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Amanda was abandoned by her mother at the age of three. While roaming the streets at night, by bumped into James who took her in and and taught her to become an assassin mercenary. As she celebrates her birthday her 17th birthday she gets a distress call from James telling her that their organisation is under attack by the bad guys. They organisation can not take down the bad guys by themselves, so they turned to the rival organisation for help. But things are not sweet and peaches because London, aka the guy who messed up her very important mission is also in that organisation and then when they meet again hell break loose. As their punishment for what they did, they have to work together until the mission is over. Will they survive without breaking each other's throat or will they take another path in life, after all it's not a Wonderland.

Thriller / Action
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Amanda P.O.V

14 years ago

"Mummy! mummy! where are you". That is what I've been saying for hours, in the rain storm. I'm not sure if the water that are running down cheeks is rain or my tears. I'm cold and I have a runny nose, the ice cream melted a long time ago all that's left is a cone now. After running around looking for my mother who was said she'll be back.
Am a bad girl, will she run away like daddy did 3 months ago. Maybe she would because she said the same thing dad said when he went away "I'm going to buy the rest of the groceries".

I should have seen it coming. Who leaves a child in the middle of the night and goes shopping. After hours of waiting for her I decided to go after her in the rain storm.

After hours of trying to get to the mall and being chased by dogs, I got lost. As I walk around in the in the rain, my shoes are wet, my hair is wet, every part of my body is wet. I still don't understand why she made this ice cream than lift.


Was the only thing I heard and mummy always told me whenever I heard that sound I should run, so I ran. While I was running I kept looking backwards that's why I didn't see what was in front of me and I bumped into it.

At first I thought it was a wall but no wall is this soft. I know how wall's feel like, because they are the reasons I have so many scars. As I looked up, a very very tall man in all black was looking down on me.

"Hey kid, what are you doing out this late". he asks.

"I'm looking for my mummy, Can you help please me". I reply.

"Well, where is mummy". he asks back.

"At the mall, buying groceries". I reply back.

"This late", he asks again.

I only reply with a head nod. "Well...... Sure kid let's go look for your mother".

Present day

Today is my 17th birthday and I'm spending it all at the mall with my BFF for life Lisa. And I'm celebrating my anniversary for being in the organisation for 14 years. After my parents abandoned me at the age of 3, James and Emily adopted to me and taught me to be an assassin mercenary at the age of four. it's kind of obvious that I'm adopted considering the fact that they are white and I'm black but I love my family I love Emily for being a mother after my real mother abandon me at night.

"Hurry the f up woman, I didn't wake up early for you to be late". shouts Lisa.

"That because I didn't ask you to wake up this early it's 6 a.m. b!tch". I shout from the shower.

"Stop complaining and hurry up. I am your one and only friend so shut the f up and get out here".

"While you're high and mighty if you think your my only friend. And BTW stop being a drama queen b!tch stop waking me up this early. it's annoying!". I reply as I got out of the shower.

"All of those others are fake friends, I am your real friend. They don't know you like I know you. so please just get the f outta here and let's go, I'm bored half of my mind right now." She looks at me as I walk out of the bathroom.

" About time, now come I need to fix you up and make you look like a goddess so you'll stop the looking like devil you are".she says

"Hahaha, very funny".

I got dressed in my black ripped jeans and a white summer crop top with white sneakers, and Lisa does my makeup.

After we finished getting ready Lisa and I went downstairs. My adopted family is super rich because they are the head of a organisation.

"Hey honey why you up so early it's your day off". shouts my adopted mother Emily.

"Because Lisa that'll be funny to wake me up at 6 a.m. on my motherfuking day off" I answer.

"Language young lady".she points the spoon at me as I mouthed sorry.

"Anyways, happy birthday. Now sit down while I make your breakfast. Oh hey Lisa didn't see you there". she smiles happily at Lisa.

"HeyMrs Matthews, how was it" replys Lisa.

"Nothing much, is just that my mother f****** husband works every time and my daughter is always on missions and I'm here alone alone alone alone!" She fakes cry.

"Language mother, language" I shout at her.

"Oh shut it. I'm the older one here you are the kid, so zip it". She says in a duh tone.

"anyway eat your breakfast and get out of here I need to go to work. Because I cannot leave you both to lock up this house, do you remember the last time I asked you to lock up the house". Says Emily.

When we were last to lock up, Lisa and I forgot to lock up the house and half of our stuff was stolen but James being the head of our organisation got our stuff back and put those asses in jail.

"yeah that was one time, one time mother. There's no need to go back to the past. Plus it's Lisa's fault, she was the one who ketp nagging me all the time". I point at Lisa.

"What! you were the one who forgot your phone and I was already in the car. So I you the one who didn't look up the house".

"Yeah whatever is just eat and go before she turns all ninja on us". I reply.

As we ate of breakfast Lisa and Emily kept talking about the fashion world and all the new styles while I was bored the hell out of my mind. After breakfast Lisa and I went to her red BMW Z4.

After we shopped our asses off. We decided to go for lunch and after lunch he decided to do more shopping. It was fun but our fun was short-lived by James who ordered who us back because our organisation was under attack
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