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Take 3 : Thr First Attack

"That's all over!....India end their losing streak!...They win it!..." the commentators commentated with exitment.

The whole stadium was filled with joy. The crowds were paid their money's worth. You could see the opposition team supporters' unlucky faces.

The players leapt into each other out of joy and releaf. Afterall, it was a close game and they had put a lot of hard work into it. Sudhanshu had a winning start to his career.

The Captain was a relieved man. His team had held their nerves​ and clinched the win. The Coach was proud on his team as well.

The reason for the overjoyed sentiments of the players was because, it was a big tournament and was of an utmost importance, as they were a young bunch, playing​ a big tournament as this, in their own country. Playing in front of countrymen puts an extra amount of pressure on every player, whether young or old. That's the reason, everyone has sky-high expectations over you.

The team celebration was huge in the dressing room. The winning cake was being cut. Some of the people present in the dressing room, were busy clicking photos and uploading stories on the web, while, some others were eating cake and splashing it on each other. The Coach also joined the party.

Amidst of all this, Rehaan had forgotten all the happenings of couple of days ago. After the celebration was done, Rehaan came back to his hotel room.

"How was it... Hope, you are enjoying the win... I was in front of the TV throughout the match. Not even a second, did I move away from it", said his younger​ sister cheerfully.

"Of course I did, more than your company!...", he said giggling.

"Bring me some gifts from Delhi!", she ordered.

"Shut up! I am not here for a vacation, you silly girl!... I am here for my work, and anyway, buying something for you isn't my priority", he said teasingly​.

"Shut up! And follow my orders or else I'll complain it to Daddy", she shouted.

"Stop being a toddler and learn to deal it, all by yourself. Anyway, as you know, I won't stop teasing you all my life", he joked and continued, "Tell Maa and Dad, we'll travel all the way to Mumbai for the next match, but I won't be able to come home..." The phone's battery drained and so, the call was disconnected.

It was already 1 at night and so, he slept, providing his phone some power as well.

The alarm woke him up the next morning, sharp at 7:00. He freshened up, got ready and went for a jog in the hotel's park. It was fun to have a walk at the park in Delhi's cold temperatures.

Suddenly, a group of heavy-sized men surrounded him, forming a circle. Before Rehaan could analyze the situation and understand what were their intentions, he was hit hard on his head with something pretty heavy. He collapsed on the green misty grass of the park.

An hour later, he opened his eyes. The Coach and a few security guards were standing besides him.

"What is this Skippsy? Is there something wrong?", the Coach asked, with a puzzled expression on his face.

"Damnnnn!" he shouted with pain, as he woke up. "I have no idea Sir... I don't know who the hell these guys were or what were their intentions to attack me... Ahhh!", the Captain explained, "A...any updates over them?", he asked.

"Nope, we have handed them over to the cops, they'll handle them", the Coach said, "We haven't informed your family yet. You should do that now, I think..." And he got up and left the room. There were a huge number of media personnel waiting down stairs and he had to answer them.

Rehaan had lied to the Coach. He doubted the threateners to have caused the attack.

He didn't bother to make a call back home. He knew they'll shoot a whole world of questions on him. He had prepared himself to answer those though, for the media had already reported it and his family might have got to know it.

His phone rang."You might have understood who ordered your attack, receiving this call", a threatening, high-pitched voice told,"I could've also ordered your death, maybe..."

"Whatever, you wanna do, you may, whatever amount you wanna offer, you may... But remember, this is not happening at all, not even at the cost of my life! I won't get sold to a bastard like you! You are a bloody traitor! Got it, you better get it!", the Captain said in a commanding voice.

"It may be your Final Innings very soon, Mr. Captain", said the voice, with a devilish laughter.

"I am ready to even play my Final Innings for not accepting your corrupt offer. Dying honest is better than living the whole life faking honesty", the Captain said with a lot of confidence. He had not yet forgotten his father's teachings.

"You have a huge ego problem, Mr.Captain..." And, out of frustration, the person on the other end disconnected the call.

"I was attacked in the hotel premises, that means it's some insider helping them. Whether he/she is from the hotel staff or one of us has gone rogue... And if someone from the team has gone rogue then, it's really dangerous for us... They are a very clever bunch of people behind all this. They've planned it all beforehand​!", he thought to himself.

His head was still paining. He took the pain-killers prescribed by the doctor and slept.

1 Hour Later...

"Dad is really angry over you!" shouted his sister over the phone, "Why didn't you make a call? Why did they attack you? The news channels are playing the news on loop! And you know what, the irony is, the whole country gets to know you were attacked, before your family has a clue about it...."

“Calm down! It's nothing to worry about. I am a well-known personality now. I have fans and unknowingly, I have even made a lot of enemies, all of those enemies, wanna take me down, so tell Dad, not to worry", he explained and continued,"We'll be leaving for Mumbai tonight. Visit me at the V.K.Presidency Hotel tomorrow."

His headache had eased a bit now. His mind was still filled with a lot of questions. He had to figure out who was behind it, before everything goes haywire.

Today's incident had given him a clear message that, this wasn't ending soon enough...

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