Off The Field

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Take 13 : The Origins

“Sir, we've settled that moron's body", said one of the four heavy bodied men over the phone to the man who hired him.

“You have pleased me, your sum will be sent to you very soon", said the heavy voiced suited up man called as The Boss.

The Boss was going through a bad phase. His business, his illegal betting business was giving him a nightmare at the moment. It was being monitored constantly by the cops, thanks to his own people who decided to hand vital information to the various departments of the police. He had decided to track these traitors. And, the only way to stop more people getting sold to the police, was to find and kill the ones who were already being sourced by the police, and give out a message that this will be the result of cheating The Boss, the man himself. This was the only possible way The Boss could bring back his supremacy among his subordinates.

This was not the only concern he had about his illegal betting business, it were also the losses it was facing currently. It had been a prosperous business over the past years. The Boss was enjoying healthy customers from all over the country. After all, this country loves cricket. But, in order to get it back on track, The Boss had to do something big. He had to come up with a smart idea before the World ODI Championship, the showpiece tournament gets in and all the rival businesses eat through his bread.

The Boss was sitting on his traditional arm chair in his luxurious office cabinet. He was deeply engrossed in his thoughts looking through towards the deep sky outside the huge glass window of the cabinet. A knock on the door disturbed his thoughts.

“Who's it?" The Boss inquired.

“I have some news, Sir", The Boss' assistant, rather his right hand in his criminal activities, had his own way of announcing his arrival. He had his own way of clothing as well, his signature old fashioned clothes and black shades covering his eyes entirely. Those colourful shirts and long pants would always remind one of the 80s.

“I just hope you don't bring any more trouble. Get in", The Boss said in a frustrated tone, turning his char around towards the door.

“It's a positive news, Sir. We have had a huge profit after a long time. We have earned 10 Crore out of yesterday's match, isn't that great?" He said with a smile on his face.

“10 Crore is nothing, I want more! What have you'll been doing? Bring in some more people, I want more money!" The Boss exclaimed, greed was a clear emotion on his face. No wonder he was into this business. “The World ODI Championship is just around the corner and I want all the mess wiped out before it, eliminate all those morons who have been passing vital information to the officers, I want a profit making season. Am I clear?" He said raising a suspicious eye towards his subordinate.

“Calm down, Sir. You don't need to worry when your right hand is here to your services, one word and it will be done. Would you like to listen to a secret?" He asked to his boss and within a second, whispered, “I've set up a team of people to find all the police informers"

“Get lost, you idiot!", The Boss said, he wasn't taking any kiddish nonsense from his assistant at the moment. “Learn to be a little more serious and professional"

“I don't want to be you", he teased.

“Don't even try to be me, I am The Boss and nobody can dare to be me, not even you!" The Boss declared, “Now just get out of here"

“As you say", he said and walked towards the exit, purposely banging his cheap branded shoes on the floor underneath and whistling a tune. He walked out closing the door in the most undisciplined manner. The Boss was annoyed at the bang of the door. He never liked his assistant's behavior. Maybe, that was the reason why, he behaved like that to gain his boss' attention. Seeking attention of the people was one of his ways to keep himself going.

The Boss let out a sigh of relief as his subordinate left the cabinet. He made a call to the reception and ordered them to send in a room freshener. His assistant was always intoxicated. After the stink was gone, he again relaxed in his chair and went on with his thoughts.

While his assistant was cleaning up the mess in his business, The Boss was already busy making up a plan for the upcoming tournament which would bring his business either to a close or back on the top. He had to come up with something to save the fate of his business.

After a while of thinking, he had a blueprint of his next move, he made a call to the reception,“Transfer my call to the number 91353******"

“Yes Sir", the receptionist said while dialing the number.

“Hey mate, it's been a long time you've called! How do you bother me?" The voice on the other side greeted him in an Australian accent. It was a familiar voice.

“I have an offer for you, Hamilton", The Boss replied.

“Some greedy business?" The voice replied with a smile.

“Yes. And, you can help me make it bigger...

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