And then she went missing

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Remmy Castillo has it all. A perfect life complete with a perfect boyfriend, but when she goes missing her perfect life is questioned and as it begins to get picked apart her closest friends wonder how well they really knew the real Remmy. Please like and leave a comment, I'd love to hear what you think and it would really help! Thank you, I hope you enjoy my story :)

Thriller / Mystery
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I smile as the waiter refills the wine glass, glancing a quick look at Jason to gain his approval. Biting my lip, I take a nervous sip of the red, velvet pinot-noir. The exquisite liquid coats my mouth and throat. The beautiful burgundy matches perfectly with the glowing, crimson nail polish Jason had bought and insisted I wore. Anxiously, I finger the cherry coloured lace dress I had acquired a week ago. A present to amend for the bruises he had caused. Taking another sip of my wine, I listen in to the conversation.

“You and Remmy are so adorable together!”

Startled, I look over at him; perfect hazel eyes, almond curls, sharp cheekbones, amazing figure. He chuckles softly and runs his hand through his hair. Such a charmer. I twist the silver ring around my middle finger, smiling at Meggie. If only she knew how much of an adorable couple we really were.

“We’re going to be late to Amanda’s party.” Jason says with a smile. I excuse myself from the table and begin to say my goodbyes, promising them I’d see them next week. Secretly praying I would see them next week, See anyone next week.

I walk out of the restaurant and towards Jason’s flashy Bmw. I open the car door and close it as quietly as I can, doing everything in my power to not aggravate him. Slowly, I brush my curls off my shoulder and secure the seat belt. He starts up the car and we sit in silence. I turn my head to the window, trying to alleviate some of the awkward tension and silence. He sighs as we make it onto the motorway. Long car rides with Jason were always the worst.

He turns the radio on and I silently hope tonight will be okay. I sway to the music slowly and stare into the deep, dark canvas littered with stars and count down the hours left till we reach Amanda’s house. She and her boyfriend were throwing a housewarming party. Amanda and I were close and she was quite fond of Jason. Everyone was. She often compared him to Robert, her sweet, caring boyfriend. However, Robert and Jason were anything but alike. I tried to imagine Robert threatening Amanda’s life. It was an impossible task, he was just too kind and cute. The car comes to a stop as we reach Amanda’s new house; modern, big, fashionable. A perfect representation of Amanda herself, with her trendy outfits and perfect blonde hair. Jason straightens his jacket and opens the boot, reaching for the gift bag which he hands to me. I take it carefully, taking care not to brush my fingers against him. He holds my arm firmly as we walk up the stairs of the new property. I knock cautiously and smile broadly as the door opens, revealing Robert’s soft face. He beams happily and takes the present from my hands.

“Party’s through here” He laughs before shaking Jason’s hand. I step carefully onto the marble floor, loving the sound of my maroon heels on the hard floor. Awe envelopes me as I gaze up the spiral staircase. Their house was perfect.

“Remmy, Jason!” Amanda exclaims and rushes towards us in six inch black heels. She looks stunning as always: crimped hair, a tight black dress which modestly models her flawless figure. She embraces me tightly

“You look gorgeous!” she says kissing my cheek. She smells like a mixture of lavender and vanilla. She glances past me and hugs Jason too.

“Congratulations on the new house, it’s quite fetching” he remarks charmingly.

“Thanks, we’ve had our eye on it for a while” she smiles proudly. She wasn’t lying. I recall her showing us the same house a month ago and telling us her plans to purchase it. No wonder she had thrown a party for it.

She points towards the open french doors and I begin to walk my way over scanning the elegant succulent plants on my way in.

I feel Jason’s presence at my side as we walk into the vast room. Immediately I turn to walk over to the direction of some old friends when I feel his hand grasp tightly around my wrist causing me to stumble back into him and catch my breath in my throat.

“Where are you going?” he demands impatiently.

“It’s Carly and the others over there.” I say, trying to calm my racing heartbeat. His fingers dig into my flesh,into my already bruised arm and he stares at me intently.

“Let me introduce you to the others first.”

He wraps his arm around my waist. A romantic gesture, yet I feel trapped and uneasy. Jason always has some people he wants to introduce me to,to show me off like I’m a trophy.

I quietly oblige and walk over to a group of friends.

I meekly study the floor as they exchange pleasantries.

“Where did you steal her from?” someone jokes.

I look up realising I had looked visibly uncomfortable. I smile now at the unnecessary comment. I simply couldn’t bring myself to act normal.

“This is my girlfriend Remmy.” Jason says with an evident tone of accomplishment.

I give a wry smile and feel his eyes boring a hole into me. I swallow a lump in my throat and try to act natural.

Nothing’s normal with Jason. I glance around avoiding eye contact. He tucks my hair behind my ears and whispers softly that I can go. He kisses me and I turn to walk off but he swiftly grabs my wrist pulling me back into a deeper kiss before he lets me go, watching me walk into the crowd.

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