Eye of the Storm

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Enemy of Mine

Upon entry, the principal looked up. "Oh hello guys... how can I help you?" he asked, smiling. "Um... the nurse sent us to ask you if you can please come to the infirmary right now" Asia said.

The principal sprung up from his seat. "Are you guys okay?? What happened??" he asked worriedly. "No were okay... But the guy we saved isn't" they explained. "Let's go" he said and they were out of the door.

A few minutes later, they burst into the infirmary. The nurse spun around to see who it was. "Oh good afternoon sir. Sorry for calling you here so abruptly... I know you must be busy" she said. "Yes I am, but my students come first" he said and place a hand on her shoulder.

She flinched and blushed. Asia saw this and smirked. She then turned to Xayden who nodded which means they had the same thought. The nurse had a crush on the principal!!!

He stepped past the nurse and headed to examine the boy. His eyes widened. "My God...what in the world happened to you?" he asked. The boy looked down. Asia then spoke up.

"Well you see, the thing is... me and Xay were coming back from lunch, which by the way we have yet to eat and we saw Jamar, if my memory serves me correctly, is his name" she looked at the nurse who clarified the name. She nodded and Asia continued.

"And his lackeys beating the crap out of this hunksicle" she said pointing to Aiden while the principal listened carefully. He then turned around and headed for the mike stationed in the office and spoke. "Ehem... This is the principal speaking... Can Jamar Smith please report to the infirmary...? NOW!!!" he spoke in a cold, clear voice. They then sat and waited for him to show up.

A few minutes later, the door opened, revealing Jamar. Everyone looked up but soon had wide eyes, everyone excepting Asia, who was smirking. There stood Jamar, sporting a terrible black eye and a busted lip.

"What happened to you?" the principal asked. He just grumbled and turned to Asia who was just playing with her nails. It took a minute but they all got it.

"Oh this is precious" the principal laughed and everyone joined in. "Anyway, back to business" he said, getting serious. "The reason I called you her is for you to explain this" he said, moving out of the way to reveal Aiden.

Jamar visibly gulped as he examined the boy. "I...I" he stuttered but nothing came. "I know you don't work alone Jamar... just tell me who were with you and I'll let you off easy" he said but Jamar refused to talk.

"Very well then... you are suspended for two weeks" he finished. Jamar's eyes widened. "No sir please... you can't do this" he begged but the principal did not falter.

"Pack your things and leave... See you in two weeks" he said. Jamar then glared at Asia and Xayden. "You will regret this" he said, icily and stormed out of the infirmary. The principal then sighed and then turned to the boy on the table.

"What's your name son?" he asked. The boy looked up. "Aiden Williams sir" he said. "Very well... How about you take the day off since you had a rough morning" he said. "You guys too... Think of it as a thank you for saving this guy over here" he finished. Xayden and Asia smiled at this.

"Can you walk?" she asked as she picked up his bag. He nodded and got up to walk but he winced which made Xayden sprang into action but Aiden assured him that he was alright. "See you tomorrow guys" he said and soon they were out the door.

Asia tossed the bags in the back seat. "Get in losers" she said and they all climbed in the car. "So cutie, where do you live?" she asked. "Um I really don't want to go home right no so I was kind hoping that I could hang out with you guys for a while" he asked nervously.

"Oh look at him... he's shy... and so muscular... Oh my" she said feeling his arms. "Asia focus" Xayden said, rolling his eyes. "Gosh... can't a girl flirt with a hot guy these days" she said, whining as Xayden zoomed out of the parking lot and headed home. About fifteen minutes of bickering, they finally reached home.

"Look, all I'm saying is a girl has need and they need to be fulfilled" Asia said as the boys took the bags out of the car. By this time, his aunt had heard the bickering outside and came to investigate.

"Hey Aunty A" Xayden greeted. "Hey guys... what are you doing home so early?" she asked. "Heroes need days off too" Asia said. Ashanti raised her eyebrows. "I'll explain inside" Xayden said as he walked past her.

"Start talking" she said as soon as they sat down. Xayden then proceeded to tell the whole story, including the part where Asia sacked Jamar in the eye. After he finished, his aunt was smiling widely.

"Well at least he got what he deserved" she said. "But what struck me as bizarre is that his shirt had caught fire" he said. His aunt widened her eyes while Asia visibly stiffens and glared at her.

"Um everything okay?" he asked. "Everything is just fine" she said through gritted teeth. "Okay then" he said and continued speaking.

"Anyway... since all of this drama is over, how about we finally eat something?" he said, pulling out the Mc Donald's from his bag. "Oh yes... finally" Aiden's stomach began to grumble.

They all chuckled while Aiden handed him a burger. "Thanks" he said. "No problem" he said as they started eating. "Well you guys enjoy... but you and I are going to have a conversation later" Ashanti said, pointing to Asia.

"Yes ma'am" she said, placing her head down. She then turned to Aiden. "Will you be staying for dinner?" she asked him. "I don't want to impose" he told her. "Nonsense. My husband is going to love you" she said running into the kitchen. Xayden then turned to Asia.

"What up with you and Aunty A?" he asked. She choked on her nuggets. "Oh... its nothing. Don't worry about it" she said.

But Aiden felt like this was not the end of the conversation.

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