Off The Field

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Take 17 : The Countdown Has Begun

"There you're, dare you move, or I'll stab this bl**dy knife through your throat and off you go!" warned Priyansh, in a commanding voice, catching a man shorter than him, by his throat. Rehaan and Priyansh were here to pick up the money Rehaan was promised.

"Hoho! So, the Indian Cricket Team's opener Priyansh is here", the man replied, struggling to speak. He was trying his best to get out of the grip around his throat by pushing and hitting Priyansh's strong hands.

"You were right Rehaan, work out helps", Priyansh said, whilst making his grip tighter.

"Phew! This bag's heavy", Rehaan said while keeping the bag on the green misty grass. That first part of their plan was successfully done.

"Let's take him to the same car he came in. That'd be safe, this is a public place", Rehaan advised.

"Come on! Move", Priyansh ordered, while kicking him on his back

They walked out of the garden towards the car. Rehaan searched their capture's pocket for keys. He eventually found them and opened the car. Priyansh forced him on the backseat and proceeded into the car along with him. He somehow managed to close all the windows of the car, while Rehaan put the bag full of cash on the backside of the car. He started the car and switched on the Air Conditioner and then entered from the opposite side. All this while, their capture was coughing.

"Why do you all spend so much time at the gym?", he asked, while gasping for air.

"Let's just get straight to the point without hitting around the bush", Priyansh said.

"Whom do you work for?" Rehaan asked raising his voice.

"I don't talk to strangers", he replied in a kiddish voice. Priyansh punched him in the face.

"You think we're idiots?" Priyansh yelled, and raised his clenched fists in the air again. The man sandwiched between the two Indian cricketers, ducked.

"Stop it, Priyansh, I guess one blow is enough", Rehaan said, catching Priyansh's hand. Priyansh took his hand back in disgust, he was fuming.

"Man, this man is a maniac, does he keep on getting violent pretty occasionally?" He asked with a little fear on his face.

"I don't know, but I can't guarantee it either", Rehaan explained, in a calm voice. He maintained his temper, even when Priyansh's temperature was rising for the right reasons. Somebody out of the two had to be the anchor here.

"You two are fools to think that I'll just simply spit it out. This knife or this guy's punches cannot scare me. You both are playing with fire, now that you have captured me", the man warned with a lot confidence.

"You think we're are scared of you? If we were scared, we won't have even come to a public place with a knife in the first place. We have a public image, you know?" Priyansh explained as casually as he could.

"Now that you both have decided to mess with me... Face it", the man said in a commanding tone and quickly put his hand inside the back pocket of the driver's seat. Before Rehaan could realise, he'd already removed a gun.

"I keep this here for spare purposes, you both. Open the door and get out!" He ordered, pointing the gun towards Rehaan, "Out!"

Priyansh quickly pushed the man towards himself, by his neck with one of his hands, and with the other, he hit his hands. The gun popped straight towards Rehaan, who somehow managed to grab it and point it towards him. "Guess, you forgot we're two people" , Priyansh said, sarcastically.

"Okay. Okay. You two win ", he said, raising his hands in surrender. Priyansh started coughing.

"How much do you drink, mahn?" Priyansh asked out of disgust.

"Now. We have the gun, as well as the knife, fear your life and spit it out, whom do you work for", Rehaan ordered.

"Do you still think, this is going to be this easy?" He asked sarcastically, hands still in the air.

"Rehaan, he's not going to listen, just fire a bullet in his head, he doesn't bother about his life!" Priyansh shouted. Rehaan fired one bullet straight on the roof of the tall and giant SUV they were in. With a loud noise the bullet stuck in the roof.

"Ohh Crap! My employer will kill me, stop damaging this car! It's brand new!" He shouted on the top of his voice.

"Do you think we both are here to give a damn about your new car?" Rehaan said, pointing the gun towards the man, who was now a bit scared.

"Calm down, man. I thought only Priyansh had temper problems, sorry to underestimate you, Mr. Captain...", he said in a low voice.

"You better speak up or else the next bullet might be shot towards you!", Rehaan ordered.

"Okay", he replied, now, a bit scared,“We are a whole betting racket", he replied, and took a pause. “Over the years, it was all money and merry for us. But, it's been hard to make big profits since the last one year. At the same time, the police is running behind us, our own people are betraying us. To get out of this crap, The Boss came up with this plan. He decided to fix a few big ticket matches of this showpiece tournament and earn huge profits to get the business back on track. These tournaments are like gold mines for businesses like us and so, the Boss didn't want to loose this opportunity. So, he contacted his oldest ally from the cricketing world, Mr. Peter Hamilton. He passed us every bit of information from the dressing room. He even helped us seal the young guy and assured us to convince you to fix the final, in case, India qualify. We have also bought a few big time cricketers from different parts of the world, but you were our biggest target and my idea of emotional blackmail worked wonders", he explained.

"These idiots bought Sudhanshu, no wonder why, Peter wanted him in the playing eleven, in almost every match. You guys think you can easily corrupt this game?", Priyansh said, angrily, throwing another punch at him.

"Well, we actually did it", he said innocently, “And have been doing it for years now. Go, ask your Coach. He's The Boss' best bet since he was representing Australia"

"Wait. This guy knows all the plans. Seems like we're very close to the one behind all this. I don't think, he's the one responsible for everything or he's somebody very inferior in the Gang either", Priyansh said, looking towards Rehaan.

"You're right Priyansh. Who are you?" Rehaan questioned in an authoritative tone, pointing the gun towards the man in the middle.

"I am his Assistant...

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