The Fading Lust

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After a serious relationship that starts between a couple, crossing hurdles of day to day life gets stronger and stronger and one fine day there is a flip. To know more read this intresting short story.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1 : The Meet

This is about the days when every single individual sits idle and tries to understand "Is there someone waiting for me, who can understand me the way I am?" Peter was a hard working lad, age 25 with all the jobs which his age group didn't ever want to do. Being into 3-4 different businesses at same time he had a very keen eye on day to day activities in his social life. He had something different in him, he used to talk a lot to strangers in relation to work and very less when it was personal. No addictions and very simple life. He was a techy guy and also somewhere good in Photography with good blooming clients.

He used to always post jobs for models and so he got a call one day and it was the girl who changed his life. The phone beeped twice and then Peter saw it was Alice, a female who wanted to win a chance and explore working with him. Further they texted and one fine day they exchanged numbers to discuiss work. Apparently these phone calls led into a bond of friendships. Peter was in deep financial losses and also broken on loss of his mother and he realised this person understands him. At this point he had a hope to live but future sometimes plans something else in your fate. Alice now started talking, exchanging texts and gradually they started sharing their ups and downs. Alice was already in a relationship which was not good and gifted her tears for just getting realised ske has no important. She had a boyfriend with whom she was in a relationship for 2 years. She shared all the events with Peter and gave him the idea of how lonely she was. Peter on the other hand also shared his past. But Alice was somewhere not sure as she had a confusing event in her mind as she felt she was in love with Peter and now she had a new guilt that she is cheating on her current relationship that was Leo. She tried to express this and with some hours of discuisions and closeness they both agreed to move ahead together leaving their pasts behind. This is how they met in today's world without a physical meet. This was a very comman but heart touching situation for both of them. Then further comes up how they both tried to grow this bond and make it strong leaving all their personal issues aside which actually worked.

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