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Its about 2014...

A boy named akash (bachelor) lives in Hyderabad by doing software job of 1 lack rupee per month with his small family (mom,dad, sister) sister is sita and she studies in a medical college in hyderabad and dad is a retired government officer and mother is housewife....

Akash father forced him to join by her retirement in his office. But he ignores her father and joined into a software company.

After joining, akash father daily used tell that government job is safe Nd secure.. and akash used to just ignore his words...

After 2 year's...

Everything was going well.. akash got a request in gpbook and she was a girl akash accepted her request and with in sec akash got a message from that girl. He too replied that who are you. She said I don't know you but we both can be good friends... And akash Said okay but only friends.. okk.... By the way what is your name... Arohi.. where do you live. I live in USA and what about you. I live in India...

And the conversation started....

Slowly the conversation became into addiction...

And slowly slowly it changes to love...

Arohi was changed akash mind and she had completely turns his mind to love and his mind set to only love her and believe her...

Akash also started loving arohi... He started believing blindly...

Slowly they started talking in phones and slowly video call..

Akash had completely distracted from his work and he had started ignoring his family..

After somedays...

It was his sister's birthday he wished her but not as much he do everyyear. She felt bad...

He slowly started shouting on his sister and telling her to leave her studies Nd get married.. His sister thought that he is in stress of his office works..

His sister exams had been started his sister was telling akash to pay the fee and he just ignored her and he left her MBBS final examination... She was feeling very uncomfortable and sad.. akash was just ignored her and said sorry for that I had forgotten about that do marriage now leave us alone and start a new future. Sita with dull and crying face okay brother what you will say I will do.. she used to think that he is in stress now and used to ignore all this things..

And one day his mother felt on bed and she was in very serious condition. Doctor said that she is in the last stage of cancer we have to operate her as soon as possible. Akash was just ignoring all this things his mind was fully fixed with arohi..

One day arohi called her and said that I had sent you a parcel from America it is in airport please receive it and call back. Okay arohi. After in few minutes akash had got a call by unknown and said u had got a parcel from America we will deliver you to the door you just have to pay the parcel transport is just 2 lack rupee. Ok sir I will pay. After that he got a parcel lying a letter that...

Thank you for paying that's much amount it was just my job so don't think over It was just a trap it is my job. So I am really sorry akash don't text me again bye.

He went to hospital and sawed that his mother was died. Brother if you have payed fee before the time today our mother will be with us..


So be careful...

In this society Thier are so many SCAMs don't believe someone blindly....


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