Off The Field

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Take 6 : The Attacker's Arrest

"Knock Knock! Is anyone there?" he asked as loudly as he could.

The loud shouts were followed by heavy and continuous knocking on the door. He quietly ordered his team of 12 officers to cover the whole area. They followed his orders and the whole area was covered by the officers in a span of a few seconds, with their pistols pulled out.

One of the officers informed him, that all the windows were closed in a manner that they had none to aim at and break open, they didn't even have a secret backside entrance. Their find was in the hall, trying to figure out where to hide.

“Three...Two... One...." , and the leading officer broke through the house by breaking off the door in front of him. Two of the officers standing behind him followed.

As soon as they entered, the leading officer knocked down a tall and heavy bodied man in front of him on the ground and held a pistol in front of his head.

"Don't try any movement or you'll see fire coming of this gun. Check him for any weapons", the leading officer said pointing at two of his officers.

The other ten officers rushed into the house and started searching all the rooms of the two storey bungalow, making a mess of the whole place.

"Why did you send people to attack Rehaan? Do you have something in person with him or did you do it on someone's orders?" the officer holding a pistol in front of his head asked.

"I don't know what are you talking about. By the way, who gave you the permission to break through my house?" the owner of the house asked, pretending to be innocent.

"Just keep your questions to yourself and answer my questions. Mind you, we have a search warrant as well as an arrest warrant against you. I ain't habitual of breaking through someone's house without​ a warrant", the leading officer shouted in an angry tone.

They were interfered by the other officers, who informed their leader, that they had found some unlicensed weapons and a couple of bags full of hard cash. They were ordered to seize all of it.

"So, this is what justice means? Breaking through an innocent common man's house..." he started taunting the leading officer with complete confidence on his face.

"So, those unlicensed weapons and those bags full of hard cash means you are innocent? Do I seem to be some kind of a fool to you? Do you find idiot written all over my face?" the leading officer hit back at his taunt and punched him in the face, before handcuffing him.

"Dare you do something cheeky out here.... Move... Move....", he ordered the arrested man, pushing him out of the house."I don't think you'll answer anything before getting some treatment from my officers"

"Okay, I am a contract killer. People contract me to murder, threaten, kidnap, attack, etc. I was contracted by someone to attack Rehaan. He is such a great personality. So, I sent my best men to attack him. Those idiots told you my name? You managed to make them talk? Poor me", the handcuffed criminal gleefully accepted his crime while they were sitting in the police vehicle, heading towards the station.

"Who contracted you? Are you simply gonna tell me or you need some hitting from the best of my officers?" the leading officer asked.

"It's against the ethics of my business to give a third party, the details of my contractors", the arrested man said with a little laugh.

"A criminal is talking about ethics..." the officer chuckled at the irony.

"Listen Officer, nothing is going to work. I'll easily get a bail in a day or two...", he proudly explained, giving a cheeky laugh looking at his handcuffs.

They reached the police station in a while. The officers took the criminal to the lockup and the leading officer went to his table and called Rehaan, who was in Mumbai now for his next match.

"This is Inspector Ranavat speaking, Rehaan there's some positive news for you. We've arrested another person in your case. He is a local contract killer who was hired by someone to attack you", explained the officer.

"Thank you so much Sir. I hope you will soon get to the man who is behind the attack...." Rehaan replied with relief.

The officer found himself busy with some paperwork regarding the case, while his team was busy with the criminal they had just arrested.

"Who hired you? Tell me....who hired you...Tell me....." the officer shouted in the background of punches and hits the criminal was receiving.

After completing the paperwork, Officer Ranavat​ headed to the cell, the criminal was kept in. He was tired of receiving those punches and blows from the sticks and knuckles of the officers. Sweat and blood, both, were flowing out of his body at the same time.

Punching him in the face Ranavat asked, "Aren't you telling it? Speak up or else we'll continue this." Looking at an officer, he ordered,"Don't provide him even a single sip of water, until he speaks up, let him die out of thirst.These are my ethics..."

Few hours later...

"That idiotic officer forced through Lobo Sir's bungalow​ and arrested him. He tortured him like an animal... do you understand?" one of Lobo's men asked on the phone.

"Try to understand, today is a Sunday, I can't file for a bail today. The first thing I do tomorrow is, file for Lobo Sir's bail. After all, I owe him a lot" Lobo's personal lawyer explained through the phone and disconnected the call.

"Sir, the lawyer is saying today is a Sunday...." he explained his boss all what the lawyer told over the phone.

Lobo was too frustrated and tired to answer. One could see a lot of bruises on his body.

"Your time is over. Get out of here", a Constable said, a finger pointed at the man who had come to meet Lobo.

"Ranavat or whatever you are, listen Officer, you need to respect Lobo Sir. How dare you torture him like an animal? Provide him some first-aid or else, we'll put up a case of torture against you", the visitor threatened Ranavat.

"Simply tell your boss to tell the person's name who hired him and he'll be provided first-aid​", Ranavat explained the man.

"That's never going to happen. Meet you in the morning officer. Pass on the message to that Rehaan or whatever the cricketer guy is called, that the person who hired us, is not as simple as he thinks...." informed Lobo's visitor, before walking out of the station...

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