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Chapter 4


The incident that had happened a few days ago had built an irrational fear in me. And I've always dreaded the dark, I was damn sure I heard the howling, but that felt like a crazy dream which I wish is over and won't happen again. So pushing all these thoughts aside I get back to work.

It's been three months since I last updated my write-up, considering the writing contest which is arranged by the chief of the Writers Arena of our university, Mrs. Langdon, I start writing and thinking about stuff I'd submit to the contest. The winner gets a "flashy surprise" is what our chief said.

I was pretty excited because I've been writing blogs under Allen Matthews,a ghost name and now I can finally submit something of my own, Bethany Ross's Original!! Just when I am about to login to my blogspot, Julia bursts into the room with a huge Cheshire Cat smile.

"Geez!!! Bethy I've got two passes for Laila's Halloween Eve" she signs holding up the two neon coloured passes of the party.

Well I'm not a very social person I barely have friends other than Julia and Raghav, a transfer student in my psychology class. He's cute and polite and sweet but that's all I've ever felt. There are girls in the campus who would love to hang out with him but Sir doesn't give a shit about it.

"When is this party? And why do you have two passes, got a date eyy?" I sign to her. Julia signs back "No silly! These passes are for both of us. And don't worry about Mom and Dad...they're going to Uncle Ben's for their house warming ceremony"
I knew what she was going to say next, we'll sneak out and return before them and boy! That's what she said.

"So please please say yes, you gotta live a little Beth and don't worry about Mom, I'm sure if they find out we'll be grounded but together" She signs and grins at me.

I nod my head firmly saying no, in these three years of "adolescents" phase never once I snuck out, not because I couldn't but because I shouldn't want to, I can't listen to the party music or scream on top my voice to say how much I enjoy in here!
Well as for Julia, she snuck out many times and I covered her all of the times.

"Please Bethany, I wanna go out there I've never been to a Halloween party before, this is a costume one! I need you to come with me" She signs with a really innocent face as if pleading. She's right I gotta live a little.

I mouth a yes to which she must've squealed and take a notepad to write in the rules we're supposed to follow

1) Not more than 3 drinks
2) We're supposed to return an hour before Mom and Dad get back
3) We're taking a cab (pretty please)
4) No leaving Bethany alone (you know why)

Julia grabs the notepad and reads out the rules, nodding she signs below the rules as if I was asking for her autograph LOL.

"Halloween is a week away, don't waste your time thinking about it instead finish your assignments ASAP" I sign to her.
"YES MOM!" she says and leaves the room locking the door behind her.

I continue with what I'd wanted to start before Julia came in. The contest was in two days and I really hoped to do well, winner or not I wanted others to know that I'm not less. And about Laila's Halloween Party,I would think later, I would either dress up as Harley Quinn but that would be too flashy or Beverly Marsh from Stephen King's 'IT'

I really am obsessed with King's universe and he's the very reason I started writing.

Where most of my stories were about science fiction and apocalypse and stuff, I also frequently posted poems on my blog. The response wasn't too bad as I'd just begun.
I read a few uploads by other users where one of them has posted "Questions you're supposed to ask your Beta Readers"

I jot down the important and relevant ones in case I need them, sure I'll need them. And log out leaving no traces of doubt, I don't want my family to know that I write, well not yet. Finishing up with other homework and assignments I get ready for the bed.

Please vote and comment and do follow me, it'll really helps me with my work. Stay tuned for the further updates.Till then happy reading;)

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