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Strange incidents lead a boy to tap into the dark side of the internet the TOB. These incidents turn his world upside down leaving him with no options at the end. The story begins with him holding a gun against his rival, the crux is what were the situations which lead to these incidents and how it affected him.

Thriller / Mystery
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Its Just the Beginning

There I stood with a gun, pointing at the man who destroyed my life, the overlapping shadows in the room seemed that my entire life is now gonna be a chase because once caught there is no way out of this twirl. Because the world of TOB is dark and I just let myself into it. Seeing that man smile at my face sitting in front of me caused great throe, letting my tears out the only thing now running in mind was the future of the 80 members. My name is Suhas and this is my story.

I was always a fanatic of business and money and that's what I had pursued. With the quotes of Waren Buffet and other businessmen posters on my wall, I never knew the turn ahead. And my college was a perfect resemblance of how a business college should not be. People with very low SAT scores or no hope in life usually ended up here but for me, this was just a backup. I had been clearing my ACCA exams and it was always my dream to play it big in the Ivy Leagues, especially Harvard and I was sure that I was gonna enter it in future because at present there is no way I could afford it. Though the college did not provide me with a lot of facts that I knew before, it did provide me with a lot of good friends.

The day the tints in my life started to turn into shades, the cafeteria, was the place it had all started. Our cafeteria was a private joint, it was both a restaurant and a hotel, even being costly most of the people would hang out here, and so did we. That day when the bill arrived, seeing the cost I wondered if I could still keep coming here because even when my life was all good, there were constant financial problems in the family and it never really bothered me because I was never under that burden but somehow I felt it, it was always present under the blanket though I could not feel it. So immediately I put out a thought that I need to start earning, not that this did not cross my mind earlier because in between studying and preparing for ACCA exams and community service I never really found time, I tried to cut down my expenses but it never really did work, maybe I could not succumb my ego to not attending parties and outside food, not that I was addicted, but it was a sign of social respect, I never understood its true meaning and this doubt cost me not merely my life.

Once I put out these thoughts they were followed by vague discussions on economic concepts some of them made no sense. But after a point, it went to become something serious. I told them I didn't have time to work or go on a job due to my preparations and it was the weekends when I had a little time to work on myself. Ram said, " If you want to earn honestly try the stocks and if you wanna earn the wrong side its TOB". TOB was an internet browser, a darker side where usually all the illegal stuff happened. And I knew that once I get into this there is no going out. When I reached home that night, I could hear my dad speak over mobile pleading his moneylenders to give him some more time to pay back his debts and this is where the thought hit me. I could never imagine seeing my dad this way 2 years back but a lot has changed from then. People who ran behind him for his time are the ones who neglect him now. Which made me think that humans are an entity that has no value just because we are born out of love, and money- its everything, it gives you respect status, education. It's like we no more respect something that is out of goodwill. We don't take a second to appreciate a walnut in the world of diamonds, not realizing what it meant for the squirrel.

And this thought made me enter the dark world "TOB".

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