Off The Field

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Take 5 : The Boss

“Leave me! Just leave me!" he shouted.

"Shut up and rest there..." ordered one of the heavy bodied henchmen.

He was completely tied up on a crooked wooden chair in a room, which was completely unventilated and was almost dim, if not for a tiny bulb, which would flicker every now and then, and had to be adjusted.

He was shouting​ and yelling since the time he was brought there. The four heavyweight body-builder like men wanted to stop his yelling, but they were bound to their boss' orders of not touching him until he orders for further action.

"If not for Boss' orders, I could have killed the hell out of this idiot!" shouted one to another, out of frustration.

"The Boss will be arriving at any time. Keep yourself ready, you have to go through a lot of trouble once he comes..." , the other healthy man said, facing to the tied up man. A burst of laughter by all the four followed the statement.

"Someone please help me! Please! Can anyone hear me!" the victim yelled.

"Yes! I, he, he and he can hear you..." he said sarcastically pointing towards the rest of his friends. This was followed by another burst of laughter.

He was yelling since two hours now. But, there was no one to hear him. He didn't realize it but, he was far away from what a crowded area is. As his throat started paining out of thirst, he stopped yelling. He was also sweating as there was nothing for ventilation.

Two out of the four men left the place. After a few moments, they were back with buckets of water. In order to tease the victim, they had decided to purposely pour the water on themselves in front of him. On the other hand, even they were sweating and wanted relief. As the two came back, the other two followed suit and went to bring themselves buckets of water.

"Please! At least, bring me a glass of water to drink, I'm dying of thirst!" the victim begged.

"Since the time we brought you here, we told you, stay quiet, stay the hell quiet... You didn't give a damn about it, now die, we don't care..." one of the men replied and wanted to slap him hard, but was stopped by two of the others.

"Is there a window out here?... It's so suffocating out here...." the victim asked in pain, and started crying.

"Open the window, open the doors, open his ropes, we are fools out here, we shouldn't be capturing a person who is as dumb as him...." one of the four men, said in a heavy voice out of complete frustration and his fist on a nearby wall.

Another of the lot tried calling their head, but he wasn't receiving the call.

"Guys, let's calm down. Let this idiotic man speak and yell for whatever time he can. We shouldn't reply him or pay heed to the nonsense he speaks. If we reply, he'll keep on speaking and eating up our heads. Let him cry in pain and talk crap. The Boss will come in and deal with his crap very soon. Even he knows our Boss, he'll have to pay. a huge sum for whatever he has done...." one of the men tried to ease out the boiling temperatures of the other three.

After a few minutes the door was banged.

"I think his death is here..." one of the them said in a relieved tone. There was a sigh of relief throughout​ the room. But, the victim started shivering.

"Welcome Sir..." the person opening the door, welcomed a suited up and well heighted man.

The man nodded his head in appreciation to the welcome and went straight to the victim. Looking at him, the victim recognized him at once and started to shiver even more.

"Hello! How are you doing? Hope, these humble guys didn't harm you..." the Boss asked, smiling. He kept his leg on the chair between the victim's legs and rested one of his arms over it, bringing himself very close to the victim. The victim started murmuring apologetic words.

"You moron!" the Boss shouted pushing the chair towards the wall behind it with his leg. The chair fell on the ground and the victim started crying.

"How dare you decide to contact the police? Did you get my orders to do so? You'll are under me! I am the B-O-S-S, without my orders, you'll shouldn't even have the courage to even take a single step! And, you crossed all the limits? Informed the police about me? What have they done for you? It's me because of whom you have a roof over your family in this city! It's me because of whom your kids get good education and eat good food. You, your life, your death, everything lies in my hands....The BOSS..." he shouted. No one had the courage to utter a word.

He picked the chair up and slapped the victim hard, so hard that the crooked chair fell on the ground for the second time and one of it's legs was broken. The victim's cries became louder and his body shivered in more pain.

"Pick up the rods and beat him until he gets unconscious. I'm making arrangements to get his dead body settled. Once, the arrangements are done, I'll be giving you'll a call, kill him and keep his body ready​..." the suited up man instructed the heavy bodied men.

"Enjoy the party morron", laughed off the suited up man, looking towards the victim, whose shivering had stopped and mouth had dried out of words. After hearing this, he knew, his death was near. After that, the Boss proceeded to leave.

Three out of the four goons picked up the heavy metal rods, kept in the dark room, while the fourth one untied the victim and threw him to the ground.

"This is the punishment the Boss gives to his foolish cheaters. You wanted to inform the police about our Boss? Have these now..." shouted one of the four guys, as they started hitting him with the rods.

After 20-25 minutes of continuous hitting, the victim was unconscious. Blood flowing off all his body.

"Damn, he passed out so quickly. The fun had just began!" one of the four heavyweights, exclaimed in disappointment.

"Don't worry, he'll not remain unconscious for more than an hour's​ time... Once he's back to consciousness, we'll continue it. You two, bring a bucket of water and keep it ready. Once he's back to consciousness, we'll first, have to wipe out all the blood....

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