Eye of the Storm

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The Discussion

When they returned to the house, Aiden was still silent. "Are you sure you're okay?" Xayden asked him and he gave them a sad smile. "Guys... I'm fine really" he assured them. They nodded their heads.

"Now... where is your room?" he asked Xayden. "Up the stairs and three doors down to your right" he said. Aiden nodded and went on his way. "I'm worried about him" Asia stressed. "I'm sure he'll be fine" he said.

"Who we talking about?" they both spun around to see their aunt entering the room.

"It's not our place to tell" he said. "Understandable... Just tell Aiden that he is always welcome here" she said, walking away smiling, leaving them with their mouths agape. "I swear that woman is psychic or something" Asia said. "Anyway let's go prepare for dinner" she said as they made their way up the stairs.

Just as Xayden was about to open his door, he heard sniffling coming from the other side.

Xayden sighed as he opened the door. When he did so, he came upon the most heart wrenching sight. Aiden was curled up on his bed, hugging a pillow for dear life with tears streaming down his face. "Oh boy" he said, rubbing his face. He then made his way to Asia's room.

"I need your help" he said to which she raised her eyebrows. She then followed him back to his room. When she saw the sight before her, she dropped her phone and rushed over to him.

"Oh Aiden" she said, rubbing his head. He then got up and engulfed her in a hug, while Xayden watched from the sidelines as Aiden balled his eyes out.

"He always does this... He always says he's coming but he never shows... he always DOES THIS!!" he cried, still hanging on to Asia, who was still rubbing his head. "If he doesn't see how much you miss him, then he doesn't deserve a son like you" she said. Ashanti then came up the stairs.

"Hey guys it's almost time for..." she began but stopped because of the sight in front of her. "Um well... I just came to tell you guys that dinner is almost ready and to get ready but I can see you're busy" she said and left.

A while later, Aiden rose up off of Asia's shoulder. "I'm sorry I ruined you shirt" he said sadly, but she flipped him off. "It's all right" she said. "Besides, you look like you needed to that off your chest. How are you feeling now?" he smiled. "Much better thanks to you guys". "But I didn't do anything" Xayden said. "You're here... That's enough" he said. Xayden smiled at this.

"Now, we should really get ready for dinner now. It's almost seven now" Asia said, getting up. "Can you please tell me where the bathroom is?" Aiden asked. Xayden pointed to the door on the right. He then grabbed the towel he brought and made his way to the bathroom. When the door was locked, Asia turned to Xayden.

"Look after him" she said and headed out the room. He then sat down on his bed and waited for Aiden to finish. About twenty minutes later, Aiden emerged from the bathroom. Xayden couldn't help but feel a little jealous as he took in Aiden's physique. HE WAS RIPPED!!

"Sorry I took so long" he said, snapping Aiden from his trance. "No worries" he said and got up to take his bath. When everyone was finished, they all made their way downstairs. When they entered the kitchen, they saw Ashanti and her husband, who had not too long came home and was still in his work suit, engrossed in a hot make out session.

"Oh that is so gross" Asia said, covering her eyes. They both jumped apart. "Hey guys, we didn't hear you come in" Ashanti said, wiping her mouth. "Obviously" Xayden said and went to sit on the counter. Aiden said nothing as he was staring at the man in front of him. "Uncle Mark?" he called and the man looked up. "It's me Aiden. Jordan's son" he said.

Realization then kicked in. He dropped his suitcase and made his way over to the boy and engulfed him a tight hug. "Aiden my boy it's been forever. I hardly recognized you" he said and pulled away. "Let me look at you" he rose up so that Mark can take a good look at him. "You look so much like Mary" he said.

"And you haven't changed at all. You were always big on PDA" Aiden said laughing. "Let me go get cleaned up and then we can catch up on all those missed years. What do you say?" he said. Aiden nodded happily as Mark went to pick up his briefcase and made his way upstairs.

He sighed happily and sat down. "So... Are you going to tell us how you know our uncle?" Xayden asked. "Oh sure." He said and they all sat down to listen to the story. "Well you see, your uncle Mark just happens to be my father's best friend and college roommate. I was around five or six when I first met him. Then is where my father told me that he was my godfather." He said while they listened intently.

"He used to come by almost every other week but when I was about ten or eleven, I had heard my parents talking that he had gotten married to some woman. To be honest at first I hated his so-called wife. I blamed her for taking him away from me" he said. Xayden and Asia started to snicker while Ashanti was blushing deeply.

"But then I decided that it was kind of foolish to do so and realized that if she made him happy, then I'll be happy for him as well" he said. He then stretched over to hold Ashanti's hand. "I'm glad that it was someone like you who snatched him up" he said. She smiled and held his hand. "Well, now you have a valid reason to come over now" she said laughing.

"Well, not that this isn't lovely and all, but some of us are still hungry" Asia spoke up. "Do you think of anything other than food?" Ashanti asked. "Um... cute boys?" she said which made of them laugh. She then turned to Aiden. "Are you okay now sweetie?" she asked, seriously. Aiden smiled. "Better than okay" he said. "That's good to hear" she said. By this time, Mark had come back downstairs.

"So, how was everyone's day?" he asked as he sat down. "Long and eventful" Xayden said. "Well we are currently having dinner and in need of small talk so go right ahead" he said and Asia told him the story of the events that transpired today. He listened intently, getting agitated when he heard that Aiden was attacked. "And what did Jordan have to say about all of this?" he asked Aiden.

"Who's Jordan?" Asia asked. "My father" he answered. This made Xayden and Asia upset. "He doesn't exactly know... I haven't heard from him in a while" he told Mark. He shook his head and rubbed his face. "Does he at least call you?" he asked.

Aiden shook his head. "He calls the house now and again but not me directly" he said. "Typical Jordan" Mark said, getting up. "Excuse me" he said and walked out the door.

"That was unexpected" Ashanti said as she saw her husband walked out the door. They all nodded in agreement to her statement.

After they finished dinner, they all got up, cleared the table, wash the dishes and then made their way upstairs. While they were preparing for bed, Aiden spoke up. "It's funny you know" he started and Xayden spun around.

"Just yesterday, I was worried about not making any friends and school and now today, I have two crazy ass friends and to make it better, one of them is related to my godfather who I have not seen in so long" he said smiling. Xayden smiled at this.

"Trust me, with your looks, you would have fitted in easily and don't worry, it'll get better I promise you that" he said patting his back. They then settled in for the night.

While Asia was preparing for bed, Ashanti came into her room. She cleared her throat and Asia turned around. "I think you know why I'm here" she said. Asia sighed and sat down.

"What the hell were you thinking?" she argued. "I wasn't" Asia said. "Do you realize the damage that you could have caused?" she asked, angrily. "I know I know... don't you think I feel bad already?"

Asia cried. "And what's a worse, Xayden suspect something is up with you. Remember were not supposed to say anything until his powers manifest" she said. Asia nodded and placed her head down. Ashanti sighed. "Look... just don't let your emotions get the best of you again... you still a little more practice" she said. "Okay... I'm sorry" she said.

"Now go to sleep, you got school in the morning" she said and left the room. Asia then laid her head down and soon she was off to sleep, but she felt a chill run down her spine and she felt uncomfortable.

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