Whispers Behind My Back

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“You placed a knife in Degory’s back. And now he’s coming for everyone you care about. He’ll rip them apart in front of your eyes and make you watch.”

Thriller / Drama
Tori x
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the lost one


the lost one

My name is Degory Dixon. But most people call me freak, or weirdo, or psycho, or creepy, or... well. You get the idea. Pretty much everyone treats me as an outcast. I’ve never been that much of normal or average kid, and it’s been like that since I was 7. Ever since the “incident” in 2010, people have looked at me like a wounded, rabid dog, and treated me like a ticking time bomb. They keep their distance from me and I don’t blame them. I don’t blame them one fucking bit.

Detroit, Michigan

Mommy, why are you crying?” Degory asked with concern in his voice as he looked up at his mother with his bright blue eyes . Degory’s mother, Brenda, picked him up in her arms and kissed his forehead. She gave him a small, sad smile and sniffed while wiping away tears that were slowly rolling down her rose colored cheeks. “Oh, my little Deg. Mommy is just having a rough day, that’s all. And what are you doing up out of bed? It’s past 9’oclock, sweety.” Brenda started to make her way up the stairs with Degory. “I’m not even tired.” Degory whined while Brenda opened the door to his bedroom. His walls were painted a dark ocean blue with superhero posters and action figures covering almost every inch of his room. Brenda layed Degory on his bed and tucked him in. “You need to sleep, Deg. You have school tomorrow.” Degory huffed and rolled to his side, turning his back to his mother. “Your father and I need to go back to work, I know it’s late but something important came up that we need to tend to.” “Brenda!” A voice called from downstairs. “We need to go!” Brenda kissed Degory’s head and stood up. “I’m coming, Matt!” Brenda yelled back at her husband. “I love you, Deg. Lily is downstairs if you need anything.” Deg sighed and rolled his eyes. He found the babysitter fairly annoying, she could be pretty bossy sometimes. “We’ll be back soon.” Brenda sniffed her nose and wiped away another tear as she closed the door to Degory’s room and shut off the light. As Degory lay there in his bed, he wondered, ‘Why was mommy crying?’

“Lily, we’ll be back in about an hour or two.” Matt said as he helped Brenda with her jacket. “Help yourself to the leftovers in the fridge.” Brenda told Lily as she opened the door. “Thanks, Mrs. Dixon.” Lily gave a small smile as Brenda and Matt made their way out the front door, with the cool, crisp autumn air lightly stroking against Lily’s skin. As the door closed, Lily made her way to the kitchen, wondering why Mr. and Mrs. Dixon was leaving for work so late in the night. They both worked at a talent agency, and it was hard work, so it was no surprise that the Dixon’s had such a nice house with their own maid and chef. Lily always admired the two of them, they always treated her kindly,and with such warmth, like she was a part of their family. Lily opened the fridge and grabbed some food, making her way to the living room. She plopped down on the white leather couch and turned on the tv. She found a channel that she liked, and started to eat her dinner. As she ate, she heard a crash come from outside. It sounded like someone had broken a window from upstairs. Lily jumped, causing her food to spill all over the glossy marble floor. “Degory?!” She started to run towards the staircase, fear and adrenaline coursing through her. Once she made it to the top of the stairs, she crept her way down the hallway towards Degory’s room. She slowly opened it and saw Degory hiding behind his covers. “Degory, are you okay?” Lily asked in a whisper. “What was that noise?” Degory’s voice was shaking. “I don’t know, Deg. But I’m gonna look around the house and see what it was. I need you to stay put, and close and lock your door when I leave, okay?” Degory nodded his head. “Good. I’ll be back. Stay quiet.”

Lily was tip toeing down the hallway, going into each room, checking where the noise came from. As she was opening the door to one of the bathrooms, she heard footsteps in the last room in the hall. Mr. Dixon’s office. Her heart starting racing at lightning speed as she approached the door. She pressed her ear against the door to listen how many people there were inside the room. All she heard was the shuffling of papers and drawers being opened. She took in a deep breath and swung the door open, revealing herself to the stranger who stood behind Mr. Dixon’s desk. “Who are you?!” Lily shouted, trying to scare away the stranger who was hidden in the darkness. “Get out!” Lily picked up a vase that was on the nightstand next to her and aimed it at the stranger. “Get out before I fucking kill you!”

Degory layed in his bed, scared and alone, wondering what was going on. As he got lost in his thoughts, he heard a crash, then a bang. He jumped, and clenched the blankets. He thought about investigating the loud noises and checking to see if Lily was ok. But he remembered that Lily told him to stay put. He sat there wondering what to do. He worked up the courage to stand up and make his way towards the door and decided to try and help Lily. He grabbed a baseball bat and made his way down the hallway. He heard a low, raspy voice coming from the end of the hall near his dads office, but couldn’t make out what the voice was saying. As he got closer, he saw something that he’ll never forget. Lily’s lifeless body layed in front of the doorway to his dads office. She was shot. The bullet had went through her left eye and out the back of her head.

A pool of blood was slowly forming around her body. Degory looked up to see a man with broad shoulders and a long, black scruffy beard holding a gun in his hand. “Who are you?” Degory asked the man in a small voice. “Why are you in my daddy’s office? Why did you hurt Lily?” The bearded man with dead eyes took a few steps closer to Degory, placing his gun on the desk. “I’m just here to grab a few things, kid.” He cracked his knuckles and approached Degory and knelt down to his level, looking him in the eyes. “You don’t seem scared,” The man tilted his head slightly. “Are you not scared of me? Are you not scared of all of the blood coming out of that girls head?” Degory looked at Lily. He never liked her. She annoyed him. She would never pay him any attention. She would just sit in the living room watching tv or be texting on her phone. She didn’t care about Degory at all. And frankly, he didn’t care about her either. “I’m happy she’s dead.” The man was surprised by Degory’s answer. Why was this kid totally unphased by seeing a bloody corpse right in front of him? “You seem like a cool kid. But I can’t have you tattling on me, now can I?” He made his way to grab his gun. “Get out of my daddy’s office.” Degory said with a firm voice as he held up his bat, getting ready to swing. “I’ll hurt you if you don’t leave!” The stranger laughed. “Shut the hell up, kid.” He said as he turned his back to Degory. “I’ll make this qui-“

Before he could finish his sentence, he felt an intense and crushing blow to the back of his knees and collapsed to the ground. He let out a loud grunt as his body hit the marble floor. “You little shit-!” Degory hit the man with the bat again, this time on his head. The mans nose started to bleed and his vision became blurry. Degory hit him in the head over and over and over again until the strangers body stopped twitching. He stood back and looked at his body. His face was covered in blood. Degory stared at him, then looked at the bloody bat. He seemed at peace in a certain way. Killing the man was satisfying. He decided to continue swinging at the mans head, laughing as he did it. He stopped once again when he heard a wretched scream come from behind him. It was his mother, a horrible, schooled expression painted on her face. Behind her, was his father. They were both speechless. They looked at Degory in deep concern and confusion. “D-D-Degory.. why.. were you laughing...?”

“I was just having some fun, mommy.”

7 Years Later

“Degory, I’m not giving up on you.” Dr. Janson leaned forward and looked deeply into Degory’s blue eyes with sympathy. He scoffed and crossed his arms. “Stop with the bullshit. Yes you will, Janson...”

“They all do.”

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