Asena : The wolf princess

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London was attacked by the wolf princess, named herself as Asena. The wolf princess killed many people, her portion is to kick out human from her kingdom. As she killed hundred of hundred human, an English journalist, Jake Tylor trace her and investigate her, he found many things that the world didn't know about the wolf princess. He helped her, and tried to change her, thought Asena hate human a lot. Xaviera Dankworth, is the main enemy for Asena and the Wolvestrix, as Xaviera was half Artrix and Wolvestrix. Xaviera objective is to killed Asena and her wolves.

Thriller / Fantasy
R.L Chhakchhuak
Age Rating:

| Author's note |

Asena : The wolf princess by RmL Chhakchhuak

This book is the 1st book of Asena Series. I also published on wattpad ,you can also read there, the editing is better. (My username is same)

The Asena Series
01 | Asena : The wolf princess
02 | Asena : Xaviera return
03 | Asena : Attack of Wolfhelm
04 | Asena : Battle Royale
05 | Asena : Battle Royale ll

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