Zoe in the blank space of life

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Escape from the hole

Zoe walked out of the house, infuriated. That was not the first time he mistreated her. The other day, he slammed a glass bottle in her face. She had cried out for hours before turning back to her haven of peace in this world: her writings.

She always told herself he had no right to do that, that she should have called the 911 and found trust in the fact that she was not alone. But each time, she renounced to do so. It was the foolish hope of a woman in love that would always believe he could change.

But he would not change a bit, and now she was sure of it. He was a lazy scumbag who made her lose track of her life and who wasted five years of her young adulthood.

They had married at twenty years old, hopeful, and shiny. He pretended to have the ambition to become the next Steve Jobs. But the truth was, she learned it months after the wedding, that he was expelled from his program for being an incompetent and arrogant jerk.

She was herself in the third year of her bachelor in Creative Writing and did know that she couldn't make a difference with it if she had no serious initiative to put her expertise to fruition.

She thought they were alike when she met him at this milkshake bar on the EA campus. He told her he had the mad project of creating the next innovative brand of cellphones and she was impressed.

"Now, thought she, I realize I should have asked for his maps"

Bitterly, she entered the next cafe and she sat down at the first available table. First of all, she only looked at the outside. But then, when the waitress came at her level, she looked at her and was frozen in place.

Agrippa had ivory skin with gentle freckles. She had a slim figure where ocean eyes enthroned on the top. Her hair was of subtle green. And most of all, she smiled at Zoe, like she was a treasure trove.

"Can I help you, ma'am?"

Zoe was petrified.

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