Darkness above

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A thriller story and the plot within

Thriller / Adventure
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Darkness above

Darkness above, green jungle below

Hanging on the edge, glorious wind striking hard

Sweaty hands, the fast beating heart

That slow motion of time and the split seconds passed.

Surviving instinct hold up tight

Damn headphones and all he cries trying to remove it with all his might.

You must die Nemo, a voice whispered in his ears

Scared by this sudden voice Anant drowned and dies.


A pitch dark and his eyes receive light

The voice of someone crying reaching his senses. Heading towards the sound only to find a small trunk heavily cut was crying.

Shocked by a thunderbolt and trembling of wind,

The whole life passed in his mind.

Suddenly, a lady came running at him holding by his wrist drove him in the middle.

So now tell me boy, would you want to do anything different in your life?

No, everything is just as it is supposed to be Anant replied with a smile.

Next moment, realizing the headphones on his head he remembered all his past lives. Next second, a heavy truck running on its route hit them both and Anant dies.


Finally the time loop was broken. The only reality remained. Only a day had passed while all these happened. The headphones was off his head and so was the worry of his future.

-------------&&&&&---- THE END ----&&&&&--------------

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