The Invasion

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Cologne, Germany. A two-headed dragon appears out of the blues and killed a boy called Harry. Dragonor struck again when Angello and his friends tried to take revenge. Dragonor abducted Sam during the confrontation with Angello' s squad. After killing almost the whole Sheriff's department in a bloody war, the Americans sent their intelligence agency, the CIA, and this arose suspicion by the Russians who in turn deployed a covert KGB mission to spy on the American's activity in Germany. The news of the beast stung the international community after the CNN and BBC publicized the information. The German military engaged Dragonor in a war that at the end, turned nuclear. Dragonor was captured and extradited by the Americans.

Thriller / Adventure
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Chapter 1

*Cologne, Germany 1986* “ Angelo! Angelo! Do you have the package?” Harry called out to me after the final class at the University. “Bro, meet at the riverside under the bridge 1800hrs,” I replied. Four years ago, a nuclear power plant had leaked and the city had never been the same again. There were reports of creatures abducting children but my dad, the Sheriff, had not found proof of their existence. *Phone rings* ”Son you know that your mother is holding a memorial for your brother tonight, don’t be late and come home sober,” My dad spoke warmly and I hung up. At the riverside I was meeting my marijuana supplier and Harry was getting late. I stayed till 1900hrs but still Harry was nowhere to be seen. Dark was upon us and suddenly, I saw the city lights from afar go off and it started raining. “Harry! pick up the d**n phone!” I cursed dialing Harry’s number repeatedly with no answer.

*Harry wandered the forest heading to the river with only a flashlight and his battery charge was low. The rain was increasingly heavy when thunder struck destroying a tree near Harry. He saw something come from burnt tree and it fled, it was huge and Harry followed it. “Bro, bro,” Harry called, “I have found a creature and its heading to where you are. I am following it, look out for it!” “Stop messing with me Harry, I know you are making excuses and I am really pissed. P.S you are not getting any change for making me wait” I replied. All of a sudden! I heard growling and Harry’s phone went dead. “Are you still there?” I spoke to the silent phone. No answer. I heard another loud scream and ran to the source. To my horror, some enormous creature with two heads and wings flew away past me leaving a trail of blood. Lying on the ground was Harry, oozing blood as he lay there lifeless. ”Oh no!” I cried trying to get Harry to speak but it was all in vain, he was dead.*

“Are you with me?” The psychiatrist asked and I snapped out of day dreaming. It had been a week since Harry’s death and I was traumatized beyond imagination. “He was my best friend… he would still be here if I did not tell him to meet me at the river!” I cried angrily. “Calm down! Look at me, take a breathe and tell me what happened, I believe you,” she said. “ The two-headed flying monster killed him.. I saw it with my eyes, please believe me!” The cold stare from me said it all, I was hallucinating according to her. “Have you taken any meds lately? The Sheriff report says that Harry was attacked and killed by a bear,” She said. I knew that there was no amount of speaking would persuade her. I had to escape to find proof. I had an idea and it included getting my research lecturer to believe me. He was obsessed with the super natural and had showed us his research on them, everyone nicknamed him ‘The conspiracist’.

At school, my friends were disturbed about Harry’s death. We had his picture placed on top of his locker with flowers, everyone was sad. Mr. Edward, the research teacher was away on leave. Break time, I told the guys what happened, they believed me as we had seen a lot of weird stuff. “So what do we do?” Levin asked, “We have to do something, yeah mates?” All of us nodded in acceptance. I told the guys that I would bring guns from my father’s armory the following day. We were to meet at evening, everything was planned out. Michael and Sam brought traps and a bow and arrow, my archery would come in handy as I was top at martial arts class. Everything was set, we got to the river exactly at 1830 hours and waited out but nothing happened. “It was raining the day the creature appeared, perhaps we come on a rainy day?” we all agreed, moreover, it was extremely cold. We buried the weapons and got home. Back at home everything was okay and my father had not noticed that some weapons were missing, he kept a lot of rifles and had warned me to stay away from the armory.

The following day began with heavy showers and we knew what that meant, none of my friends went to school. We convened at our house since my dad never left the station unless Mom was home, she had travelled to Madrid on a business trip. It was agreed, we were to move at 1800hrs. Sam was the fastest of us all, his role was to set the trap and run away as fast as he could after the creature would show up. It was hunting time, “Revenge for Harry, one… two… three… hoorah!” we all said in accord. It had been raining for hours but nothing happened, we waited till we got tired. When we were about to leave, lighting and thunder began. Thunder struck continuously, then we heard growling. “There! By the tree!” I exclaimed. We all saw it with our eyes, everyone was shook to the bone. Sam refused to move on with the plan, he could not move and was too scared. “Remember Harry? He wouldn’t run from the mission if it was one of us was killed by a beast of any sort,” I told Sam as I pat his shoulder. “Okay then, but if I die tell my parents I love them,” he replied. The creature ‘Dragonor’ (the name we baptized it) was hovering around the river while making noises.

“Now!” Sam took off to the trap and started shouting at Dragonor. It got near him and he triggered the trap and started running. We had miscalculated, it was too powerful to be held by the trap. “Ruuuuun!” we screamed at Sam as we started shooting at the creature, still it did not slow down as it was not taken down by the bullets and arrows which missed. We watched in horror as it took Sam by its claws and flied away with him. “Don’t shoot, you will hit Sam!” Levin exclaimed. I fell to my knees in disappointment and cried. One of our friend was dead and another was abducted by Dragonor. We knew we had to get help from my father’s department, this time we had brought a camera and got the creature on tape. Immediately we went to my dad, “I warned you to stay away from the armory! Now your friend could be dead due to your stupidity,” my father spoke angrily.

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