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Seven-year-old Amalie Hilmarsson loves her Father, who, throughout her life thus far, has never stopped smiling. No matter what. He never stops. He just always holding a cheery disposition; even in the worst of circumstances, his smile never wavers, as though it's a permanent fixture to his rather handsome face. No matter how big or small, his smile is always there. Some who found it strange and unnerving asked her about it, but Amalie will never say aloud for one reason or another. As though she fears people discovering something horrible. Not about her, but of her Father… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Elain Charlotte Ortiz, a seventeen-year-old girl of mixed heritage, has moved from the United States to across the border in Canada to start a new life with her family. Though Elian feels apprehensive and to blame for the move, she is somewhat optimistic, given how things were at her old school. And it is here where she meets the peculiar girl named Amalie and her Father. A rather handsome man whose rather kind, but as time goes on, Elain cannot help but feel that something is… off. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cover Artwork was done by @FREISKAMAZE on Twitter/Deviantart/Instagram

Thriller / Drama
Tarynne Bourret
Age Rating:


This story was heavily inspired by the TV show Hannibal and partly inspired by the cartoon Hazbin Hotel.

And as such is dedicated to both who enjoy these shows, may it be your love for all things of the decedent of the rude which comes from the "food" and artistic murders of Hannibal or the colourful insanity of such a wildly crazy cuss filled world of the cartoon of Hazbin Hotel, I hope that you all enjoy what I bring to the table in this regard.

May you all be safe, and enjoy.


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