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For those, who did not notice that this is a horror story. I say it clearly and honestly: this is a horror story. And to those who ask about the meaning of (Incredible alternatives), I clearly and honestly say: We will start this story while we are full of questions, and leave it full of fear. Yes .. We are talking about fear .. All fear .. And nothing but fear.. We'll know much about things that we shouldn't know, and if we know it we will not talk about it.

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1



DR. Doris Slaughterhouse

“Sit down, Kevin and don’t make me worried”…

I hate those things that move before my eyes. I hate those people who are nervous or active, I mean who are agile.”

Sit down and bring me a cold glass of water … Are you recording? Never mind.

But we’ll listen to the whole conversation after finishing my story… They are parts which, of course, I won’t let you publish them.

I had a lifelong friendship with Brayan. This friendship lasted at least for twenty years.

Concerning distribution of talents, it was fair.

I have no talent of any kind. There’s no doubt that he has got a musical ear and hand. He came the first at any school concert.

After finishing our high school, he specialized in music. I specialized in engineering. I used to follow the news of his success. He became so famous. He quickly had his own band and could record a lot of successful musical albums.

Then, a girl called Jessie appeared on his way… She was sentimental and calm. She shared with him his great success and embarkation journey.

Their marriage was successful and happy.

Wait… wait… The story hasn’t finished yet. You fool! Do you think that I invited you at this time to tell you a successful and felicitous story?

The thing is I’m so frightened… I think that all Devils on earth chase me… I’m always afraid… Let’s … Let’s complete our story.

When he was thirty Bryan began to notice stains in space area. At first, he thought it was an illusion. Then, he decided that it was tiredness. After that, he was quite sure that he was actually ill.

Oculists got confused for a period of time… Then finally they decided that the optical nerve began to atrophy.

The great disaster began when he felt that his hearing declined, as well.

Indeed, it was hard for him to hear his wife whisper.

This time he found a clever neurologist. The diagnosis was awful. It was a rare disease. It moved slowly towards irritable nerves, so they gradually declined.

Is there a remedy?

Unfortunately, there’s no treatment, but high doses of corticosterone which is certainly useless. Therefore, Bryan began to fall in black depths without stopping. Darkness makes silence so frightening. Remember, “Helen Killer” saying: Deafness is the worst thing in the world.

Actually, the disaster of deafness was the worst thing that happened to him as a musician. Yes, he was a musician.

For him, his hearing is his life and the only source of living.

I paid him a visit because I was so worried about him. His psychological case became worse.

He lost everything… I was afraid that he might commit a suicide.

My sympathy towards him didn’t succeed in saving him from the despair area.

One day, something happened while I was walking in front of “Starbucks” when I collided into that man, I looked at him deeply. Then, I realized that I know him “Jack”. I hugged him after I knew his tragedy. He became blind after he was injured in his retina.

It was so difficult for him to become blind at such a young promising age.

I left him as if we left the cinema after watching a very sad ending.

I haven’t seen him since then. But today, I can see him walking in his complete fitness. He can see and knows me well.

While we were sitting in a cafe, I was courageous enough to ask him about restoring his sight again…

The miracle has been achieved although a doctors weren’t able to cure him.

Jack said cheerfully, “I was about to lose my hope until…”

“Until what…?” I inquired.

“Until I met that doctor… That magician.” he replied.

“What did he do? “ I asked.

He smiled and his eyes got narrower. Then he said, “That was similar to a treatment using stem cells.”

Something like that.

I felt that it was just a trick. “Is he an oculist?” I asked.

No, but he is a doctor for all diseases. He treats all cases.

“What about the fees?”

“Is it expensive?”

Yes, but if I ask you, “How much do your eyes cost? “

He gave me his card. “Dr. William Antonion”.

“I know a patient who needs to try to see to this doctor as soon as possible”, I said.

He was sitting in his dim light room… with bandages on his eyes.

It seemed that he had an operation. I waited eagerly to listen to what had happened to him. He said, “I went to that oculist of course, I couldn’t see what was happening then well.”

The man had a deep comfortable voice. He told me that he had a modern style of treatment.

He said briefly that it was done by injecting me with some shots containing a vital feed.

Concerning the contain of the shots. That was the secret of that treatment.

No more questions, please.

Of course, I agreed. I had nothing to lose…

I can’t remember when he put a paper under my hand and a pen in it.

When I asked him about that, he said, “This is a consent”. I signed it.

After that they uncovered my arm and a needle of a shot injected my veins.

I felt a cold liquid goes through my veins.

Then the session ended.

After that I realized that there were three more sessions.

I looked at Jessie who was looking at her husband kindly. I asked her, “What’s your impression?”

“Is it a deceit?”

She moved her hair away from her eyes and said, “I think he is honest.”

There seems to be a respect and confidence.

“What about the results?” I asked

“Concerning eyes, there’s no amelioration, but it’s getting worse.” He said.

“Concerning hearing, there is little amelioration”, he added.

I whispered saying, “Little?”

“Yes, little.”, he whispered.

Jessie and I looked at each other happily.

“He could hear the questions in a low intonation well after all!!”, we exclaimed.

As I left him, I hoped he was on the right way.

As you see, Kevin the story had no mystery or unnatural things.

There was a patient who asked for cure. He may succeed to find it or not.

That wasn’t dangerous or horrible. At any case, that time, I didn’t know that my friend Stanley who used to work in one of the most famous factories had been badly injured which caused a hand amputation.

When I knew that bad news, I went off to the hospital at once.

He was sitting by the window of the hospital. He was sadly looking at the bandage on his hand.

I tried to make him happy, but he was bad tempered.

He told me that his future had been destroyed and his life became in vain. I felt sorry for him.

“How unlucky my companions were!”

“How on earth those bad things happened to them! “

“Is there any recompense for them?” I asked.


“A hand is a very complex organ.

I must adapt to that.” Said Stanley

This is the only solution for this problem.

I left him as I was feeling sorry for him.

I phoned Bryan. He answered the phone cheerfully.

This means the doctor actually managed to cure him.

That was clear, but my sight is still getting worse.

I can’t deny that.

Suddenly, I heard a sound of a violin nearby… It was clear that he was trying to have a speech with me while playing on the violin…. That was a healthy tag.

Here, I told him about my friend Stanley and how he lost his hand. No one can help him.

“That’s not true… when I went to the doctor last time, my wife told me that there were many disabled patients who lost their feet were waiting to be examined.”

Then nonsense began…

I said nervously, “The matter has no relation to neurological disease.”

These patients are disabled. They lost their limbs. I know what I say…

“Let Stanley visit that doctor. He won’t lose anything else.

I promise that there will be a miracle with him.” Said Bryan

You can imagine the expression on Stanley’s face when I suggested that.

He felt sad and said, “The time of miracles ended.”

Actually, I know a little about medicine but believe me when I say that I can’t carry a bleeding body from under a train to doctor.

I looked at his truncated hand in a bandage and said, suppose I’m crazy and not psychologically stabled. Do you agree?

“You aren’t so. But you are completely mad … A mad man who wants nothing except visiting that doctor…that’s a difficult demand.

A hope leads to nothing except more pain.” Said Stanley

I had a strong urgency, so he gave up.

Then, I knew that he had gone to that doctor with his wife.

After the conversation, he signed the paper with his sound hand, hiding an ironic laugh…

There’s no doubt that this is a tricky man.

“of course, fees will be paid after recovery”. It doesn’t cost him anything except the hope.

Kevin, you’re recording everything, aren’t you?

Imagine that I can remember some details which I completely forgot.

Speech forces you to arrange your ideas. I spent several days knowing nothing about what had happened to my friends. I phoned Brayan several times.

He asserted that he can hear well. But his sight hasn’t improved yet.

For Stanley, there was no improvement with him.

Then Bryan (who phoned me) came to say that he understood that the dodge was hidden in the treatment.

There’s an obvious side effect.

I wonder what it is …!!

“Is there a liver failure or hypertension?” I asked

“The hearing has improved extremely.

I can really hear mice moving down the stairs. I can hear my wife’s heart beating while she’s asleep.” He replied

Is that all ?

I smiled saying “this is a symptom that also includes a hysteria”

There is nothing like a recovery.

This seems as a very luxurious complaint.

“Have you paid him the feeds?” I asked

“Of course” he said

“He had made a deal and could cure my hearing…

However, I insisted that he overmedicated me.” Said Bryan

“But you are still blind as I understood…nothing has changed.” I said

“As I told you before, my hearing is everything for me.

If I was a painter, my sight would be the most important thing.” Said Bryan

“Of course, Kevin. I can’t believe everything he said.”

“Why couldn’t the doctor cure his sight, either?”

He failed to do that.

“Was he recovered accidently”?

My head was full of questions.

I decided to visit Jack especially tonight.

“Has he started to see more than usual?”

“Can he see people who don’t exist?”

I began to knock on the door several times in vain.

I know that he is married and he has got a child, so what happened?

I stubbornly kept knocking.

Then I heard his coarse sound beyond the door, he was shouting “what do you want?”

I was more than begging when I told him my name.

He was very astonished to see me… he seemed quite unfriendly.

The door was opened.

“Why did you visit me at this inappropriate time?

I embarrassedly told him..

I thought…

“Welcome certainly, but I was waiting for a pre-appointment.”

He said then he let me in…

It was completely dark.

There was nothing except dim lamps, I could hardly see anything… there was a nasty smell.

Actually this house wasn’t regularly kept cleaned.

There are no female touches.

As I felt my way, I said to him “how is your wife?”

I’m divorce because my wife couldn’t bear suffering from my troubles” he said

I kept silent…that’s really hard.

Now I understand that Jack’s life is hard.

“But, is there a maid to look after that house?

“I sent my friend to the doctor you recommended” I said.

“Results were really good, but he complained of some side effects.

“I was sure that he would recover, but with some side effects” he said.

I sat on a sofa which I collided with, then he brought a bottle of fizzy drinks from somewhere.

“How could he see in this complete darkness?!!” I wondered

Surely, he recovered.

I felt some smashing under my feet, I tried to see in this complete darkness, but I could see nothing.

I extended my hand to feel. As I expected. What’s happening?!!

These are bones. Bones of an animal or a small bird. As I touched them, I felt they were very old.

There were a lot of them there.

“What does this mean?”

As I was astonished by what I had seen, Jack began to talk.

When I looked at him, I noticed his eyes flashing more than usual.

I felt that I was crazy.

I decided to leave. I don’t like this environment. I couldn’t understand when I saw Jack drinking from a cardboard juice box by a straw suction.

I know it. I think it’s full of milk instead.


-Where does this sound come from??

-why are your eyes flashing??

Jack continued drinking and said, “Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions which can change all our lives.

But sometimes surrender can be a fun.

To accept what they want you to be.”

I simply replied “I don’t understand”

Is there someone forcing him?


That’s strange!! The sound is really emitted by him!!

No doubt about that.

I looked at his big, bent body in the dark with his fluffy hair and his bight eyes.. That was actually strange, it’s time to go...

I know that treatment is extremely effective, but it causes eccentricities.

It’s time to visit another friend, “Stanley”

I’d like to know how far the treatment affected him.

I knocked on the door several times.

It was a silly appointment for someone as rude as me..

I’m a blatant guest.

His wife opened the door…

She was pale and nervous.

I’ve never seen her like this before..

She invited me in and called Stanley.

I asked her before she disappeared from my sight.

-what about his temper?

She said in confusion:

He is getting better…without no doubt.

Then Stanley entered the room.

He opened his arms to welcome me.

And when I was gone in his laps, I felt frightened. I had two hands all over me!

I pulled back and looked…

Surely, I’m not dreaming!

On the sleeve of his jacket, I saw a mangled little hand!

It was not pretty, and it was covered in scales and it was disgusting orange!

But, it’s a hand…his healthy hand wasn’t pretty either!

I pulled back and he said, seeing

My look.

“That’s a real hand…this doctor of yours is genius

My hand grows… I think its shape will improve with time”

I was getting scared. Oh my god! It’s impossible!

That can’t be a real nightmare.

His wife was confused when she said that she was going to make us some drinks, but Stanly said he would do that.

He asked her to leave because we had so much to discuss.

When she went off shaking. He said

“She is still frightened and confused. A man fears what he isn’t used and what happens to me is unusual.” He said

In fact, I didn’t expect anything from what had happened…

Actually, the treatment is effective…

I said in amazement, “we aren’t talking about effective treatment. We are talking about a miracle that changes the face of medicine forever.”

He ran up to the kitchen, and I was alone in the salon, looking at the walls thinking there is no side effect as I noticed.

His wife felt panicked and confused.

This wasn’t quite an evidence. I heard a strange sound from the kitchen.

I got up carefully in the kitchen and took a look. There was a table in the middle, there was a plate on the table. A plate which was full of salt. The spectacle of Stanley on his knees by the table.

He stretched out his tongue.

A long tongue licking salt into the plate.

I pulled back to hold a scream of panic. I stood up for a few minutes breathing quickly trying to get my breathing back.

Kevin, are you recording everything?

I think I’m going to delete some parts or change the names, so no one gets hurt.

I went back to the kitchen.

No one was there!

Where did he go?!

For some reason, I raised my head up, and the scene was enough for my heart to stop beating for moments.

Stanley was hanging on the wall by the ceiling.

His face turned to the ceiling, he opened his arms.

They were enough to hold on to the wall as if they had suckers and he moved smoothly.

There’s something familiar about this. You see!! he licks salt and walks on walls. This is definitely the behavior of gecko.

My friend turned into a giant human gecko.

Do you understand?

It’s clear.

To retrieve the hand that was lost, the mad doctor turned him into a gecko.

What about Jack??

Now, I can understand. He emits hissing while drinking milk and eats small animals, almost mice…

His eyes are glittering…

He turned into a cat!

This is the perfect way for him to gain a cat’s eyesight to be able to see in the dark, too.

My hair was upright!!

“Get me some cold water, please“ I said.

“So, you are getting nervous! Fun hasn’t started yet.”

What if I told you about the moment when Stanley’s neck turned, and I saw him looking upside down?

He realized that I discovered his secret.

I think my heart was about to stop beating.

There’s a scary moment between staring at his face which is staring at you, and then realizing the dreadful truth that he sees you too.

Now, I understand the wife’s nervousness and pale.

Did his wife see that scene?

I don’t think so. Or she wouldn’t have been alive. She probably guessed or felt something was wrong.

But don’t tell me that she saw her husband walking and she accepted it.

I saw that thing walking on the ceiling coming down on me.

He dropped off the wall at a blink. Turned the reptiles on.

Snapping speed was interrupted by careful pauses.

Total silence which makes you feel your ear had an error.

Suddenly I found my hand clinging to that giant food knife. I felt so safe by holding it.

I ran to the door and walked out. I locked it behind me and ran into the hall. This is where I saw the doorknob open. And the next moment, Stanley was running on his feet towards me. His face really changed. It’s no longer my old friend’s brilliant face (The great engineer). This is a face gecko. I fell to the ground tripping.

Who but the rug in here? It dropped me.

I found myself lying and Stanley reached over me. He was staring at my glass eyes.

His giant tongue was hanging out towards my face. My hysteria was indescribable. I don’t think I’ve moved on an inch or made a sound.

I just put the knife up towards his heart. I felt the blades penetrating something. Then, I realized that it was the end.

It’s a lifeless body perched over my chest. I stood up hard as I was trying to grasp this wonderful reality. Stanley’s dead.

I saw his dry lips trying to say something. He finally got to say loudly in a hissing sound “Kill Dr. Antonion” and then he froze over that expression and that look. I heard a sharp scream behind me.

I didn’t have to look to know that she was his wife. Her husband was killed in front of her.

It was difficult to explain what had happened.

How long does it take for the police to find me? I thought

I needed to hide somewhere, so I thought about you.

“I will hide in your house, Kevin”

Once I knew the answer, I ran down the street and thought of only one thing.

Bryan, what happened to him??

The apartment door was ajar.

I rang the door bell several times and no one answered, I knocked on the door many times.

There was a sound of music.

Someone was playing gently on a string musical instrument.

No one could play music like that except Bryan. I entered the apartment with caution like a thief.

A luxurious apartment as you know. And Jessie turned it into paradise,

But there’s something wrong.

I searched all the rooms to find either Bryan or Jessie but I found none of them.

Where’s everybody??

Bryan has very sensitive ears. He must have heard my steps.

I used to meet Jessie in the hall. She always works like a bee.

Where’s everything?

I finally found the office room.

It was dark and the door was ajar.

I carefully opened the door as I was calling Bryan.

I felt he was there. Notice he can’t see and he can stay in the dark without problems.

I said loudly, “Bryan, I hope you are fine.”

There was no reply.

“Bryan, I found out that your doctor uses animal genes. He injects his patients with these genes to regain their senses. The result is awful.

A patient turns into another animal.

There was also no reply.

“Bryan, do you hear me??

Then, I heard a strange voice.

My eyes began to get used to darkness and I realized there was no one.

This is an office, a library and a couch. There is no one, but why I’m looking up.

There’s something going on in the back of my head.

I looked in panic and I wish I hadn’t!

Kevin, do you know what I had seen?

Co you understand it?

He is blind, but he can hear everything…

The answer is so easy. He turned into a bat.

Somehow, he was hanging upside down from the ceiling attached to his knees to a crosswise scaffold that he installed there.

With closed eyes, he buzzes and plays small violin.

Suddenly, he leaped in the air and fell to me, this time I couldn’t escape. I wasn’t armed then.

I could feel him clenching his sharp teeth in my neck.

I screamed, but he continued his mission. You see why the deranged doctor chose vampire genes and bats.

The operation didn’t last for a long time. Bryan had his meal and I felt I could get up. He just got up and went to rest on the couch completely exhausted.

I’m still a live… a destructive dizziness was about to kill me. My feet are frail, but I’m alive.

I went towards the door without saying anything. I was really about to lose consciousness.

I wonder where Jessie is. Did he kill her? Could she escape?

On the stairs, I lost, my consciousness for a moment.

Finally, I got up and I could go out to the street. I stopped a car.

I’m in your house now, Kevin.

No one knows that I’m here.

You are a journalist and you may be interested in my experience. You may want to write about it, but I simply disagree that you publish the next part.

You know that I went to Dr. Antonion. You know that I had bought a knife and hid it in my clothes. I’m on my way to meet him. I killed a friend a few hours ago. It doesn’t matter if I kill another wicked man to help the society get rid of him.

When me and the doctor were together, I told him that he had destroyed our future.

You see, there’s a murdered and a murder. The police are looking for me.

Surely, they will arrest me, then, I took my knife and I tried to stab him, but I was slow-moving and feeble after I lost some blood. He was a fast scoundrel old man.

When I fell to the ground, three nurses attacked me and tied me up.

The man rose to the side room. And then, he came back with an injector.

He rolled my sleeve up and he respectfully said “you brought me two patients, so I owe you a great favor.

The police are looking for you, so I have to help you to hide. You have to escape quickly and lightly.”

I said weakly “what are you injecting me with?”

He said while injecting me “it’s a double dose. It will start working in a few hours. You won’t need any more sessions.”

I don’t know how I found myself on the street, looking for another taxi.

Now, Kevin, you know my whole story. Maybe your zeal will take you to catch this guy or report him to the police.

For me, it’s over. He really did me a great favor. You can easily smell it.

You can see scales on my hands.

You can see the shape of my jaw.

That way, I can easily escape and hide anywhere. I can simply hide in sewers.

The police will never be able to arrest me.

But if the mutation becomes worse, you must poison me and get rid of my body. You know “the life of a cockroach can be honestly exciting.

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