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Every human being in the world experiences the phenomenon of dreaming. Each night we all have to enter into this uncharted and unknown place and experience things that are sometimes incredible and oftentimes unimaginable to behold. It is one of the least understood scientific disciplines, and subjects of daily discussions, yet people have sought to understand its meaning since the beginning of human civilization. Why do we dream? What is the meaning of our dreams? These questions have plagued humanity for thousands of years. Some say it is just a biological function of the brain in the complex managing of human thought and memory and some believe it is something far more. Prepare to enter the real world life experience of the author as he take you through the dream journeys involving Hurricane Katrina that ravaged parts of the American south to the harrowing dream experiences connected to the horrific global outbreak of COVID-19 that infected millions and killed thousands of people world wide as he discovers the meaning of his dreams.

Thriller / Drama
Zach Beard
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Chapter 1: Remembering Katrina

As a rule of thumb, I try not to think about the past. I actually try to mentally block the previous years of my life out of my mind so that I do not have to relive them again in my thoughts or dreams. But as the seepage of time continues to flow, so many strange occurrences have transpired, that oftentimes the memories just push and wiggle their way to the forefront of my consciousness. Today was one of those days. As I was drinking coffee while watching the news report of an approaching storm. I quickly became lost reminiscencing about a specific experience that I have had to endure. I began to remember the events related to Hurricane Katrina.

Katrina happened in August of 2005 and was a horrifying and destructively powerful storm unlike none other in American history. It took the lives of nearly two thousand people and destroyed more than a billion dollars’ worth of damages to homes, work places, various buildings and many city infrastructures as it carved a swath of destruction through the Bahamas, and across southern Florida before it swirled into the Gulf of Mexico. When it entered the Gulf, it quickly grew and became a super storm, a raging category 5 hurricane, reaching wind speeds as high as 175 mile per hour. After gathering renewed strength and energies, Katrina pushed northward, as if it had a mind and intellect of its own, barreling straight into the southern territories of the United States like an exploding atomic bomb. What happened as a result, would shake the country to its very core and shock the entire world.

This storm happened fifteen years ago, yet I remember it like it was just yesterday. I will never forget. Four states were impacted greatly by this hurricane, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. If you guessed that I was living in one of those states at that time, well you guessed correctly. I recently had moved to Alabama a few months prior and had taken a job at Honda Motors Manufacturing, a Japanese company that manufactured sport utility vehicles and compact cars. I later took a job further south, closer to Mobile Alabama, just a few miles from the Gulf Coast of Mexico. This area is renowned for its recreational activities and is a hot-spot for vacationers and tourists. If you like fine restaurants, beaches, boardwalks, swimming and water sports, you will most definitely love this part of the country. Unfortunately, no one had any idea what was coming and what was about to happen and the impending catastrophe that was looming.

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