Eye of the Storm

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Chapter Two: New Year

Present Day

Xayden stirred in his bed as he heard his bedroom door opened. He then rose up to see his aunt coming into his room holding a cake in her hands. He couldn't help but smile. "Happy Birthday" she said in a sing-a-long voice that he couldn't help but smile. He then got up and gave her a tight hug.

"Thanks Aunty A" he said, still hugging her. "Boy let go before you ruin my creation" she said laughing. He retracted his hands and looked down at the cake in his aunt's arms. "Make a wish" she said and he blew out the candles. "So what you wish for?" she asked.

"I ain't telling you" he said laughing. "Okay boy, just because you 18 doesn't mean you grown. Now go get ready for school. Don't forget it's your first day."

Xayden groaned but obliged anyway. He went into the bathroom and did his morning routine. He decided on blue skinny jeans, a light blue inner jersey, a white hoodie and a pair of white Timberlands. After he finished dressing, he made his way downstairs and into the kitchen where his aunt's husband was.

"Morning Uncle Mark' he greeted. "Hey Xay... Happy Birthday little man... well I guess I can't call you little anymore" he said, laughing. "You could say that again" his aunt chimed in.

"You ready?" he nodded his head. "Alright let's go" she said and grabbed her keys. As they made their way to the car his aunt spoke up. "Look I know it's your first day and all but please try to make some friends and please for heaven's sake stay out of trouble" she said, knowing her nephew is a little mischievous.

"Don't worry Aunty A; you don't have anything to worry about. Besides I don't think anyone will want to be friends with the guy with the weird hair" he said to which his aunt slapped him. "Don't you ever let me hear you refer to yourself as a wierd again...? You hear me?" she said glaring at him. He nodded and she drove off.

As she pulled up in front of the school, she turned to him. "Just remember, one day at a time" she said. He nodded and hugged her. "Don't forget that we are going out for dinner tonight to celebrate" she said. "Later Aunty A" he said and got out of the car. As his aunt drove out of the driveway, he let out a breath and made his way into the school.

As he made his way to the office, he couldn't help but overlook the stares he was getting from the students in the hallway. Girls were whispering as they watched him, some were drooling over him while some boys were glaring at him but he just shrugged it off.

When he arrived at the office, he walked up to the young woman at the desk who he believed to be the receptionist. "Umm... Excuse me?" he said and she looked up. "Well hello cutie" she flirted shamelessly. Xayden just rolled his eyes. "I'm looking for Mrs. White" he said and she smiled widely. "Well hot stuff... Your search is over cause you found her" she said.

"Okay then... I'm here to pick up my schedule" he said. She then turned to the computer. "First and last name?" she asked. "Xayden Michaels" he replied. She nodded and started typing.

"Here we go... Xayden A. Michaels" she said and printed the schedule. "Here you go...Your locker number is 200' she said handing him the schedule and a key. He thanked her and left the office.

He looked down and saw that he had Algebra II in Room 102. He then began to search for the room. "100...101...102" he said smiling. He then opened the door and went in. Inside, he found a man sitting at the teacher's desk. He made his way up to the man. "Excuse me?" he said and the man looked up.

"Oh hello... You must be our new student I heard we were having this year" he said. "Yes sir" he said. "Oh no need for pleasantries. My name is Mr. Star and I will be your homeroom teacher" he said stretching his hand out for Xayden to shake. "Just sit wherever you want since no seats were assigned as yet" he said and Xayden sat in the front row three seats away from the door.

About five minutes later, the door opened revealing the rest of the students to whom he ignored and continue listening to music. He was then tugged on by his sleeve. He looked up and saw that it was Mr. Star telling him to remove his headphones as class was about to begin.

"Good morning class... My name is Mr. Star and I will be your homeroom teacher this year. Let's work together to make this year the best of your school life" he finished. Xayden then saw a girl swooning over the teacher and chuckled. "Now we have a new student this year. His name is Xayden Michaels and I hope you treat him with the same respect as your other colleagues" he finished.

Xayden looked around to see that everyone was staring at him, intrigued. H knew that this was going to be a very long day indeed.

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