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Welcome to the mysterious school life!

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

"I am Jamil , a class 8 student . I like suspense and Mystery so much . Solving them is one of my hobby, you can say . I live alone in Dhaka ,the capital of Bangladesh . I got some amazing friends in my school . Oh I forgot to mention my school name .

The name of my school is "Educational Institute of Dhaka" It is well known for its club activities. You can even open your own club . But you and your club members need to pass a exam .

Well I am not interested in any of these clubs in our school .

I like to spend time in reading mystery and thriller book . Oh also adventure is one of my favorite things but I have not got any chance for adventure . I wish I could have ..........."

Teacher, "Jamil, Jamil!!"

Jamil, " whoaaa !! yes sir !"

"What are you thinking in the class ! Pay attention !"

" Sorry sir, it won't happen again."

This our math teacher . He is so strict .

Only 1 minutes left for the lunch break .

" Man , I am so hungry ! "

**Triiiinnngg** The bell rings **

"Whaaa , math is kinda annoying ."

Jamil whispers.

"What do you think in your mind all the day ?" Naim, one of Jamil's friend asked .

" Nothing.."

Faruq , Another friend of Jamil comes and asks " This is the 16th time teacher caught you ."

Jamil, " Man I am being bored.. There is no more mystery books .. No more problems to solve ...."

Faruq , " Yeah , It should happen , you brought almost every thriller book and read them as the librarian said."

Naim, " Looks like you didn't get to read books this week. "

Jamil, " How did know that?"

Faruq, " Because he got highest marks in this week's exam , am I right Naim ?"

Naim, " Haha, yeah"

Jamil, " What are you saying! I always get good marks in the exam !" (Annoyed)

Naim , " But I've never seen you to get highest marks. "

"Well , that's true..-_-"

Faruq , " By the way , the mystery of ghost house we solved 2 weeks ago was Soo cool man ."

Jamil, " You said than 1136 Times!"

Naim , " Hey guys since we are good at solving mystery , what about opening a mystery club ?!"( With excitement)

Faruq, " But we have to submit a assignment , you know right? "

Naim , " What if we submit the previous case ?"

Jamil, " I don't think that it will work . Even if it works they won't treat us well ."

Faruq, " what do you mean by treat well ?"

Jamil, " They give you room based on your marks. If we get the least number I mean 6 they will give you a bad room and the worst thing is they are so strict about clubs ."

Naim, " Yeah, you are right."

Faruq, " Ok , I understand. But there is no such incident that we can solve. "

Naim, " Don't worry about that , I already got one !"

Jamil, " Whoa.. really?!!"

" But for that you have to give me 20 Taka ( Bangladeshi money )"

Faruq, " You forgot to bring your lunch huh?"

Naim, " What!! How do you know?!"

Faruq," It's nothing new ."

Jamil, " I have brought extra food to share with you guys !" ( With smile)

Faruq and Naim at the same time ,"cooooll!! "


Faruq, " The food was so delicious bro!"

Jamil, " Today morning I woke up early so I thought let's cook for you guys too ."

Faruq, " Thanks bro !"

Jamil, " Whare is Naim?"

Faruq, " Oh , I didn't notice . Whare is he gone ?"

At the meantime Naim appears, " Hey guys look I brought ice cream!"

Faruq, " Whare did you get money ?"

Naim, " I had some in my pocket."

Jamil, " Then why did you want money from us ? "

Naim, " Nevermind!"

Faruq, " You clever guy!!"

Jamil, " What about the incident you were going to tell us ?"

When Naim attempted to say the bell rings .

Naim, " Wait for me after school , I will tell you then ."

*** Teacher appears *****

Students , * Good after noon teacher.."

Teacher, " Ok boys sit down and keep calm . But Don't get lost in your imagination . Specially you Jamil." (With a smile on face)

Students laughed.

Teacher , " ok then let's star today's . "

******** After school*****

The sunset was holding a deep orange color . Cold winds are blowing . The leaves of the tree is waving . Crow is cawing . The boys walking home together.

Jamil," What a beautiful after noon isn't it?"

Naim, "Yeah!"

Faruq," The wind feels so refreshing !"

Jamil, " Naim , you should now tell about the incident ."

Naim, " Yeah . Yesterday night I was walking home in front of the school..."( In a creepy voice)

Faruq, " Stop can you please say it normally!"

Naim, " Ok. yesterday night I was going home by the front of our school

It was around 11.30 pm. Everything was very quiet , but I suddenly heard someone screaming !! It was like , Oh noooooo!!!!!"

Jamil, " what were you doing there in the night?"

"Well, I was returning from my aunt's house"

Faruq,"ooo "

Jamil, " Looks like the story is going to be interesting !!!...."( With a smile)

Chapter 2 is coming in 2 days!

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