Eye of the Storm

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Chapter One: And So It Begins

Fifteen Years Ago

Four-year old Xayden was preparing for bed when his parents came into the room.

"Hey kiddo, you ready for bed?" his father asked him. He turned around and smiled. "Yes Daddy" he said and climbed into his bed. After settling down, his parents came over and sat on his bed. His father then patted his head and smiled. "Look at you... It seems like only yesterday that I was cradling you in my arms and now look, you my little man" he said. His mother then moved closer to him and kissed his forehead. "Sweet dreams baby" she said and got up to turn off the lights and exited the room.

About one in the morning, Xayden was awoken by the shattering of glass downstairs. He suddenly became frightened. "Mom... Dad?" he called. When he did not receive a response, he got up and made his way to their room. Upon arriving there, he found that the room was empty. "Mommy?" he called again but no answer. He decided to make his way downstairs. He began to hear muffled shouting but couldn't make out what they were saying so he made his way to the bottom where he could hear the voices clearly.

"Where is the child?" the horrible voice said. "We will never tell you" Xayden heard his parents say and with this he ran to where they were to meet a most unpleasant sight. There were his parents on their knees with men with guns surrounding them and they were all bloody. "Mommy... Daddy?" he called with tears in his eyes. With one swift motion, his parents raised their heads.

"Xayden honey run!!" his mother screamed. He then saw an ugly looking woman started to approach him and he began to walk backwards. "Mommy I'm scared" he said with tears in his eyes.

"It's okay baby, but I need you to run" she said. He nodded and began to run as fast as his little legs could carry him. "Grab him!!" came the voice. Xayden then realized that he was being held down by two strong hands. He was then turned around so that he can face his parents.

"Please I beg of you, let him go" he heard his father say. He then looked up to see the ugly woman before kneeling down in front of him and grabbed his cheeks.

"Well aren't you a cutie" she said and squeezed his jaw. He then cried out from the pain he was experiencing. "Now be a good boy and show me those abilities" she said, smiling wickedly. He looked up at her in confusion. " We do not even know if he has that yet" his mother cried. "How old is he??" she asked.

"He's four" his father replied. "Well that's a bummer... but the professor would like to have him now so I guess I have no choice" she said and snapped her fingers. Her henchmen took the hint and pulled out a knife and placed it at Xayden's mother throat.

"NOOO!!!! Please don't hurt my mommy" he cried. "Now let's try this again" the woman said. "Show me or I will hurt your mommy" she said. At the mention of the word hurt and mommy, Xayden burst into tears. "Leave my mommy alone please" he cried and cried. After about ten minutes of continuous threatening, the woman has had enough. "Okay that's it. Kill her!!" she ordered and with one swing, the man sliced the woman's throat. Xayden watched in horror as his mother's lifeless body fell to the ground.

"MOMMY!!!" he screamed. But he did not really pay attention to that because he was too busy looking at his mother's lifeless body on the ground. The woman stood there cackling. She was too busy laughing that she did not notice his father heading her way. With one strike, he hit the woman and she fell on the ground unconscious. Her henchmen then charged at him. He turned to look at his son.

"Xayden run" he heard his father said weakly from the ground as he struggled to reach the phone in his pocket. But Xayden did not wait around to see who his father was calling; instead he ran out into the pouring rain and hid in some nearby bushes.

About fifteen minutes into hiding, he heard grumbling coming from inside the house. He looked up from the bushes and saw the woman emerging from the house. "Ugh... That brat. He got away" she growled. She then turned to her men that survived. "Burn the house down" she ordered. "Yes ma'am" They said in unison. Xayden watched in bewilderment as the men summoned flames from their hands and with one blast, it shot ferociously and came into contact with the house.

Xayden watched as his childhood home burned to the ground as the woman and her men drove away in a vehicle. About thirty minutes after the house was burned, he heard his name being called. He came out of his hiding place and came face to face with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had long, flowing white hair and the most mesmerizing grey eyes he had ever seen.

"Oh Xayden" she said and fell to her knees and hugged the small child. "Who... Who are you??" he asked. She then wiped her tears and chuckled at the little boy. "Of course you don't remember me little one... My name is Ashanti but you can call me Aunty A okay?" she said and he nodded. "Now... let's get out of this depressing place" she said and stretched her arms out to the little boy.

He reluctantly stretched his arms and she picked him up. "You ready?" she asked and he nodded and rest his head on her shoulder but not before looking back at the place he once called home.

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