Facing My Monster

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Sometimes we have to face our monster well Kristen has to face hers sooner rather than later... much later.

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Chapter 1

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The sun shined brightly over head as a slight wind blew. It was a gorgeous beautiful lovely wonderful day. A good day for anyone except for one person. A brunette teen could be seen standing in front of a psychiatrist’s office with a frown gracing her lovely face.

“I can’t believe I’m being made to come here. It’s ridiculous.” She mumbled.

“I know K sweetie but it’s the only way to make them stop and for you to get better.”

The teen turned and stared flatly at her mother. She wanted to be mad at her mother but she can’t, seeing as her mother doesn’t want her to go here either. The teen released a sigh.

“You should probably go mom. You know how that woman doesn’t like you hanging around.” The teen said.

Her mother huffed. “I swear that woman acts more like a child than a psychiatrist.”

The teen snorted. “The only reason she doesn’t want you here because you look more beautiful than her and you have dad. A man she couldn’t tempt.”

“Don’t remind me dear.” Her mother mumbled.

“I’ll be fine you and dad go have a good time. You guys deserve it.” The teen told her.

Her mother gave her a kiss upon her forehead before hoping into her car and driving off. She sat and waited for the bleach blonde woman to show up. As she was waiting she had no idea that someone was watching her.

He stood across the street watching her making sure no one would hurt her. He couldn’t believe his luck he finally found her after so long. The last time to two had seen each other had been during the fifties. His smile melted away when he thought of what else is looking for her too.

“I’m going to tear that thing apart as soon as I get my chance. I won’t let that thing touch her again.” He mumbled.

He turned his attention back to her and watched as she began to play a game on her phone. However his attention was soon stolen when he saw a very familiar bleach blonde heading towards his phoenix.

“What is plastic doing around her?” He asked.

He watched as his bird smiled at the plastic before following her inside the building. He moved from his place and slid towards the building and slipped inside. He stood outside the door and listened in on their conversation.

“Fishing are we plastic.” He mumbled.

He listened a little longer before pushing away from the wall and leaving the building.

“Don’t worry phoenix I won’t let that plastic hurt you. That’s a promise sugar.” He swore.

He turned and disappeared into the crowd.

“Come on Kristen you could tell me.” Her psychiatrist spoke.

She sighed. “I’ve been coming to you for months. What do you want me to say?”

Her psychiatrist sighed. “You have PTSD. That’s not natural for someone your age.”

The teen sighed again. “I don’t know where to start.”

“Just tell me what you can.” She told her.

She closed her eyes. “It’s in every dream I’ve had. There’s this hallway as far as the eye can see. It has windows with long bellowing curtains. It even shows up when I have other dreams.”

The psychiatrist wrote something down. “Have you ever tried to go down it?”

Kris shook her head. “No I’m terrified of it. Every time I see it my instincts tell me to run as fast and as far away as possible.”

Her psychiatrist looked at her curiously. “Why?”

The teen looked at her with a haunted look causing something inside the woman to freeze.

“Because whatever is at the end won’t let me go the minute it finds or sees me.” She told the woman.

The older woman stared at her for a few seconds before ending the session. As soon as the teen was gone the woman was on her phone calling someone.

“I think we finally have a link to what we’ve been searching for.” She smirked.

“Tell me.” They demanded.

“A young teen has been forced to see me for the last few months over PTSD and recurring dreams.” Her smirk grew.

“Oh?” They sounded curious, seeing as she never kept patients long.

“You’ll never guess what her dreams are about.” She started.

“I’m listening.” They said.

Her smirk grew large. “Ancient battles that have long since passed and a long hallway with bellowing red curtains.”

It was silent on the other end.

“Bring her to me.” They demanded.

She hung up.

Her smirk became a smile. “It will be done my love. It will be done. Soon very soon.”

With that she began making some calls.

Kris returned home. She opened the front door.

“I’m home.” She called out.


She sighed. “Mom and dad must still be out.”

Shaking her head she headed upstairs. She walked down the hallway and reached towards the ceiling. She pulled a string which caused some stairs to come down. Walking up them she pulled them closed behind her sealing it. Hiding the access from view. She pushed up and walked across the floor and to her bedroom. She undressed and showered. She exited her room and crossed her living room and headed for her desk. She sat down and hit the enter key on her keyboard.

The wall moved up displaying six huge screens. The screens lit up displaying every room in the house but hers. She pulled on some socks as she scanned the monitors. Not seeing anything she hit the escape key causing the screens to go black and the wall to come back down covering them. She sighed before pushing away and heading towards the couch. She lies down upon the couch and fell asleep.


She woke up with a start. Blinking her eyes she scanned her surroundings. A blinking red light by her computer desk caught her attention. Frowning she pushed herself up and walked over and sat in her chair. She hit the enter key. The wall pushed up and the screens are shown. The words offline blink back at her.

“What’s going on?” She mumbled.

She hit the shift key, activating the secondary cameras. They came on showing the house completely dark. Narrowing her eyes she began checking all of the rooms, until she come upon a sight that shouldn’t be there.

“What are mercenaries doing here?” She questioned.

She watched as they searched the whole house. She hit the escape key again causing the wall to come back down hiding the monitors. She pushed away from the desk and retrieved her sneakers along with a long leather cylinder case. With her shoes on and her case slung over her shoulder, she made her way to her balcony. She opened and closed the door behind her. She snuck her way down and back into the house.

She crept from room to room dispatching the mercenaries. With the last one taken care of, she dusted her hands off and headed towards the kitchen where the door to the garage is located. However she came to a stop as she felt the air shift. Jumping around she kicked out her left foot, only to have it intercepted. Pulling her foot away she locked eyes with what or more like who stopped her kick.

A mercenary with short curly blonde hair and blue eyes greeted her with a smirk. He held his hands up at his shoulders in an ‘I surrender’ gesture.

“That was very rude darlin’. All I wanted was to say hi.” He said with a smile.

She narrowed her eyes at him. He dropped his hands at his sides.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way sugar. Your choice?” He told her.

Her answer was her sliding into a defensive stance. He shrugged his shoulders before sliding into his own stance. She tensed before striking. The two began a dance of dodging, blocking and ducking. Neither landing a hit, until he knocked her feet out from under her. He pinned her to the floor.

“Gotta say darlin’ this isn’t the first time I pinned a woman.” He told her.

She growled at him before using her legs to kick him off her. She flipped to her feet and spun around to meet him to begin their dance again. The two kept it up for a while until it finally ended with him on his back holding a knife to her neck and she holding a gun pointing straight at his heart. They both breathed heavily as they locked eyes.

“Little warrior.” He called her.

Her eyes widened before they closed and she face planted into his chest going limp. He sighed as he removed the gun from her limp hand and the tranq dart from her back. He gently moved her from his chest and stood up. He stared at her peaceful face for a few minutes before bending down and gently slung her over his left shoulder, His men by this time are awake and waiting to leave. He opened the back door of the SUV and placed her inside. He buckled her up before moving around to the other side and hopping inside. The SUV started right up as soon as the door closed and pulled away.

They drove for a couple miles before arriving at a private air strip. The SUV pulled up beside a private jet. He got out and carried her to the jet as his team removed any trace they had been there. Once on the jet he placed her down on some seats before taking his own. His men piled in and spread around. The jet gave a slight jolt as it took off. He pulled out some maps and began scanning them. His eyes would glance towards there prisoner whenever she moved.


Blinking her eyes as she found herself unbound and the mercenaries nowhere to be seen. Scanning her surroundings only to wish she hadn’t when she realized where she was. The place she found herself in was a large stone cavern with a large stone coffin in the middle.

Upon seeing the coffin she immediately felt fear enter her very being. She turned towards the door only to freeze when something big and heavy slammed into the wall. She trembled shaking before steeling her nerves and turning to face what’s behind her. Her eyes immediately landed on the open stone coffin. She jumped when a pair of pale arms shot out and gripped the stone. Cracks appeared near the fingers. She then watched as the owner of those limbs rose up slowly from its stone prison.

Fear gripped her heart as she took in the familiar blonde hair and face. He’s dressed in black fabric that has multiple holes decorating it. He turned to face her fully. A terrifying grin with sharp fangs flashed in her direction. She closed her eyes trying to force herself awake.

“Wake up it’s not real.” She mumbled.

She opened her eyes only to wish she didn’t for standing in front of her was the creature, the very same one that haunted her ever dream. He leaned in towards her and inhaled. Pulling back he exhaled opening his now glowing red eyes.

“My Queen.” He rasped.

She backed away from him. He chuckled as he caught sighed of what she’s trying to do.

“You can’t escape me My Queen.” He told her.

She didn’t listen as she backed away further. Her back hit the door and her hand landed on the door knob. All of a sudden the door opened allowing her to escape. She turned and ran from the monster. She ran down the long hallway with bellowing red curtains. A chill ran down her spine as an enraged roar sounded from behind her. She chanced a glance back. A screamed escaped her throat as she saw him a few feet behind her and gaining fast. She turned back facing forwards putting on a burst of speed, determined to escape the monster behind her.

“Someone help me!” She called out.

“No one can help you My Queen! No one! Your mine!”

Not willing to listen she continued calling out. Hoping and praying someone is listening and will save her from this nightmare.

“Hey little warrior wake up!”

Her eyes widened as she recognized that voice. It belonged to that cocky southern mercenary. A door appeared at the end of the hallway. Not thinking twice she kicked up her speed and ran straight for the door.

“No!” He roared.

She paid him no mind as she made it to the door. Wrenching it open she passed through with the door closing behind her.


She gasped for air as she shot up. Her chest heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath.

“You okay there darlin’?”

Her head shot in the direction of the voice. There standing in all his southern glory is the blonde mercenary. She blinked her eyes as she stared at him.

“Where…” She cleared her scratchy throat. “Where am I?”

“You’re in my tent. I didn’t trust you with anyone else.” He told her.

She closed her eyes releasing a breath.

“We’re here then?” She asked.

She reopened her eyes before swinging her legs over the side of the cot.

“What do you mean we’re here?” He questioned.

She shook her head. “It’s best if you don’t know. Plausible deniability.”

He scoffed before kneeling down before her. He cupped her chin and made her meet his eyes.

“Your might as well tell me cause I’m in it for the long haul, sugar.” He told her.

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Just who the heck are you?”

He grinned at her. “The names Peter, ma’am. I’m in control of my team.”

She raised both her brows. “You’re ballsy.”

Peter shrugged. “Have to be in this business.”

“I’ll bet my names Kristen but you can call me Kris or K.”

Peter smiled. “Nice ta meet yah, sugar. Now about that story?”

The brunette sat back shaking her head sighing. “It’s a long story.”

Peter sat down on his cot across from her.

“We’ve got time darlin’.” He told her.

She eyed him before beginning. “My aunt is a compulsive gambler who was always barrowing money from the family and never paying it back. One night she went to an exclusive gambling hall that caters to the extremely wealthy. At first she was winning until she made a bet she couldn’t refuse and lost all of the money and more. So when it came time to pay instead of offering her daughter she gave up her niece instead.”

“Why would she do that?” Peter asked confused.

“I’m the last blood heir to my family’s vast fortune. My aunt was adopted and not blood so she can’t inherit. And to make matters even worse her daughters a bastard, born from the union of her mother sleeping with a married man, who had married into my family, which made her ineligible to inherit.” She stated.

She took a deep breath to help prepare her for what’s next.

“I woke up dressed in my pajama’s laying on a cold floor. There was a blonde man standing in front of me. He grabs my face but I knock his hand away causing another man to slap me. He calls me nothing and I spit in his face.”

Peter chuckled. “That couldn’t have sat well with him.”

She shook her head. “I prepared for the hit but he was stopped by his master who was curious about my fire. So I’m grabbed and my arms are chain above me. A whip tears through my back. As this was going on I kept my eyes locked with his. Every hit that landed I just glare at him and never once screamed. After a while my vision blurred and my body began to shut down. He shook me awake and smiled at my defiance. He then bit my left shoulder. I wanted to scream but nothing would come out. After that I was tortured using old methods.”

“Old methods?” Peter asked.

She gave him a flat look. “Ever been in an iron maiden?”


“I have.”

Peter flinched. “Damn.”

She nodded. “The tortures started out once every two weeks before turning into day then finally hours. I had no idea of how long I had been there but I knew I had to live so I could see my family again. Then one day as they were winding up to start again when he came. When I saw his face I just glared at him which oddly enough just pleased him. He ordered for me to be cleaned up and my wounds tended to.”

“Why was he so fascinated with you?” He asked.

“My strength, my will, my determination and my defiance intrigued and excited him.” She answered. “After I was clean and dressed I was left in a room by myself. But that didn’t last long as the master’s pet bitch came in with five guys. She came in screaming about how I stole her chance of being queen from her and that she was going to make me pay. I could tell what was waiting for me if I fail so I fought tooth and nail beating all five men. I was going to use this chance to escape when the pet bitch shot me.”

She lifted her t-shirt and showed him her stomach. Peter could see the pale white scar.

“I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to see my family again but I was willing to except that fate.” She said.

Peter blinked. “Wait you were ready and willing to die?”

She nodded. “Cause it meant freedom from that hell. And that was exactly what I told him when he asked why I had such a peaceful expression. Then the bastard stole my choice. I told him I would hate him for as long as I live and he said that was a chance he was willing to take.”

Peter shook his head. “Idiot.”

“I blacked out and woke up in a large bed. The first thing I noticed was a thin pale gold thread leading from my chest and out beyond the bedroom door. Seeing it made me uneasy so I tore it out causing myself a lot of pain.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa back up.” Peter interrupted.

She blinked as she was broke out of her thoughts. She turned her attention towards the blonde mercenary.

She tilted her head slightly. “Thin pale gold thread?”

Peter nodded his head still to shock to talk.

“Then yes, yes I did.” She told him plainly. “The pain it caused gave me strength to climb out of a window which was a bad idea as my strength gave away and I fell out of a tree.”

Peter snorted to which she ignored.

“I forced my body up and left the place. I took refuge in a mausoleum where I fell asleep only to be woken up by more trouble.” She said.

“Danger magnet.” Peter mumbled.

Kris sent a glare his way, to which he ignored.

“After dealing with the cultists I decided to hide in plain sight. I lived my life to the best of my ability what with you constantly waking up because of night terrors. It wasn’t long before rumors about the master reached me. It seemed the bastard had bitten off more than he could chew when he started a war with hunters. I didn’t hear anything after that until one of his minions found me in a malt shop drinking a vanilla shake. He told of how the master had been killed. I was suspicious of how easily he found me so I lead him somewhere where no one would interfere. I was already to end his life when he took out a very familiar medallion covered in dried blood. The scent alone told me who it had belonged to. He thought I was upset about him being dead.”

She scoffed. “I told it was because someone got to him first. He was shocked I would say something like that. I even told him of how I came to be but the little bastard was loyal to him. So I decided I would stay with him and find out his real reason for seeking me out. I learned some much in the ten years I stayed with him.”

“Why did you spend ten years with the minion?” Peter questioned.

“To find out everything I need which was easy seeing as they treated me like they treated there master’s pets, only to be seen not heard. They were never careful with what they said around me.” She grinned.

Peter chuckled shaking his head.

“I was coming home to shower and change to get ready for my evening classes. When I opened the front door the minion’s new girlfriend was there with a knife. So I put her down. I questioned him. He told me some bullshit lie about how she found out what he was. I had shaken my head at him before throwing her in the basement where I had the shock of my life when I saw a very familiar figure. I played it off of not seeing it and went up to my room. Thankfully I had none of my things there so it was easy to leave. But before I could the minion invited me down to meet a friend. I followed him but froze outside the kitchen as I recognized that monster’s scent.” She said.

Peter raised a brow. “Did he really take you for a fool?”

She scowled. “Apparently the little fool thought he could. I played it cool then left the house. After that I disappeared and they never found me. Not long after that I saved a little boy which led me to a witch who had a vendetta against that bastard. So she gave my life back.”

“How could that be good? It could happen again.” Peter told her.

She smiled sadly at him. “I have a heart disease which means…”

“It means if anyone tried they’d die.” Peter whispered softly.


Peter became quiet for a moment as he looked down towards the floor before he looked at her seriously.

“What if you found someone to love? Someone who’s willing to have all of you including the baggage you’re carrying?” The blonde asked.

She leaned back closing her eyes. “Then they would have to be courageous of very crazy.”

Since her eyes were closed she never saw Peter give her a soft look.

Hours later Peter was leading the brunette out of his tent by her bound hands. They passed by a group of men.


Kris froze as she felt the sting. She slowly turned around face blank. Her eyes landed on the laughing men. One man in particular was smirking at her while flexing his hand.

“Nice and firm.” He leered.

Her look went completely flat before suddenly she knocked his chair out from under him, knocking the wind out of him. She placed her foot on his windpipe while digging her heel into his adam’s apple.

“Just because my hands are bound doesn’t mean my feet are.” She stated bluntly.

With that said she removed her foot then turned and allowed the laughing blonde to lead her away. They stopped before a larger tent. The flap pushed back allowing, to her shock and rage, her psychiatrist out. The blonde woman smirked as soon as her eyes came upon the brunette.

“Hello Kristen, thank you for the help.” The woman purred.

Kris gave her a flat look before turning away. The blonde woman turned her eyes onto the brunette’s escort.

“Hello handsome.” She purred.

Peter gave her a flat look. “I don’t do plastic.”

Kris felt her lips twitch as the surrounding men snickered, chuckled or outright laughed. The bleach blonde turned bright red in embarrassment she sent a glare in their direction before turning on her heel and stomping off. The blonde mercenary gave the brunette’s bound hands a gentle squeeze before tugging her forwards. Along the way to the entrance of the tomb they meet a man dressed like a college professor or librarian.

“Ah professor, are we ready?” The blonde woman asked.

The professor nodded. “Let’s proceed.

The sigh that greeted them upon entering was a large cavern. And right smack dab in the center sat a large statue that sat Indian style with six arms. The bleach blonde walked forwards causing the statue’s eyes to light up. The eyes locked with the blonde’s. She froze paled, screamed then passed out. Kris stepped forwards catching the statue’s attention. There gazes locked.

She flipped it the bird. “Kindly piss off.”

The statue’s eyes glowed brighter before it released a screech then shattered. After waking the blonde up they continued on.

“The first test had been Will the second test will be mind.” The professor explained.

The second cavern they entered appeared to be filled with several men and women scantily clad. Right off the bat the blonde female and her two body guards were caught in the allure. Kris paid the creatures no mind as they tried to lure her away from Peter. She turned her attention onto Peter. Taking in his glazed look she cupped his face and kissed him. She had no idea why she resort to this method she just listened to her instincts. When she felt him starting to respond she went to pull back but his arms stopped her as they wrapped around her. When he finally decided to release her he pulled back giving her a smirk while she gave him a flat look.

“Ass.” She stated.

Peter’s smirk grew as his hands slid down and groped her backside.

“And what an ass it is.” He told her.

Her flat look turned into a dark glare. “If my hands weren’t tied…”

“I can think of a few things that require your hands being tied.” He said eying her up and down.

Giving him another dark glare as he turned from her chuckling. Turning his attention on his men, giving each of them cuts. Using the pain to snap them out of it. With enough of them awoken the illusion broke allowing them to see the truth. The blonde upon seeing what she was about to have sex with released a loud scream, which could break glass. She and her two bodyguards broke away and joined everyone else. Peter bit back a growl when the other mercenaries eyed the brunette with lust when the professor made a commit about using anything to wake them up.

“The third test will be strength and will.” The professor read.

They entered the cavern which looked like a traditional Japanese style martial arts dojo. They found a black suit of samurai armor sitting on its knees. The samurai’s eyes glowed as it stood up. Off to the sides shoji doors slid open allowing red suited samurai armor through.

Peter upon seeing this immediately stood in front of Kris. The black samurai locked eyes on the bleach blonde, who turned away running and screaming for her life. Kris cursed as she moved out from behind Peter drawing the attention to herself. She moved towards the tall samurai. That simple motion caused all red samurai to attack everyone else.

The tall samurai drew his katana and begins to attack the brunette. Kris moved around keeping the darkly dressed samurai at a distance. Until she got her chance and the sword cut through her bond freeing her. Fighting the samurai with hand to hand combat was difficult seeing as the samurai fought well. Peter seeing her struggling got a very familiar leather cylinder case from over his shoulder.

“Kris, here!” He called out, throwing the case.

Catching a cut to her side for the distraction. Seeing the case flying towards her she kicked the samurai in the chest knocking him away. Jumping she twisted mid-air catching and opening the case. When she landed she pointed and old katana at the samurai.

“Bring it.” She challenged.

With that both clashed. Sparks flew as there blades met. The two were fierce as they dodged, duck and parried blows. She could feel Hitokiri’s displeasure at her getting hurt. Mentally apologizing she steeled her nerves and struck back twice as hard and fast. There blades slashed one final time as they came to a stop behind each other’s back. A cut appeared upon Kris’s left side while the samurai’s head fell to the ground with his body following after.

Kris released a breath as she turned and bowed towards the fallen warrior. The brunette stood back up holding her side as she made her way towards Peter. The blonde mercenary didn’t look very happy at her being injured. She stopped before him sheathing her blade inside the leather case.

“Let me see.” He ordered sternly.

She went to argue but a glare from the blonde shut any and all protesting. She sat and let him bandage her left side. Once done she stood up placing her sword case over her shoulder. They made to move only to be pushed aside by the older blonde female. Peter steadied her. He glared and went to say something but was stopped by Kris’s hand on his arm and a shake of her head. He dropped it and they continued on. They stopped before a set of double doors.

“The final test is fear. You must face your fears.” The professor told the blonde female.

The doors are pushed open to show a long hallway with dark dingy moth eaten curtains. Kris froze in the door way no longer moving as her eyes stayed locked on the hallway. Peter seeing this paused at her side. He took in her trembling form. Moving closer he placed his lips near her right ear.

“Marina?” He mumbled.

Not noticing what he said she leaned against him.

“It’s the hallway from my nightmares.” She whispered.

Peter could feel her tremors. He went to say something only to be jerked away.


The blonde mercenary regained his footing and turned. He saw Kris’s head turned towards the left. A large red hand print decorated her face. And the cause for the mark is standing in front of her in the form of the bleach blonde. Peter went to interfere only to have what’s left of his men turn on him.

“You will not stop me from getting what I want.” The bleach blonde snarled.

She went to slap the brunette again only to have her wrist ceased. Kris slowly turned her head as her grip tightens on the bleach blonde’s wrist. Cold icy eyes locked with the bleach blonde’s, who trembled at the sight.

“You do that again and I’ll break every bone in your body starting with your face.” Kris told her coldly.

The blonde thinking it a bluff shook it off. She tore her wrist away sneering at the brunette. She then turned her back to her and walked away. Peter stopped beside her and clutched her hand. Kris took a deep breath squeezing his hand in return. They were ushered forwards. They walked along the hallway wind blowing the holey curtains. They reached the end of the hall stopping in front of a wooden door.


The noise of the door opening sounded out in the open space. They entered into the spacious cavern. The place was empty except for a large stone coffin. The sight of it sent shivers down everyone’s spines. Everyone is scattered around the chamber. The bleach blonde moved towards the coffin.

“Now it’s time for you to awaken my love and join the new world.” The bleach blonde said.

She ran her left hand across the top of the stone coffin. She stepped back and waited. Nothing happened. Frowning she tried again and again before becoming frustrated as she got the same result.

“What’s wrong? Why isn’t anything happening?” She cried in frustration.

The professor chuckled darkly. “Stupid jian huo.”

The bleach blonde turned to him. “What’s the meaning of this professor? I passed all of the tests why isn’t it working?”

He gave her a haughtily look. “You think you passé those tests?”

The blonde nodded. “I passed all those tests while she just ran away screaming.”

She pointed to Kris causing Peter to snort. He looked to Kris and gave her a ‘Is she for real’ look. Only to have the brunette shrug her shoulders.

“The professor snorted. “You really are a stupid jian huo.”

The elder blonde female gained an insulted look.

The professor held one finger. “First test you screamed and fainted while she,” He pointed to Kris. “She gave the one finger salute and said piss off.”

The blonde went to speak but was cut off.

A second finger.

“The second test you were caught in the allure and nearly slept with those creatures while the teen was able to wake everyone else and break the allure.”

“Now see-“ She’s cut off again.

Third finger.

“The third test you ran and hid while your patient fought showing strength and honor.”


The professor cut her off. “The finale test she,” He pointed at Kris again. “Faced her fear by coming here while you did not.”

He sneered in her direction dismissing the blonde and her bodyguards. He turned his attention onto Kris.

“Now step forwards and do what needs to be done my Queen.” He told her smirking.

Kris just glared refusing to move.


Peter released a grunt as he went down clutching his leg. Blood poured between his fingers. Kris knelt down beside him.

“Peter?” She asked worriedly.

He bit back a grimace. “I’m fine sugar.”

“Time is of the essence Kristen. Do what must be done or the next bullet will be in the Captain’s head.” The professor told her.

Kris gritted her teeth, as her fists clenched. A semi warm hand grabbed hers. Her gaze locked with Peter’s.

“Everything will be alright sugar. I promise.” He told her.

She searched his eyes seeing the resolve. Her instincts screamed at her to believe him. Nodding her head she stood up steeling her nerves as she made her way over towards the stone coffin. Stopping before it she took a deep breath before running her left hand over the top. She stepped back away from the coffin.


The top of the coffin flew off and hit the wall. A pair of grey arms shot out, followed by the rest of the body, A dingy holey black fabric covered there lower half. The grey creature stalked forwards growling. The professor and those with him dropped to one knee.


Kris felt the terror grip her heart as she laid her eyes upon the creature that has haunted her every dream and waking thought. The very creature that had stolen her life and choice away and made life for her hell. She was snapped out of it by a hand gripping hers. Her eyes shot in the direction and locked with the blonde mercenary. He gave her a supporting smile. She took a deep breath squeezing his hand. She turned back facing her fear.

“Rise.” The creature rasped.

The professor rose smiling at his master. He stepped forwards towards the grey creature.

“Master it’s good to see you alive again. I’ve brought you a gift. Your Queen.” The professor said.

He gestured towards Kris. The creature turned towards her direction. It inhaled. Eyes glowing brightly. It smiled showing the two rows of sharp teeth.

“My queen you’ve returned to me after long last.”

She glared. “Monster.”

It chuckled. “Still as strongly defiant as ever.”

It eyed her before turning away as the professor caught it’s attention.

“Master I have brought you something to eat.”

The professor gestured towards the bleach blonde and her bodyguards. The creature listened to the rapid beats of their hearts. The smile that had graced his face at the sounds soon disappeared as he detected a fourth heart beat, beating a slow calm beat. His head shot into the direction of the calm pace. A snarling growl escaped his chest when the heart beat came from Kris. He took a step towards her.

“No.” He snarled.

Kris smiled smugly. “Found out did you?”

He took another step towards her while her left hand reached behind her.

“I can just change you again. You know this my queen.” He stated.

She gave him a haughtily look. “You can try.”

With that she pulled her left hand out…


The gun went off. The bullet hit home right between the creature’s eyes. Black blood showered from the back of his head as he fell backwards. Chaos reigned as everyone scrambled. Peter seeing his chance grabbed the brunette’s hand and dragged her away. The two ran down the long hallway passing all three caverns and right back outside. He pulled her over to one of the trucks and got in. He turned the key and put it in drive and hit the gas. The tires spun before the truck shot off. Kris was gripping the arm rest.

“It’s alright darlin. I’ll get you somewhere safe.” Peter told her.

She eyed him. “You’re not like him.”

Peter didn’t tense.

“No I’m not sugar. I’m something else entirely. What I am the bastard could only hope to be.” He told her.

She turned away leaning back into the seat. It was Peter’s turn to eye her.

“That’s it?” He asked.

She opened one of her eyes. “What you want me to take my sword and run you though?”

He shook his head. “No I’m just surprised is all sugar.”

She closed her eye chuckling. “Good it means I’m doing my job.”

Peter chuckled shaking his head. The rest of the ride was quiet between the two.

He threw away the body as the last of his wounds healed. His shin looked a bit healthier. The professor stepped towards him.


“You didn’t catch her.” He stated matter of fact.

He chuckled. “You’ll never find her. All this time she’s had wasn’t spent costly. You got lucky this time.”

The bleach blonde spoke up. “I know where she lives.”

He turned to her. “Is that so precious?”

She nodded. “She was my patient. She was being forced to see me.”

“Where?” He asked.

“At my office I have a planner with all my information on my patients in it.” She told him.

“Good.” He said.

Then quick as lightning he struck sinking his sharp teeth into her flesh. She released a scream as she tried to get free of his tight grip.

“Professor, please help me!” She cried in terror.

The little man just sneered. “Why should I? What’s in it for me? Your get exactly what you’ve want.”

Terror filled her eyes as she realized no one is going to help save her from this monster. With a last gurgle she died. Dropping the body he stood up and turned showing off his profile. The once grey skin was replaced with a healthy creamy white with no blemishes. He was completely healed from head to toe.

“Master you have recovered nicely.” The professor said in awe.

The master clenched his hands into fists. He could feel his power restored fully. But a frown graced his face.

“She truly did break the bond. Even as a human I should have been able to still feel her but I cannot.” He said.

The professor shook his head. “It’s not possible. The only way-“

“Is if she removed it from the beginning.” The master stated.

The professor gained a look of shock. The master chuckled at his look.

“Extraordinary isn’t she my dear professor?” He said chuckling.

The professor nodded still in shock.

“Now you understand why I choose her for my queen.” The master said.

His chuckles turned into full blown laughter that soon died down into mere chuckles.

“Soon my love. Very soon. You can’t run forever. And when I catch you I’ll chain you to my bed so you will never leave me again.”

With that said he and his remaining minions left the tomb.

Kris’s head shot up as she stared out at the distance with narrowed eyes.

“We’ll see about that bastard.” She muttered.


The brunette turned and stared as Peter joined her.

“Something the matter?” He asked worriedly.

She shook her head smiling. “It’s nothing just a bug being irritating.”

Peter relaxed and smiled back. “Come on sugar suppers getting cold.

Kris nodded before following him back towards the house. At the thresh hold she paused before turning slightly.

“I’ll never let you win and neither will he.” She whispered.

The wind carried her whispered words as she entered the house closing the door behind her.


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