Eye of the Storm

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New Faces

"Ahhhh!!!" Xayden jolted awake, panting heavily from the nightmare he just had. He turned to his clock to see it said 06:45hrs. He rubbed his face and got up and did his daily routine. When he was finished, he went into his wardrobe to search for an outfit to wear.

He decided on black jeans, white t-shirt and a pair of red Jordan's along with a red hoodie. When he was finished, he made his way downstairs and into the kitchen.

H saw his aunt cooking breakfast at the stove. "Morning Aunty A" he said. "Moring love, you okay? I heard you screaming a while back" she said, worried. "Yeah it's all good but I had the weirdest nightmare" he said. "Want to talk about it?" she asked. "Sure... it was so random... I dreamt that this little boy was almost kidnapped by these people but he escaped barely by a hair and he..." he was going to continue but he then heard the shattering of glass.

Xayden looked up startled to see that his aunt had dropped the plate and had a shocked look on her face. He then rushed over to help her. "Aunty A... you good?" he asked with worry which snapped her out of her daze. "Yeah I'm fine. You should probably head out... you don't want to be late' she said, holding her head. Xayden could tell something was up but he didn't question it.

He then turned to the stairs and called. "Hey Asia, you ready?" he asked. "Yeah... I'll be right down" she said. He then turned back to his aunt who was just about to sit down. "Aunty A, you sure you good?" he asked with concern written all over his face. "Xayden, I told you I'm fine... don't worry about me" she said, smiling. "Alright" he said reluctantly. At this time, Asia had made her way downstairs and Xayden couldn't help but stare.

"She was dressed in a short white dress, her hair was placed in a high ponytail and on her feet was a pair of red mini go-go's. ""Ready" she said holding her bag in her hand. Xayden didn't hear her because he was too busy staring.

"Take a picture... it'll last longer" his aunt whispered in his ear which snapped him out of his trance. He looked and saw that his aunt and Asia were laughing at him.

"Sorry" he said, scratching his head. "No problem" she said and walked past him. "Let's go" he nodded and headed out behind her. He opened the garage door to reveal his car. He walked up to it, jumped in and reversed out of the garage. "I see you finally have usage for your license now" she said while Asia jumped in. "You guys have a good one" she said, leaning off the car. They nodded and Xayden drove off.

"You nervous?" he asked Asia. "No. It's just a transfer... not the end of the world' she said, laughing. He chuckled and continued driving. About 20 minutes later, Xayden pulled up in front of the school. "How about you wait for me while I go park the car?" Asia nodded and got out of the car while Xayden zoomed around the corner to park the car.

He parked the car and made his way back to the front of the building where he saw some guy hitting on Asia, who by the way was looking bored out of her mind. He chuckled and walked up to her. "Hey A, you ready?" he asked, completely ignoring the guy's presence. Asia then hooked her arms through Xayden's. "Yes... lets go" she said and the two made their way into the building, but not before hearing a growl from the guy that they left behind.

As the two entered the office, Xayden saw Ms. White at her desk. He walked up to it and cleared his throat. She looked up and smiled. "Hey hot stuff" she said. "Hey" he waved awkwardly. "I was wondering if I can have a copy of her schedule" he said pointing to Asia.

She did a once over and rolled her eyes. "Name?" she asked, rather disdainfully. "Asia James" she said. She began typing on her computer. "Here we go... Asia Mariah James" she said and handed the schedule to Xayden.

"See you later hot stuff" she said while rolling her eyes at Asia. After they exited the office, she turned to Xayden. "What was that about?" she asked. "I think she has a thing for me" he said. "Well it seems you got an eye for older women Xay" she said laughing. He rolled his eyes and look down at the schedule.

"It seems Aunty A placed us in the same class for all our subjects' he said. "Awesome. Now I get to spend the whole day with you" she said, hugging Xayden. "Get off woman" he said, prying her off and walking to homeroom where he saw Mr. Star at his table. He walked up to him and spoke. "Morning sir" he said ND Mr. Star looked up from what he was doing.

"Morning Xayden... What can I do for you?" he asked. "I just wanted to inform you that you will be having a new student in your classroom from today" he said.

"Oh?" he said and turned to Asia and got up. "Nice to meet you Miss..." he stopped waiting for a name. Asia shook his hands and spoke. "James... Asia James" she said. "Okay Miss James... I hope you have a great year" he said.

"I'll try to" she said and they took their seats. "He is so hot" she whispered to Xayden. He raised his eyebrows. "What?" she asked innocently. "Nothing" he said. Not before long, class begun.

After the morning classes, it was finally time for lunch. Asia and Xayden made their way to the cafeteria for lunch but after scanning the menu, Asia grimaced, "Is there not anything edible on here?" she asked. He then grabbed her and pulled her out of the cafeteria. "Let's go" he said. "Where are we going?" she asked. "How does Mc Donald's sound?" he asked her. She squealed and jumped on his back.

"You are now my new favorite person" she said, kissing his cheek. Xayden just chuckled, walked out of the school, put Asia down, jump into his car and they zoomed out of the driveway.

Upon returning from Mc Donald's, they heard a scuffle around the turn so they went to investigate. When they reached the scene of the scuffle, they saw the guy who was flirting with Asia this morning and a few others furiously beating someone. He then turned to Asia to see that she was flaring. He could've sworn he saw her eyes glowed.

"HEY!!" She screamed, her voice laced with venom. They stopped and turned around. "Yo Jay... isn't that the girl that turned you down earlier?" one of them spoke out. "Shut up Andy" he growled and turned to Asia who was glaring at him and winced. "What the hell do you guys think you are doing?" she growled. "Look... it's not what it looks like" he tried to explain.

As so as he took the first step, his shirt caught fire. "Holy shit" one of the other boys exclaimed. He then started to scream while trying to get the shirt off of himself. When off, they all ran away. Asia then walked over to the boy and helped him up. "Oh you poor thing, are you okay?" she said, inspecting his face. Xayden then went over to help them.

"Let's get him to the nurse" he said and helped Asia carry him into the school. A few minutes later, they arrive at the nurse's office and opened the door. She then turned around at the commotion. She then saw them with the boy in their arms and rushed over to help. "Oh dear what happened?" she asked worriedly. Asia spoke up.

"Some ass and his goons jumped him in the parking lot... Pardon my language" she explained. "Oh it's alright... Was this so-called ass kind of tall, brown hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes ever?" she asked. "Yea that him... How did you know?" she asked.

"Well, it seems that this young man had a run in with Jamar and his goons" she explained. "Jamar?" Xayden asked. "Yeah... he's kind of the school bully... I can't tell you how manty students have come to me with injuries from him" she explained. "Is that so?" Asia said, cracking her knuckles. "Xayden I'll be right back" she said and turned around and left.

"Now let's get this all cleaned up.... Can you walk?" she asked the boy who was still hanging on to Xayden. He nodded and straightened himself and limped over to the nurse. "Now I want you to go wash yourself off over there and then returns to have me treat those wounds" she said as the guy proceeded to do as he was told.

About fifteen minutes later, the guy came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and they took in his appearance. He stood at a massive 6ft 4 in. in height and sporting blonde hair and a very muscular body. The nurse cleared her throat. "Now let's get those wounds treated" she said. He placed his pants on and then sat sown on the table.

While she was treating his wounds, Asia came back into the room. "I just finished... Oh hell yes" she said, her eyes raking over the boy's body. Xayden rolled his eyes at her. "Where have you been?" he asked. "You'll find out soon enough" she said. "Anyway... My name is Asia. A for available" she said, talking to the boy who just laughed.

"Can you guys get me the principal... this is too serious not to report" she said. They nodded and left to fetch the principal. Before long, they arrived at his door. Asia knocked lightly. "Come in" they heard and proceeded to enter the office.

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