and a fool for not telling her about the family. I loved her, but Daniel, he was obsessed with her. He would follow her, send her flowers. Watch every performance that she gave.

It was at this point that Daniel told our father that he wanted out. Father was furious, he almost had him killed. Mamma always said I was his favourite, so when I begged him not to, he relented. But Daniel had to leave Sicily and never come back.

Sometimes I wished that I had let Father kill him.

I had been dating Amelia for a while, that was until Daniel told her about the family. Who we were, and what we did. That I would be the next Don. It should have been Daniel. He was older than me. That’s what upset my Father the most I think.

Amelia was horrified, and broke it off with me immediately. Daniel expected her to fall into his arms. She didn’t. Instead she fell into the arms of Michael Ryan.

I don’t even know what he was doing in Sicily. But he swept her off her feet. I don’t even think he cared for her that much. She was probably supposed to be a quick fuck, but for some reason she fell for him. When she became pregnant, he at least did the right thing. They were married, and they flew back to the states. I never saw her again.

Daniel also flew out of our lives. He left Sicily and made a new life for himself. A life that involved Michael and Amelia.

How do I know? I wanted to make sure she was safe. I kept an eye on her from afar. To make sure Michael did right by her. I failed in that attempt.

The night she went into labour, Michael was out with his friends. Drunk and high. If Amelia had made it to the hospital sooner she would have survived, but she didn’t. There was no one to take her.

After that, I backed off. Amelia was gone. If I’d known then what I know now, I would have kept an eye on little Rosie. My brothers obsession shifted. It was only when Michael came on the families radar that I had my people keep an eye on him. Even then I didn’t take much notice, not until Daniel popped up on the radar too.

Daniel had always been a sick fuck. I really believe the family had been lucky when he decided he wanted nothing to do with it. None of us were innocent, but Daniel was something else. Manipulative and dark. He would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. I was surprised he let Michael have Amelia.

I turned my attention back to Rosie.

My fingers grasped the hem of her tee-shirt, as I slowly pulled it up. She lifted her arms with out me having to ask. When I had removed it, I discarded it on the floor.

Her arms quickly folded across her chest, and her face flushed. I couldn’t help but smile.

My fingertips gently glided across her shoulders, and down her arms. I took her hands, and placed them on my shoulders. I ran my fingers down the smooth velvet skin of her back. Her back arched and she moaned.

“Bellissima,” I whispered, as my hands came to a stop on her waist. [Beautiful]

I gently lifted her from the counter, letting her stand on the marble tiles.

My fingers dipped into the waistline of her shorts, pulling them down enough so they dropped in a pool at her ankles.

I rested one of my hands on the firm cheek of her backside, as I guided her towards the shower.

As she stepped in, water cascaded over her shoulders. Rivulets of water dripping onto her tanned velvet skin.

I quickly discarded my own clothing in a pile on the bathroom floor, before stepping into the shower behind her.

She gasped in surprise as one arm snaked around her waist, the other snaked around her collar bone, pulling her towards me.

“V...Vincent!” She stuttered.

I felt her body tense.

I shushed her, and pressed my lips to her neck.

“Just relax gattina,” I whispered, “let me take care of you.”

I grabbed the body wash, and squirted liberal amounts on her shoulders. Gently massaging it into her body. I let my fingers trail over every inch of her skin, illiciting little moans from her every so often.

“Does that feel good, gattina?” I whispered, my breath fanning her neck.

Her breath hitched in her throat.

“I...I don’t know,” she stuttered.

I gently turned her round to face me.

“You don’t know?” I mimicked.

I raked my fingers through her dripping wet hair, then cupped her jaw in my hand.

I dipped my head down, and gently grabbed her bottom lip with my teeth.

As she gasped I let go, and crashed my lips into hers, my tongue probing her open mouth, tasting her.

She was divine like nectar of the gods.

She kissed me back, trying to mimic the movements of my mouth. Her first proper kiss, and I had claimed it.

When our lips parted she was gasping for breath. I turned off the shower, quickly wrapping a towel around me, I grabbed another, wrapping it around her small frame tightly. Pinning her arms to her sides in the soft fabric. Then I scooped her up, and carried her bridal style back into the bedroom.

As I carried her through, I claimed her lips once more. She didn’t hesitate in kissing me back.

I laid her on the bed and unwrapped the towel.

grabbing her wrists, I held them above her head.

“What about now, piccolo gattino?” [little kitten]

Her bright blue eyes widened. Like a little deer caught in the headlights.

“I thought so,” I smirked, as I claimed her lips once again.

This time, though I felt her struggle, trying to pull her hands free.

I pulled away.

“What’s the matter, gattino? I thought you like being kissed,” I questioned.

I watched the expression on her face change. She frowned.

“I do, but...” she hesitated.

I raised my eyebrows in question.


She closed her eyes, then opened them again. Tears pooling. I was unsure whether they were real tears or forced.

“I don’t belong here Vincent. I haven’t even graduated from school yet. I want to go home,” she sighed.

I removed one of my hands, still pinning both wrists with one hand. I gently stroked her face.

“I know you Rosie Ryan,” I smirked, “You wanted to drop out of school, but your father wouldn’t let you, would he?”

She suddenly looked surprised.

“How do you...”

She stopped mid sentence. I could see her little mind working.

Then she glared at me.

“You’ve been spying on us! Me and my dad.”

I chuckled.

“Of course I have, how else would I know that your father was about to be arrested...for murder.”

Her indignation turned to shock.

“M...Murder? No...He wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t hurt anyone. He just stole stuff,” she cried.

I leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about your father, tesoro. For instance he has agreed that you should stay with me.”

She shook her head vigorously, “No...he wouldn’t...he wanted me to stay with Uncle Daniel...I mean Daniel.”

The mere mention of his name soured my mood. I let go of her wrists.

“There are clothes that will fit you in the closet. Find something to wear, we’re going out for dinner,” I snapped.

I quickly stood up and walked back into the bathroom, slamming the door behind me.

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