Dark Roses book 2 Sorrow

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Day's continue at the dark boarding school as more tears and suffer endures when Ms.norway turns a wicked side..... Book 2 Chapters 4-6

Thriller / Drama
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🥀Chapter 4🥀

Today was Wednesday which means no children were allowed in the library, but Samantha always sneaked into the library whenever she had a chance to. As Samantha glared she made sure nobody was coming around, she then slipped herself into the library doors. Samantha quietly looked around at the books while grabbing some books off the shelf, she smiled happily. But her smile slowly faded away as she thought about her book that was torn apart...Meghan was walking down the hallway, she overheard Ms.norway yelling. Meghan stopped and peeked by the hallway wall starting out of curiosity. But Meghans light green eyes suddenly widen as she saw Ms.norway forcefully push a boy down the stairs with anger. The boy felled head first to the floor leaving him unconscious. Meghan then screamed while quickly placing her hands over her mouth as she saw the boy body hit the hard wooden floor. Meghan then heard Ms.norway footsteps storming down the stairs, Meghan quickly ran away before Ms.norway saw her. Meghan ran into a empty classroom and closed the door shut. She leaned against the door as tears began to fill her eyes in shock.

Nathan was in the hallway staring out the window. As he saw the gate slowly open, a wealthy and beautiful carriage arrived into the school yard. Nathan frozed when a servant came out of the carriage and opened up the carriage door. A beautiful woman then stepped out of the carriage, she was dressed very beautifully with lots of gold accessories in her hair. Nathan slowly stared away from the window and held his head down a bit as he thought about his mother. The woman was gracefully admiring the outside school yard as she began to walk. She then glanced and saw Lily dumping out the bucket of water. "Hello their" as the woman said with a uppity British accent. Lily turned around as she stared at the beautiful woman in front of her."yes ma'am?" As Lily said with a small smile, " where is Ms.ellie norway?..I have to see her today". As the woman said. Lily held her head down with a sad expression and looked up at the woman. "Well..can you take me to her? As the woman said serious a little. Lily slightly noded her head "yes.. ma'am.." as Lily said with a low tone. Lily picked up her bucket as she lead the woman to Ms.norway office. When they reached Ms.norways office door Lily tried to knock on the door but the woman made herself through the doors while nudging Lily out of the way. Lily stared at the woman with a startled expression. "Ms.norway?" As the woman said with a smile. Ms.norway stood up quickly "Oh..Mrs. Mitchell! What a pleasure to see you here" As Ms.norway said happily. "Indeed" as the woman said. Ms.norway gracefully pulled a chair out for the woman to sit. "Thank you" as the woman said while sitting down. Ms.norway noded her head while sitting down in her chair as she smiled at the woman." So..I read the letter stating you wanted to send your daughter here? As Ms.norway said with a smile. "Yes just for a few months until me and her father is done with business." As the woman said with a serious voice. "Hm..Just for a few months...okay.." as Ms.norway said with a forced smile while balling up her fist tightly. Lily stood by the door as she stared at Ms.norway actions. "How is the school like Ms.norway?" As the woman said with a smile. "Well..the school is absolutely wonderful, you see I care for the children as they were my own.." As Ms.norway said with a friendly tone. "That's wonderful, may I have a look around?" "Yes of course!" As Ms.norway said happily. Ms.norway and the woman left the office. "Lily you can go back to cleaning dear" as Ms.norway said with a smile. Lily looked at Ms.norway with a uncomfortable expression, "yes hea- um..yes ma'am." As Lily said while quickly walking away from Ms.norway.

The loud school bell ringed as the rope got tugged. All the children ran to their classes. Ms.norway was happily showing the woman around the school. As they passed each class the woman smiled while admiring each room. They came across the choir room. As the choir director saw the woman and Ms.norway he directed the choir happily. But one of the kids accidently dropped their music sheet, the choir director gave the child a mean stare. "What beautiful voices" as the woman said, "indeed, shall we continue". As Ms.norway said with a smile. The woman noded her head. As they both continued walking on, the choir director stop directing and slapped the child in his face, the kids on the choir stands all got startled by the slap. After Ms.norway showed the woman around the school they were outside talking. "Thank you again Ms.norway this school is wonderful my daughter will love it here," as the woman said while going into the carriage. " Yes she will and your welcome Mrs.mitchell any time." As Ms.norway said with a smile. The woman waved goodbye at Ms.norway as the carriage began to leave. As Ms.norway saw the carriage leaving her smile slowly faded away.

During the night Ms.norway was in her room. She was reading a letter from Mr.edward stating when winter arrives no children are allowed to go outside due to getting any illness. Ms.norway stared with a evil expression. She glared at her knife and grabbed it while stabbing the knife into the letter with anger. Samantha was sitting down in their room chair casually reading a book as Meghan comb Samanthas dark brown hair gracefully. Meghan smiled as she suddenly said." Is their any special boy in your life Samantha? As Meghan smiled. Samantha looked up from her book with a shy smile. "Well..um.." Samantha did not finish her sentence as she thought about Frederick while smiling. "..no, not at the moment what about you? As Samantha said with a smile. Meghan slowly stopped combing Samanthas hair as she thought about Nathan with a sad expression a little. Samantha turned around and saw Meghan expression. "Meghan." As Samantha said. Meghan looked at Samantha with a force smile, " I guess..I suppose so.." as Meghan said with a unsure tone. "What does that mean?" As Samantha said while staring at Meghan. "It's.. complicated.." "oh okay.." as Samantha said while turning around and continuing her book. Meghan continued to comb Samantha hair thinking about Nathan. Morning came and everyone was in the cafeteria. As Lily served out the plates Ms.norway stormed into the cafeteria with a strict expression. All the kids turned around and stared at Ms.norway as she stood their with a serious look. "Winter is coming up..with that being said nobody is allowed outside, understood!" As Ms.norway yelled out. "Yes head leader!" As all the children shouted. Ms.norway left the cafeteria in anger. After breakfast everyone was in their classes. Lily was in the hallway scrubbing the floor by Ms.norway office door. As Lily slowly stop scrubbing the floor she overheard Ms.norway voice. "Mr.edward did not want the filthy children to get any illness...but I can careless if one of these dam kids get sick. It's enjoyable to watch them suffer..." As ms.norway said with a smirk while talking to a teacher. The teacher gave Ms.norway a uncomfortable look a little while tensing up with a weird feeling. Lily could not believe what just came out of Ms.norway mouth. She took her locket out of her apron pocket and held it close to her with a sad expression.

Winter arrived quickly. The kids did not go outside, but Lily was the only one who went outside to dump the water from her bucket. Frederick was in a classroom looking out the window while shaking his head in disappointment. "I wish winter never came so soon..as much I hate it here outside is much better than being trapped in here" as Frederick said while turning around starting at Nathan. "You agree don't you?" As Frederick said. Nathan softly noded his head in agreement while twirling his finger on the cold desk. Lily was outside dumping the dirty water out the bucket. As the wind blew heavily Lily held her winter cape tightly while shivering. Ms.norway was in her office yelling at a child who was very misbehave. "This is your third time Micheal! Your a foolish and pathetic child! Dam you!" The boy stared at Ms.norway with fear "but I-" as boy began to say. "Shut up! Just Shut up!" As Ms.norway said loudly. The boy stood their frighten by Ms.norway. Ms.norway covered her face with anger. As she turned around at her desk she glanced at her knife. Her eyes had a evil dark look. She reached and grabbed her knife slowly. The boy stared as he began to step back a little towards the door. Ms.norway quickly turned around at the boy while holding the knife tightly in her hand. The boy heart began to beat fast with fear as he saw Ms.norway wicked expression and the knife in her hand. As the boy stepped back more he quickly turned around to get out the door but Ms.norway ran up to the boy and stab the boy in his back. The boy screamed in pain. Ms.norway repeatedly stab him. The boy fell to the floor trying to crawl away from Ms.norway as blood dripped from his body. The boy slowly stopped moving as his hand dropped almost reaching the door. Ms.norway continued stabbing him as blood splattered on the floor. She slowly stop stabbing the boy while smiling wickedly and casually playing with the bloody knife. She then stared at the bloody mess while dropping the knife to the floor. After stabbing the boy to death she did not know what to do with the incident. She thought to herself and came up with a solution. Ms.norway ran and rushed to a classroom "Mr.Frank!" As she said while quickly opening the classroom door. "Yes Ms.norway?" As the teacher said quickly. "A boy killed himself!" Mr.frank quickly ran out the room and the kids too. As they all saw the boy bloody crospe everyone looked startled. Frederick stood in the hallway with a serious stare a little as he saw the scene. Lily was walking down the hallway and saw the boy body. Lily dropped her bucket in fear as she saw blood everywhere. Ms.norway stood their with a small smirk as she stared enjoying the bloody mess. The cold night arrived and Lily was sitting on her bed holding her locket tightly while crying as she replayed the boy bloody crospe in her mind. Nathan could not sleep as he thought about the deaths that been happening at the boarding school. He got up from his bed and sat down in the chair looking at the foggy window. As he glanced over at Frederick he saw Frederick papers that he kept to himself. While starting at Frederick making sure he did not wake up, Nathan quietly grabbed Frederick papers. As he started to read the papers he had a unsure look. The papers had a werid line and circle drawing on it. He also read woods on the paper. Nathan could not figure out what Frederick was writing and drawing. Frederick moved around in his sleep and Nathan hurried and sat the papers back where they were. Nathan went to his bed and laid down while thinking about Frederick papers.

As morning arrived the kids were talking about the boys death. Nathan was in the music room playing his volin while still thinking about Frederick papers. Samantha was in a classroom reading her book. As she got up from her chair to the leave the classroom the science teacher Mr.wayne came in and stood in front of the door with a smile. Samantha held her head down a little not wanting to look up at the teacher. The teacher stepped close to Samantha and Samantha stepped back looking up at the teacher with a nervous expression. "You love to read don't you" as he said while tapping his finger on Samantha book. "..yes sir.." as Samantha said nervously. He smiled at her "the library is good.." as he said while staring at Samantha with a smirk. "Yes..sir it is." As Samantha said while feeling worried. "Even if the library is close you still find a way to sneak in..." Samantha looked up at the teacher with a startled look. " Please! I'm so sorry Mr.wayne please don't punish me I won't do it again I promise!" As Samantha shouted out while feeling scared. Mr.wayne walked around Samantha, "don't worry I won't punish you or tell Ms.norway" as he said with a smile. "You won't.." as Samantha said a little relieved but with a nervous feeling. "Of course I'm not..you see I love a woman who loves to read and has knowledge.." as he said while pulling Samantha string of hair back from her forehead. Samantha got really uncomfortable and stepped back from him, "it can be our secret" as said while placing his hand on Samantha hip. Samantha got scared by him and tried to leave but he snatched Samantha close to him while forcefully trying to kiss her. "Please! Don't!" As Samantha cried out while trying to push him away. The teacher kissed Samantha with force and Samantha bit his lip. "Ah!" He stood back quickly while holding his lip. "You bitch!" He slap Samantha in her face. Samantha cried as she felt the sharp pain in her face. "I'm gonna make sure Ms.norway knows everything!" As he said while storming out the classroom. Samantha cried while holding her cheek in sadness. Frederick was in a room writing, as he dipped his pencil in the ink he drew out more things on his paper. Nathan walked in the room and saw Frederick drawing out something. "Frederick.." as Nathan said with a curious look a little. Frederick looked over at Nathan, "hey Nathan" as he said while covering the paper a little. Nathan stared at Frederick without saying anything. "Well I'm gonna go.." as Frederick said while gathering his papers and leaving the room. As Frederick left the room Nathan thought about Frederick actions. Nathan walked over to the room window, as he stared out the window he saw Lily shivering while wiping her tears. Nathan looked away from the window and left the room. Lily was walking back inside the school. She got up the stairs and sat the bucket down, she began to cry as she continued to think about the incident that occurred with the boy. Lily heard footsteps, she thought it was Ms.norway so she quickly wiped her tears. As she looked after wiping her tears away she saw Nathan. "Nathan.." as she said with a small smile. Nathan stared at Lily as he began to say something but Ms.norway yelling stopped him. Lily and Nathan both turned around as they heard loud footsteps. Ms.norway was dragging and slapping Samantha after the science teacher told Ms.norway Samantha was trying to sleep with him. "You dirty slut!" As Ms.norway said while slapping Samantha to the floor. Lily got frighten by the situation. She moved closer to Nathan while holding onto his arm tightly. Samantha cried and screamed. Ms.norway grabbed Samantha by her hair and pushed her to the floor. "If you ever do anything like that again I will end you!" As Ms.norway yelled out while storming away from Samantha. Samantha laid on the floor crying feeling embarrassed. Nathan walked over to Samantha and Lily followed Nathan. Nathan stared at Samantha as she shaked in pain. "Are you okay?.." as Lily said while putting her hand on Samanthas head gently with tears in her eyes. ".. Samantha.." as Nathan said while staring at Samantha. Samantha did not saying but laid their crying. As Lily started to comfort Samantha Nathan went by the window and thought about Ms.norway in a mean way.

Samantha was hugging Meghan tightly as tears ran down her bruise face. Meghan held onto Samantha while rubbing Samanthas head gently. "I'm not a whore he tried to touch me" as Samantha said sadly. "Shh..I know.. it's okay, it's okay" as Meghan said with tears in her eyes. Nathan was laying down dazing at the ceiling. He was thinking about the incident between Ms.norway and Samantha. Lily was laying down on her bed holding her locket. "please.. please hurry for me brother.." As Lily said to herself while crying herself to sleep...

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