The Escape Room

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Here Tradition Is Important Here Tradition Can Kill You Every year 20 kids are choosen to go to The Escape Room. A room full of traps and wild animals as well as clues to get out. They are given 5 days to escape and only 3 will be allowed out. THE REST MUST BE SACRAFICED.

Thriller / Other
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Chapter 1 ~ Roselyn

80 years ago the people in my community used sacrifices. It was said that if 10 people were killed each year it would bring prosperity among our land. So every year the elders would knock door to door looking for “volunteers”. I don’t know how people had the courage to volunteer for that, to die for others. I know I would never be able to. However in the end it turned out it was done by force. The 10 chosen were taken to a barren field, there they were killed. They threw rocks at them till they were dead. It was said that these people that were chosen had done something wrong that has upset the gods and that’s why they were chosen, I don’t believe that though.

It’s been 80 years since the last sacrifice. At least that’s what they say, they still do them only that now it just has a different name and they say it’s more fair. However they still kill innocent lives. They are murderers, we all are. We rely on people to die to be able to prosper, and we kill those people, our own kind, our friends, neighbors, siblings. It doesn’t matter who you are if you’re ages 10-19 there’s the possibility of getting drafted. And to be honest? It’s not even about prosperity anymore, it’s about keeping tradition alive. Tradition is important here, one little mistake can kill you. There is a tradition for almost everything, even in school. In our school all girls must take dance class, however we must follow all traditional dances, we are not allowed to make our own. Once a girl secretly made her own dances. When she was discovered, she was forced to apologize and was to be suspended for 30 days. However, after she apologized she claimed she was not sorry for what she had done and called the head misstress and a “Nazi”. After she walked out without being dismissed. Another mistake, we are taught manners and walking out on a superior ia major offense to them. Days later she was executed.

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