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This is a story about choices that you have. That you make. Si and Kris are young couple who believe in love, have been together since 5 years, but now they are about move in other country. Kris suddenly recieve chance to be in his favourite team - The Reds. Si leave all behind, and follow her boyfriend in his football carrier... but things will be complicated. Will you betray your love. because of your career? Will you sell your love, because of money? Will you sacrifice your love, because of your dreams? Will you give your love to someone else?

Thriller / Erotica
Age Rating:

Moving on!

-Hello World! - I am so happy about our new journey!

My boyfriend looked so exited.

- Baby... you get everything? So nicee! Can you imagine just after two days I will be playing for the one, for the best team in London ... the Reds! My transfer is really happening!

- Yea, babe, you will make it. I know. After the rehearsals, they will offer you a full contract. You are the best football player in the World! - I kiss him on the cheek.

- Ha-ha... the best... I doubt that. But i will make everything that’s needed to be in this team. And can you imagine? They give me free house, free equipment, free travel and... fame! So cool!

- Yeah babe, let’s hurry up. We have just two hours to our flight!

* * * *


Our house is just 1 km next to the football stadium. The house is small, but cozy. One bedroom, nice red hall with kitchen and two bathrooms. Everything that’ll be need to live. To be happy. I and Kris are together since 5 years. We talked about family... but for now is better to wait. I really love him. In this time, I know that he is loyal to me. I am loyal to him. That’s everything. I left everything behind - my family, my friends, my job and my beloved pets. Everything.. to be with my love.

- So nice! Big TV screen for Playstation... big refrigerator for beer and big yard for training! This is a dream!
-Ooh babe, can you forget about this stupid game? You will not have time for this. So, tomorrow is your first training? In what time?
-Yeah, in 08:30 am, so I need to be in bed early. Just dinner and bed, okay?

We order pizza and eat quietly. Pizza in London is really great. The nature too. Just the wearher is little grey, but it will be better. Just have to wait...
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