Guns and money

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A boy who was betrayed and is now back for revenge

Thriller / Action
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Guns and money

"Grim, watch where you aim that gun," Valerie yelled.

"I will," I yelled back.

I am Xander Charleston, and I am wanted because I killed a King or soon to be King depending on your perspective.

I was five years then, and you know how some people act like they are good people in public, but are just bad people. My mom died when I was one, so I know little of her, and my father worked for the King of Xipines as his right-hand man, and the Prince was a well-known person. He doesn't like my father because he doesn't want his ideas to make the kingdom more successful.

Though I was five when it happened, I saw the person who killed him calling the Prince that Alex Charleston was dead. I was furious, and I felt betrayed because I had always looked up to the Prince, and I wanted to be like him. It was that day that I realized the world was more complicated than I thought.

Chapter 1

I still can't believe that it been ten years since the death of my father and fourteen years since my mother's.

My anger and hatred toward Williams II ( The Prince about to be King) kept on growing. When I heard, from a friend, that there was going to be a parade after he becomes the King, I knew this was my chance and possibly my only one. When James, my cousin that I lived with, saw how excited I was for this event. He called me and tried to talk me out of killing him, you know how some will be like, Williams will be heavily guarded and I wouldn't even be able to get close to him. He didn't say that because he knew I had the skill to do it, and if anyone could kill him, it was me.

James didn't support my idea of killing him, he hated Willams II, maybe even more than I did, but he was a calm and collected person and didn't want anyone, even the worst person in the world him. I didn't mind, and he knows I don't mind killing people, though I haven't killed anyone, and the only person I want dead was William II.

After days of begging not to do it, James said, "You know what, go and kill him, but don't come back asking me to bail you when you get yourself in jail.

I didn't care what James said whether he said I should do it or not I didn't care, but as the day comes closer, I began to wonder would my dad agree with what I am doing if he was alive, but then a voice said, but he isn't that why you're doing it because he killed your father. If Williams's father were still alive, I wouldn't have killed him. Though some people say an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, I am not like that I will not bring someone who doesn't know about a matter into it, I am not like that, I have honor, unlike some people.

When it was the day before the event, I had to battle my conscience. Though I had made up my mind for years that I would be the one to kill him, my conscience didn't want me to do it. It was a fight of will. Though I didn't win it, because convincing your conscience that something wrong is good is nearly impossible because you still know it's terrible. When the day came, I was ready. I knew that Williams II would have twenty-five men guarding him, so I added them to the plan, not because I wanted to kill them, but because things didn't go the way I planned it, and they attack me.

Chapter 2

When I got to the event, the parade didn't impress me, I couldn't wait, I wanted him dead, and I wanted him gone. I went to the roof of a very tall building, that gave me a proper angle of his head. I picked up my sniper and aimed it toward his big ugly head, I shot my first bullet and only grazed him. It threw the crowd into a panic. They all ran, the alarm gave me a shot and clear shot of his head, so I took another aim, but this time I hid in a place, I can get a good target and stay hidden. I took another shot, and it was a clear one as blood gushed out of his head. I tried to make my escape, but my leg was bleeding because it was struck by one of the men guarding him. I couldn't shoot him because without looking into my sniper, it would be an inaccurate shot, and the bullet might hit a random person, so I started to crawl. I knew this wasn't going to be an easy job; I didn't think it would be this hard with my skill level. I kept crawling and dodging bullets. Then out of nowhere, I heard a gunshot, I know that I was being shot, but this shot is different. It was the difference between a little boy roaring and a lion roaring. Then I realized the shooting stopped or at least the firing toward me. I took this opportunity and made my very flawed escape. When I made it to the bottom of the building, a group of people pointed their gun toward me. They were cops! "I am screwed." I thought. I was arrested and sent to jail.

Now something miraculous and very random happened, there was no empty cell, and the one they put me in the window was busted, and the person they put to watch me was an indolent person.

If this is not luck, I don't know what to call it because I was baffled. When night fell, and the person guarding me was asleep, I made my escape. I ran toward the road behind the jail, which led to a forest.pp

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