The exentrium

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Two friends Telsa and wonder get bored at home and decide to explore creepy places like they used to but they later find out there lives will change forever

Thriller / Adventure
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Chapter one: the discovery

One spring day two friends telsa and wonder were watching tv at home when suddenly telsa said:

:hey wonder it’s been a while since we explored creepy places .

:yeah tels let’s do it,Im just gonna check out to see if there’s any reports of places we can go to.


Hours went by and wonder was still looking for places to go to when she then found this abandoned place Called ... the exentrium.

:hey tels come here look at this place I found .

:What is it ? oh that looks weird it says it’s abandoned but the outside looks like new !?

:I know it freaks me out the fact that it says it abandoned... so do you wanna go there?

:yeah! It looks likes we can have some fun there.

:maybe,well just have to see for ourselves.

Later on that night that night the girls ate and went to bed anxious of what the next few days await for them...

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