Eye of the Storm

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After a long day of school, Xayden took the bus and went home. When inside, he called for his aunt but no answer. He made his way deeper into the house and called again.

“In here” she answered and he made his way to the living room. “Oh hey Xay” she said and got up to kiss his cheek. “I’m sorry to say but we will not be able to go out tonight. Something really important came up and I really have to look into it. I hope you’re not mad” she says worriedly.

“It’s all good. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling like going out anyway and said I would have told you when I came home” he said. “Well at least it worked out for the best’ she said. “Now go get changed while I get dinner started” he nodded and proceeded to go upstairs but his aunt stopped him. “Oh Xayden, one more thing. There is somebody I would like you to meet later” she said. “No problem” he said and went to his room where he changed and fell asleep.

About three hours later, he heard his aunt yelling for him to come down for dinner. He rolled out of bed, got a shower and got dressed and went downstairs. When he reached downstairs, he headed straight for the kitchen where he saw his aunt setting the table. “Hey birthday boy” she said but Xayden didn’t hear her because he was too busy looking at their guest. His eyes raked over her body, taking in her appearance.

She stood at a height of around 5’10”, slightly muscularly built and she had the most beautiful gold eyes he had ever seen. “Hello Xayden, my name is Asia. Your aunt has told me a lot about you” she said. “I…I” he tried to form words but to no avail. Asia chuckled and sat down and he followed.

“So… how was the birthday?” she asked. “It was alright’ he said. As he was about to continue the conversation, his aunt came into the room with a plate of drumsticks in her hands. “Here we go’ she said and placed the tray on the table. Uncle Mark then came into the room with potato salad in one hand and steam vegetables in the other.

“Honey… where’s the macaroni?” she asked. “Be right back” he said. Shen turned to Xayden. “Now Xay, I’m sure you wondering why we decided to stay in for dinner” she started. “Not really” he said. She rolled her eyes.

“Anyway, I wanted to introduce you to this young lady right here” she said, pointing to Asia. Meanwhile, Mark came back into the room with the rest of the food. “She is the daughter of a very close friend of mine who recently passed away and as a result she will be staying with us because it is stated that if anything happens to her parents that I will; have sole ownership of her since I am her godmother”.

Xayden eyes widened at the red head beauty in front of him. “My condolences to you” he said. She smiled and nodded. “It’s all right… I’m just happy to see my godmother again” she said. “Anyways, enough of this sentimental stuff… let’s eat” Ashanti said and they all dug into the food.

After they were finished, Xayden asked to be excused but his aunt stopped him. “Oh no young man… I think you’re forgetting something” she said and got up. Two minutes later, she came back with the same cake he saw this morning. He smiled and sat back down.

“Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you… happy Birthday dear Xayden… Happy Birthday to you” they all sang. He blew out the candles and they all had cake. His uncle then spoke up. “Now Xayden, I know you don’t like gifts but…” he started but his aunt butted in. “I just want to say that I had no part in this” she said. Xayden raised his eyebrows.

“As I was saying, I know you don’t like gifts but since it’s your 18th birthday and all, I thought it was only fitting to get you something and trust me, the debate was real for this one. I hope you like them” he finished and tossed two boxes in Xayden’s direction. He caught them both, one in each hand and placed them down. He then proceeded to open the black one first.

Inside the box sat a gold-faced Rolex watch black bands. His eyes widened as he placed it on the table. He then picked up the velvet box and opened it. Inside the box was a small key with a button attached to it. He looked up to see his aunt and uncle looking really nervous. He pressed the button and he heard a sound go o0ff in the garage and got up to investigate.

Upon entering the garage, he came upon the most beautiful car he had ever seen. Sitting in front of him was an Audi A8. His eyes almost fell out of his sockets as he stared at the beauty of a car. “Do you like it?” he turned around and saw everyone looking at him, mostly in his uncle with worried eyes.

“You really didn’t have to get me anything…” he started but he was cut off by his uncle. “I know but still… It’s just that we love you so and we just want the best for you” he finished.

Xayden just smiled and walked up to him and hugged him. “Thanks for everything guys… I really appreciate this… really” he said and his aunt then spoke up. “One more thing Xay, Asia is enrolled in your school and will be starting from tomorrow. I was wondering if you would show her around and show her the ropes?” she asked. “No problem Aunty A” he then turned to Asia. “That okay with you?” he asked. “Yeah” she said. “Alright you two, off to bed’ to which they obliged.

As they were heading upstairs, Xayden spoke. “I’m sorry for what happen to your parents” he told Asia. “It’s all right” she said just as they reached their rooms. “Well see you tomorrow’ she said. He nodded and went into his room.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, something evil was brewing. Dr. Martin was placing the finishing touches onto his experiment. “It’s almost complete’ he said, turning to his worker. “All I need now is the blood of the weather manipulator” he said. “No!!” someone screamed from a cell on the other side of the room. He walked over to the cell and spoke. “If I remembered correctly, you were the one that wanted to extract the child’s ability. What’s changed?” he said grinning.

“The only reason I wanted his powers gone is so that he doesn’t get mixed up in this nonsense but I get it’s too late for that now” he said. “That’s correct” he said, turning away from Xayden’s father.

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