So be it

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Chapter 3


It rained terribly for almost a week and we didn't have classes. The following week it stopped raining but the weather was gloomy.

Class has just gotten over and I'm waiting here in the parking for Queen Beth. What's taking her so long?!! I sometimes feel like a babysitter. Not that I don't love my sister, of course I do, but I've been looking after her since she came home. She's my best friend too! So I gotta stop thinking negative about her.

I go back to the class hall and start searching for her and there she is looking at the notice board which of course has some information about the writing contest. Bethy is an amazing writer, Mom and Dad have always supported and encouraged her.

Whereas I've always been fond of music, metal,pop, jazz, all of it and of course not missing out my favorite band - the Avett brothers.

Bethy notices me and mouthes sorry. "Hurry up!" I sign to her.

On our drive back home, Beth asks me how are my classes going on
"The professor teaching Literature is very handsome, I can't stop dreaming about him" I sign. She eyes me and signs "You need to focus Julia" .

Yeah sure I need to on the road. Because of the heavy rains last week, it was slippery and wet all over. There were puddles and the sewers were overflowing. The weather might change again because the sun isn't out yet. The smell is gross.

We reached home. Dad was up early from work, maybe because of the spooky weather eh?

"How was your day sweethearts?" he asked.
And of course I was in my own world thinking about Mr Dreamy!

''Very dreamy" I say to which he raises his eyebrows which makes me chuckle and I head to my room.

Unlike Bethany, I've got many friends and one of them is Laila or "party animal" that's what others in the campus call her.

We've been friends for Freshman year but she's got this rich brat attitude. She always mocks at Bethany which I don't like but Laila is someone with whom you'd want to be friends with and have fun!! And well who doesn't to have fun?

Halloween is near and she might've definitely arranged a huge party along with her sorority sisters. Of course I'm invited.Lucky Laila.
I've got a sister too. But...ugh no I love her this isn't something I should be thinking.

The day was "dreamy" but I'm dead tired so I decide to take a nap.

I hope y'all doing good and are safe at home. I'm safe as well. Please vote and comment and do follow me, it'll really helps me with my work. Stay tuned for the further updates.Till then happy reading;)

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