The Eyes that watched

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Elena had left her past behind her to start a law firm of her own. Uknown to her, a business rival had dug up her past dirt and was blackmailing her. That night as she met up with her business rival, she had done something really dreadful. Something she thought no one else saw. As she made her way outside the old deserted house, she was sure she had done what she did to protect herself, little did she know that she’d encounter a more dreadful blackmailer in the future... belonging to the eyes that watched. Gregory knew he was sick in his dark mind, and as he watched the fragile girl take a life, he knew he’d have her at all cost. They were dark in hearts.

Thriller / Mystery
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Elena stood startled at man that had been blackmailing her for over 5 months. He had been blackmailing her with just threats of knowing her secret in exchange that she dropped the business deal she had just finalized.

Richard was not just her competition in business, but the head of one of the biggest law firms in Nigeria, and that was the reason he wanted her to drop the deal at any cost. She understood that she was a big threat to bigger firms as she started her firm only 3 years ago. and was already dominating bigger firms that had spent over 30 years in the country. But what she never expected was for those words of threat to be backed up by evidence.

He snarled, seeing her startled state. “What? You didn’t think I’d find this did you?” He barked a non-humorous villain laugh.

“H- how d- did you g-get those?” She asked, her dry voice stuttering.

“That’s none of your business. I’m Richard Balogun, a man of power and a man who has his ways.”

There was a long silence.

“Now are you ready?” He asked, smirking devishly at her.

“Ready for what?” Her voice was barely audible.

“To drop the deal.” He paused. “Or what else? You want to compensate my smart digs for more?” He hummed in thought, his eyes trailing over her body. “Your body, maybe? You know, I always thought you were goddamn sexy.”

She bitterly chuckled inwardly, men will be men. She was used to advances from men as old as the over 50 years Richard, or even older, a man of 74 had offered her a job once, with the condition that she let him have his wicked ways with her, and that was in her past life, when she was barely 20. There was a time in her life were she would have let him do whatever he wanted with her, in exchange for his silence on her past, but that was a time when she was tired of life and threw herself into something she would forever regret. Something the 32 year old her had struggled to bury and had thought she was successful in hiding well.. after all it had been almost 7 years with no word from her past, and now that she was doing well in life, having strived hard to climb up the ladder it was all going to go to waste. No. She couldn’t let it. She wouldn’t let 2 years struggling for a registered company, and 3 years running a law firm of her own go to waste.

“What’s the price for your silence?” She asked with new found boldness and determination.

His brows furrowed in confusion, thinking her a fool perhaps. “I told you already missy, drop the deal, and then let me fuck you.”

She visibly cringed at his use of word, the old man had no shame in his bluntness.

“I propose half a million,” she said, purposefully ignoring his proposal.

He laughed out loud, pointing at her comically like she was some clown. “You think I want your money? Half a million naira? That’s the price of the suit I have on, darling.”

“2 million,” she countered.

“That’s my daughter’s monthly wardrobe allowance.” He stopped short, clicking his tongue on his teeth. “And I’m thinking of adding another 2 million to it, she’s a big girl now.”

Of course, he had to be talking of his daughter, while debating having sex with someone almost her age.

“7 mil—"

“Hey listen, the whole money you’re worth is chicken feed to me. I don’t want your poor money, just drop the fucking deal and spread your fine long legs,” he said, cutting her off.

She bit her lips nervously, thinking of another route to go through, this was her career in jeopardy. She couldn’t drop the deal she had just finalized the evening before, that was her big break, and she had no doubt the man whose case she was taking on will ruin her career if she should decide to drop the deal. He was a big politician in Nigeria, and his type will take her dropping the case as an insult.

“I know you’re thinking about it, especially spreading your legs wide open for me.” He opened his teeth in a wide smile, his yellow incisor making her cringe in irritation.

She watched as her picked an apple from the table to cut a piece of it with a knife. “Care for?” He offered and she shook her head no.

He muttered an ‘okay’, putting the apple in his mouth and chewing like somewhat a ruminant animal.

He dropped the apple and the knife back on the table, and began walking towards her. “Come on now. You horny missy, I saw you licking your sweet lips. I wouldn’t know if it’s really sweet now, would I? Unless I have a taste of it myself.”

He was at her front the next minute, grabbing her shoulder and trying to claim her lips. She struggled, crying ‘let me go’ repeatedly, but he kept on urging her. She managed to break free from his hold, moving to the other side of the table he had been.

“Eh. Playing hard to get now, are we?” He started walking towards her.

“Don’t come near me,” she warned, picking up the knife from the table and pointing it at him in a threat.

The man had the guts to chuckle, like the knife she held firmly in her hands was a toy of some sort.

“I’d drop that if I were you,” he said sternly, still walking towards her.

He got to where she was and maneuvered her, forcing her back to rest on the table, the knife clattered somewhere above her head. She was panting rapidly, scared that she was going to go all through it again. The forceful penetration, the tears and the pleas. She wasn’t just going to lose her firm, she was going to get raped too. She closed her eyes, bracing herself for what ever he had in mind.

Richard tore her blue blouse open with so much force that the button scattered allover, to the ground and table. She cried silently as the cold breeze hit her bare skin. Not again, she prayed for a miracle, slowly giving up the fight. She blamed herself inwardly, this is what you get for coming to meet a man in an hidden location with the excuse of a meeting. She sighed in a contrary acceptance that it wasn’t her fault, she had to know what information he had in her.

“Please Richard.. p-please,” she begged as he shifted her skirt to gather round her waist, her blue thong now exposed to his eyes.

He chuckled, running his tongue through his bottom lips like he had a delicacy in front of him.

“Psycho,” she muttered, hating herself for begging. She should’ve have known men like him feed from fears.

His hands found the band of her thong and yanked it down.

“Let’s hope you’re wet”

She closed her eyes, he was going to do it. He was going to rape her. But then she remembered, she was no longer that 20 year old Elena that had allowed herself to be raped with no fight. She was the Elena who found a vigor to fight her way out of her wretched life and had an opportunity to start all over again. She wasn’t going to let this man take it all away from her.

With a new found vigor, she found the knife that had clattered out of her hands, she watched as Richard prepared himself to enter her, and as he guided his length to her entrance she attacked, shoving the knife into the left side of his chest. Hoping she got his wicked heart. She removed the knife and stabbed again, much more forceful than before. His eyes opened in shock and his dying body fell on her.

She fretted, using her last strength to push the dead man off her. Her eyes widened in realization, she had just killed a man. She had shoved a knife into a persons heart, not once, but twice. She did it to defend herself, that was her excuse, but deep down, she knew she did it for liberation, for selfishness, she did it anyways. To protect myself, she concluded inwardly.

“To protect myself.” she continued to chant as she dressed herself up quickly and removed the knife that now had her prints from the man'chest, cleaning it on the shirt, and putting it into her bag. She tied the ruined shirt and held it tightly with her hands in an attempt to cover herself.

She looked round the old room, sighing in relief that there were no cameras. Taking the the picture of her in a lingerie and the envelope that held the other evidences Richard used in blackmailing her, she made her way out of the house.

“To protect myself,” she chanted almost dementedly, as she climbed into her car driving away in speed.

All the while, she was ignorant of the eyes that watched.

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