So be it

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Chapter 2


The first two weeks of the classes went really quick, in a blink of an eye? yeah just like that. Too many assignments and papers to complete but that's something Julia has to worry about, not me, maybe because I am too much of a nerd or maybe because she, Julia, clearly knows how to live a life but then again she's not the one with "disabilities" ,"drawbacks " , you name it.
Anyways, so the month of September went quite slow. One night, it started pouring, heavily. It was dark everywhere. I couldn't hear the thundering and the "rainy" sounds but from what I could see, a storm was near. A terrific one.

I went down to the kitchen and gulped a glass of water that's when I could sense the hair on my back standing out, goosebumps maybe?. I turned around but it was dark so didn't see a thing.

To light a few candles or lamps was an easy task but I would have to go to the cellar, "there's a monster in there Bethy, with claws and horrible set of teeth...who feeds on fear, who loves the taste of fear" that's what Julia used to say when we were kids but that was fun ,just for fun.

I went towards the door, it might've creaked but I could only imagine. There were steps, 3? Oh yes 3! So be it.

I went down there, searched for the kerosene and lamp and stuff in case Dad wakes up he'll need enough light to either get to the bathroom or kitchen , he never wears his specs yet they're usually near their table lamp.

I found the two lamps Nana gifted Mom for Thanksgiving two years back. Just when I was about to go upstairs, I heard howling damn right I heard howling. So instead of looking back and screaming like they show in typical horror movies, I sped up and locked the cellar door. It hadn't stopped raining. I lit the lamps and candles, placed them safely. Just then I could feel someone close to me, a hand on my shoulder.

Oh hush that was Mom, "Why are you up so late?" She signed. "Thirsty and couldn't sleep" is what I replied. Through the light of lamps, I could see how beautiful she still was, as if she'd stopped aging, I wonder if my biological mother was as beautiful as her or even more.

I pushed the thoughts aside, they only made me anxious and so after wishing Mom Goodnight I went back to bed. It was almost quarter to 3 and I've got an early class tomorrow ugh!! I'd wake up though not an issue.So be it

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