Zoe in the blank space of life

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Zoe has made a lifetime of working for others, now it's time to get redeemed.

Thriller / Romance
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Foolish guy

Zoe and her husband were both very young and these two kids had to make their way.

Zoe had been in a lot more of her work than ever before, only to fulfill her husband's desire not to work.

Zoe couldn't have done anything wrong and she didn't know how she could get it done but it wasn't a bad decision to make her husband work for her because it wasn't the first person in her neighborhood that was interested in the film industry.

Even though Vic wouldn't work, he had a duty to make sure he didn't get in a downward spiral of laziness. Zoe would become bitter if it was the issue.

But Zoe was bitter anyway. She had to write on two separate scripts these days and Vic was not supportive at the least.

She would disturb his train of thought of simply laying there doing nothing on a daily basis.

He would make a fuss about it and tell her to piss off and go back to labor. She would ridicule him and tell him he was totally spoiled and selfish.

"If you think so, said he, why don't you leave?"

"Oh yeah, since when that's the only one who thinks about getting an activity that should leave? Your parents would be so proud of you, Vic, sneered she."

"Leave my parents out of it, little minx."

"Me, a minx?! Did you look at yourself lately? Obviously, no, because if you did, you'd see this lump of fat that never leaves the sofa, unless he can get his welfare state money every twelve of the month. You're the real minx here, chum."

"If you have time to get on my nerves, that's probably because you have not much to do yourself, bitch.

" Says the curbed lump of lard to the girl who is kind of reasonable to work on a project when he lays there, in his inefficient twat glory."

"I don't care about being glorious, unlike you. These stupid people of the media are not worthy of my attention."

"Says the turd who has done nothing since his first day of college. It doesn't surprise me since you prefer to grow into an illogical bag of bitterness."

"So, why did you stay with me, in the first place?"

"Because I thought you were ingenious because you told me you worked on an IT thing. But now, I realize, I'm even better at IT than you are."

"Says the slut who would write anything for a paycheck."

"Being a whore is preferable to doing nothing like you. And I wouldn't open my mouth if I knew I was the welfare state prostitute like you by presently."

She grinned completely now. He was not the least complacent.

He grabbed her by the neck and tried to choke her. She scratched him off to the blood.

He fell on the ground, flabbergasted. She looked at him with a menacing glance.

And only then, she went away.

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