So be it

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This is an escape story about a deaf and mute girl Bethany Ross who's living a challenging yet normal life but then something happens rather someone happens and her world is turned upside down.

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Your entire life flashes before you when death's near, at least that's what I've been hearing all these 19 years of my life. Well not hearing because I can't but I've read this many times. My name is Bethany Ross and this is the story of my life flashing before me...well when I died almost twice.


Buzzz buzz buzz....
My alarm started vibrating under my pillow. I woke up with a jerk reminding myself this is just another day. After showering I headed down stairs for breakfast with my family well my foster family, after my mom's successful suicide attempt I was raised by Elaine and Will Ross. They brought me up like their own. I never felt abandoned or left out even though they had their own daughter who happens to be my foster sister but also a really close friend, Julia Ross. Today is my first day since the sophomore year has begun. Myself and Julia have three classes together except for Psychology. Julia finds it boring because of all the thesis and boy! She's right I'm already tired with all the writing and research.
So be it...

"I need to get going unless I want to get late" I spoke to myself.
I was greeted by Will and Elaine uhhh Mom and Dad. They signed to me whether I'd eat my breakfast or take it to university. I'll eat on my way, I signed back. Julia was already waiting at the car " Bethy bitchy! Today is our first day and you gonna get us late like real late" She spoke but I read through her lips.
"You're not supposed to cuss juli, in mom's premises" I signed to her.

"Oh momma's daughter, aren't you?" She signed. I quickly got into the car and we drove to our University. During the drive I dug in the breakfast that Mom packed for us, well for me because Julia is a morning person so I figured she must've already eaten hers.

She might be even playing her favorite songs , by Three Days Grace or Adele or Selena Gomez. She said all of them were amazing but unfortunately I couldn't hear them.

"Lookit ya! Poor poor baby can't hear can't talk how sad!" I cursed myself.
But I was glad that my parents put me into sign language class. So deaf or dumb I could figure out most of the talking around me.

I walk into the campus bidding Julia good bye. Now here's the thing, I do not study with the normal kids. Luckily our university has got this department for the "handicapped" As disturbing as it sounds to me. I study with the rest, who are like me. Rather with whom, I don't feel being different and disabled.

I walk into the hall as a notice catches my eyes. Hell yeah! It's about the internship which is the talk of the whole literature class!
I quickly jot down their details and make my way inside the classroom.

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