First Kill

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Emily gets caught up into something unexpected. Spying on the neighbors while on bed rest from an accident she becomes reluctant to figure out all the neighbors troubles. Will she figure out what Jeremy, her next door neighbor, really does on those weekends?

Thriller / Mystery
Paige Shoop
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Chapter 1

It was the first time I killed a man. I know killing is wrong. But, killing someone who has done more wrong than right I believe needs to be dead, right? Was I really wrong to kill him? It just had to be done.

I sat in the enclosed room with the two detectives, Detective Johnson and Detective Quinn for an hour now. I was in shock of what happened. I felt if I told them they wouldn’t believe me. They stood in silence for a moment. A video camera was pointed toward my blood stained face and clothes.

“Start at the beginning. Tell us what happened. You may come out of this situation as we gather evidence and truth outside your story. You just need to speak.” Detective Quinn stared at me. I looked up into his eyes and the tears flowed down my cheeks.

“I had just moved into that house about a year ago. Things were going pretty well. I finished my schooling. I had my job working at the psychiatrist office for about 8 months. I was even working on having my own business. At least that was the plan. ” I started wiping the tears away. The two detectives began to scribble down notes and intensively listened to my story.


3 months earlier

“Good morning, Ms. Wood. How was your weekend?” Trudy, the floor secretary was very good at her job. She was always on time, communicated very well, wrote great notes and had a great personality. She was about 26 year’s old, brunette wavy hair, tall, skinny, and eyes of blue. We became very good friends.

“It was good. How was yours Trudy?” I asked, smiling. She handed me my missed calls notes.

“Pretty good, Simon and I went out of town. It was a very romantic weekend. Do you want to go to lunch at Paradise?” She returned a smile and the phone rang.

The hours ticked by as patients were in and out of my office. The sessions felt short and to the point not as they usually do. Lunch was even gone, what felt like only a few minutes was a 45 minute lunch with Trudy talking about her romantic getaway with her 6 year boyfriend, Simon. Just as my day was starting to unwind, I felt my stomach churn and grumble in pain. Oh no! I ran to the bathroom. With two hours left, I had to go home early.

“Let them know, we need to reschedule my last client of the day. Ask if she can meet on the weekend. I will do…”

“I’ll take care of things. Go home, Ms. Wood. Feel better. Do you need me to call a taxi?”

I shook my head no.

Finally, I made it home after a half hour on the road. I scrambled for my keys in my purse. Gotcha! I made my way up the porch stairs and struggled to open the door. A man peered over as he was making his way to his mail box. He wore just overalls with no under shirt. His overalls were covered in splattered beige paint, his work boots covered with mud, his face in with spots of dry dirt, and his hands freshly washed. He was about 34 years old. His hair was dark brown almost black, his eyes were green, pale white skin, muscular, toned and tall.

I opened my eyes wider to make out the man. He walked over with large steps and began up the steps. He smiled and waited for my permission to step onto the porch.

You’re already two feet away. My hands began to shake and my legs trembled. My stomach started to growl in pain. I nodded.

“Hi, my name is Jeremy. I live next door. You moved in not too long ago, right? Let me help you.” He lifted my arm over his shoulder to hold me up and resisting me from falling. He reached for my keys asking which one it was. We were in.

“Yes, forgive me but I don’t feel well. I would invite you in but… I… sorry. But thank you for your help.” I shut the door locking it behind me. I dropped my belongings at the door side table and made my way to the bathroom once more. That was awkward. I dressed myself and landed in my soft and comfy king bed. My eyes began to drift to sleep.


Jeremy’s point of view

Two nights before, my hands began to twitch and desire for a woman’s touch. No longer did a child’s love fill my needs. I needed a woman.

I hunger for blood. I need it and it is calling for me. It’s a Saturday night. Girls are out at a club. I go inside. The girls are dancing on the dance floor. The lights flicker different colors. That one! She is perfect! Her lips are luscious pink, her eyes brown, her blonde hair curled, her curves, her fair white hands, her rosy cheeks, and her tall thin legs. Her tight fitted black, knee high sparkle dress compliments her body. I watch her dance with her friend. They move against each other. She closes her eyes, lifting her hair with her hands and her friend dances behind her touching her hips. She opens her eyes and stares straight at me. Oh my! Her lips gently part, as she begins mouthing me to come over and dance with them. I smile. I got them hooked.

For an hour, we danced and talked. The music was hot and the floor was crowded. We laughed and danced some more. It was time.

“Want to go somewhere quiet, Sabrina?” I screamed over the blaring music. I sipped my rum and coke. She scooted towards me in the booth setting her 5th Cosmo down onto the table.

Her breath was moist in my ear. She whispered, “Only if my girlfriend can come?” My eyes lit up. I get to score two women rather than one. What a great night!

Her eyes stared into mine as she waited for a reply. I kissed her hard on her lips. Oh my! She tastes good. Her lips joined me. I begin to kiss down to her neck and to the start of her breasts. She giggles and pushes me back. We rush out of there as they head for her car and I head for mine. We make our way to a remote hotel. I pay the 80 dollars as the two girls wait. I can’t wait to have them!

The girls jump out of the car as they start to follow me. Sabrina kisses me and her friend kisses my neck. The door opens with a click. I rush the girls inside the room. They giggle as they toss themselves on the bed. Oh this is going to be a killer night!

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