Twinkle, Twinkle, Little... Run!

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Lula Green is a seventeen years old girl, living in the city of Ottawa. After her parents tragical death she has to take care of her five years old, sick brother Levi, be in charge of the house and keep going to school, or else she will lose the permission to be Levi's guardian. Meanwhile Lula suffers from a terrible anxiety.

Thriller / Mystery
Tamar jashi
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- Tic, tac, tic, tac - a girl continued to make weird sounds, while walking on the sidewalk, looking at her watch almost every 2 minutes.

- Miss. Are you okay? - asked the old lady when she noticed girl's concern.

-Oh, yes excuse me, did I scare you? I just don't want to be late to school, I have really important project today.

-Well, good luck then.

-I sure need it, now if you excuse me I have to hurry.

The girl said goodbye to the passerby lady and continued the road with her lips permanently moving saying "tic, tac, tic, tac" and her hands restlessly torturing the buttons of her white coat, willing to open them as fast as possible like they were suffering her. The girl wore black boots, black pants and same color of bandana knotted over her neck, to which she had her hair bowed down. It was quite a concerning look for a student since she didn't have a backpack or any other supplies that was needed.

After a few minutes when she got closer to her destination, her breath sped up, she could already see the three floors of the school, but she wouldn't go in. No one was outside, ten seconds were left until the start of lessons.

- "tic, tac, tic, tac"

She went into a closed area, finally took off the white coat and took a deep breath. Inside of the covering which she just got rid of, the girl was wearing black turtleneck and jacket over it. But it wasn't the the most soldier likely part about her outfit. She was holding a 12 caliber shotgun, which seemed like she loved it like her own child. She kissed the shotgun and put the already knotted bandana over her cheekbones, so half of her face would remain covered. The watch that was a good companion anytime she wanted to weird out others with " tic, tac" was showing a time.

- Okay, it's time. - she looked at it and said it out loud. She put on a black beanie and slowly started to go up the stairs.

The man in the begging of school corridor with wealthy suit and confused face was looking for somebody.

- Excuse me, could you tell me where is the principle's office? - he asked the boy with earphones, who just entered the school.

- Hey kid, do you hear me?! Get those off of your ears - the man got angry.

- Umm, wha? - he asked without any need of a letter t.

- I said, where is the principle's office!

- Oh, it is write there, you gotta go left and you will see grey door and...and...- the kid's face which didn't seem to show any emotion before got all white. He stared at something behind the man he was talking to, as if he just saw a ghost which he really looked like one at that point. He was about run and the outraged man was about to turn his head to see what was going on behind his back when suddenly the kid got shot in the forehead and the man's wealthy suit turned out to be covered in blood stains.

- Oh my God! - the man yelled, probably more worried about his clothing than the kid. Not even realizing his future conditions.

- Nice to see you again Mr.Murray - the man heard provocative voice, coming from the deepest parts of a throat, voice of a person that wasn't gonna retreat no matter what. She had a plan, a strong and she would follow it, even if she died.

- Please, don't - that was the only thing that Murray murmured when he saw the blue eyes, once calm and beautiful but now surrounded with red frames.

- But I just wanted to give you a napkin - she said as she took a white napkin and passionately started to clean Murray's suit. - Oh it's not coming off, those stains take life out of you. You know what, I know exactly what to do! Stay still Murray - the girl aimed the gun the at stained spot of the man's suit and looked him in the eyes.

-Wait - he cried - who are you?

- I am the Satan herself - she said and without ruining the eye contact shot the man.

She walked over the dead body and went down hall, killing everyone she saw on the way. Half the school started panic, turned on the siren, but sarcastically some of them didn't even know about the attack.

She went to one of the class, took off the bandana and knocked.

- Oh hi! Mrs. Anderson, sorry to interrupt you but didn't you hear it? The siren is on.

- Really? But am still not finished here.

- But Mrs.Anderson the siren.

- Oh, ok the, kids go out, don't freak out.

- Jesus...- whispered the girl to herself.

- So what happened honey?

- Hmm... a very humble person, who is just tired of you people, is sending you to hell.

-what? - asked Mrs.Anderson worried, but instead of answering her question the predator filled the shotgun with bullets, and killed her.

The meds started to run around, some of them escaped yelling things like " She is crazy" , " what is happening?" , "Mom?"

- She has a bomb! - yelled one.

- Who said that? - aked genuenly surprised killer.

- Me - answered one from the background.

- Ok well, I don't have a bomb, don't spread incorrect information that is illegal. It is probably my watch ticking.

- Okay.

Somebody called the police police, after she locked 5 people in one of the classrooms and tied them using the ropes she got them from the P.E class.

-how are you feeling? - she asked the tied up people.

- why are you doing this?

- Shut up and follow my instructions. I am going to have you listen to something. Something special. Actually I am going to play only a few seconds of it, and if you guess it correctly you live, if not you die.

- How is that...

- No questions allowed.

Girl put oot a small phoneshaped toy which started to play music, but after two seconds she turned it off.

- So what is it?

- T...- started one, but she stopped her.

- wrong answer, your time is gone, you're dead. - as she said that she filled the shotgun and all five of them. Then she sat down in the corner , pressed the button and started to listen that special song of hers.

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