From the eye's of a Child

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This is about a boy named Maxwell, and how his life changed a bit to fast for someone to handle. something bad has happened to him and he changes in ways not known to man today

Thriller / Horror
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A normal life

I normally wake up earlier then this, but today was special. today's the same day my parents died, it happened years ago but it still kinda gets to me. my father was a painter that worked locally to make some quick cash so our family could survive. my mother had two different jobs to also help support financially and even that only just got us to pay rent and the essentials we need to survive off of. that didn't mean that we didn't have fun, we would always go out to the bush and walk around and spot wildlife. did i mention I love different animals? I guess not.

After they died I had to go live with some relatives because I was only a young kid at the time, its been 6 years since then and I convinced my caregivers to move back into my old house because it has stayed in my family for generations since the 1800's I would say the thing is really old, but it had a calming feeling to it. It hand memories in it, I always go for a morning and night run to clear my mind and have a half normal life. I don't have friends and I am home schooled because I was bullied at my old school and I learn better at home anyway.
Before I always had dreams of something watching me as a child, a figure I could never make out because it was to dark in my dream I never really paid attention to it because it was scary to me. I was always told that i'm not really scared of much. probably because I wasn't scared when the accident happened with my parents. Its funny how things could change so quickly, like life is dragging you along it's path too fast.

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