Zoe in the blank space of life

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A nest of vipers

Vic had a friend named Aston. Aston was slender but as curbed as his friend. He had the malignant air of a deadly animal and you would always think he was plotting something with his restless hands.

Vic only liked him because he reminded him of his own nonchalance. Vic was, as his wife never remarked it, obviously a huge narcissistic prick. And Aston was not even better. With Zavy, the third loser, they formed a magnificent bunch of bitter assholes.

Like his other friends, Aston lived on a pension and whined about not getting any opportunity without reaching for any one.

That's why he lurked around Vic and Zoe's house, hoping to see the too ambitious bitch Zoe getting slammed violently for her arrogance.

But it never happened when he was there, and it made him even angrier.

But the worst part of this cowardice was that he sent a hatemail to Zoe, writing in his obvious bad grammar that she was a whore.

He received an expensive call to order after that, and Zoe was too happy to walk over him, telling him he was the real state whore, whenever she went to the small grocery store of the neighbourood.

Also, Zoe was sure the badly handcrafted mail went from her own husband and Zavy, the most violent and controlling of them all.

Zoe once had a quarrel with her husband's so called friend. She told him it was not nice to mistreat the deaf old lady from the corner of the street, Mrs. Landry, and Zavy threatened to punch her in the face.

Zoe yelled so vehemently at him that Mrs Spalding, another neighbour, fortunately heard them before it was too late.

Since then, he received the judicial order not to approach her in less than two miles. It was ridiculous, but at least, he wouldn't be anymore beside her, spying on her, instead of turning back to his shitty state owned home.

But let's go back to the current events, as the stupid Zavy finally arrived at his friend's home without excusing himself, like he owed nothing to anyone.

The brownie nurtured Zavy, as usual, lisped his plans, the two others attentively listening.

"We should make a trap and let her doe in her pisshole, said he."

For once, Vic was shocked by it. He knew his friend was cruel, but not to this point.

"Err...I just want to take her to the court, mate, not to kill her. She's a pretentious bitch but I don't want to go to jail for a life sentence."

"But you always said you didn't care about justice and state and would even spit at the president's face."

"Yes, but..."

"Yes, but what? interrupted Aston. Are you really one of us?"

"This is my wife, and I promised...

"Promises to this wife? Pah! You'll find another one!"

If any woman had been present now, she would have laughed at this very last sentence.

"Ok, ok, I piss on our union, if this is what you want to hear. But lemme find another way. Please!"

"Take your time."

Again, Vic was shocked by the cold tone of his friend.

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