The Winch (Season 1)

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In a parallel universe, the survivors of a global catastrophe attempt to rebuild their lives in an ongoing struggle of conspiracies, crime waves and civil wars. Season 2 starts January 2021.

Thriller / Scifi
Al Wright
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Series Opener



1. A strong, lightweight silver-blue metal, the chemical element of the atomic number Xx, used as a material for sanctum construction and weapon manufacturing.



1. A city sized sanctuary, supported by Dinatium pillars, made to house the survivors of the Caldera Event.

Note: Extracts taken from the Delta English Dictionary 2020 edition.


1919: Dinatium is discovered by pioneer Zedworth Crasp and put into reserve for advanced construction and scientific experiments to resolve it’s further uses.

1999: The super volcano Caldera is predicted to erupt in early 2018, the fallout will cover the Earth in a toxic ash cloud over the next 20 years rendering the air unbreathable.

Early 2000: Countries pool their Dinatium resources, construction plans for 150 Sanctums are put into place, 1 for each country/state which contributed to the Dinatium pool.

Late 2000: Sanctum construction begins, mass debate ensues, some countries remain sceptical, others are outraged.

2005: In response to lack of productivity in sanctum construction, several governments pull funding from mediums of entertainment and the arts to redirect efforts into the future security of Caldera survivors. Save for a few dedicated artists, most of the creative output is funnelled into Sanctum construction.

2017: Most Sanctums are complete, the average population cap for each rests at approx. 2 to 3 million people. As a last-ditch effort, countries begin using prestigious landmarks (for possible repurpose as additional housing) as bargaining chips to ensure their elite’s own safety with a spot on a Sanctum.

Feb 7, 2018: Caldera erupts, the evacuation to the Sanctums begins, leading to mass hysteria and the abandonment of many of the lists for selected survivors as the system quickly descends into a first come first serve basis.

Mid-2018: Evacuation to the sanctums is complete, the England Sanctum (Sanctum 2) contains approx. 2 million survivors.

2022: Sanctum 2 enters a state of civil war; the United Purist Party seizes power and begins a genocide against all disabled citizens to ensure strong future generations through eugenics. The rebel group known as Winchcorp, led by Ethan Faust, retaliates.

2023: The civil war ceases, with Winchcorp claiming victory after a final push back following The Battle of St. Joan’s Hospital.

Mid-2023: Law is reinstated, and balance begins to return to Sanctum 2 though the effects of the civil strife (including collateral damage to property) will likely be permanent. Many Winchcorp fighters seek to return to their normal lives, the few that stay are honorarily instated as a special unit to bolster the police force, now known as Winchtech.

2027: Winchtech is now a figurehead of crime prevention, to ensure the ultimate deterrent and maximum performance in their field operatives, they begin creating experimental Dinatium service weapons.

However, the feared gang NEON is terrorizing the streets of Sanctum 2, the police assign Winchtech to contain the crime wave.

Ethan Faust (Winchtech CEO and Field Commander)

Caelan Zander (Data Librarian, Treasurer and Field Operative)

Zuberi Tendaji (Engineer and Head of Security)

Chris Marrow (Investigative Officer)

They are the people who exceed the boundaries of existence by upholding morality in a world that is all but dead.

They form a beacon that lifts those they protect up from the pitfalls of despair and entropy.

They are a part of…




A History of the Parallel Now


Timestamp Terms

PC - Post Caldera

BC - Before Caldera


Pontoon: The form of slang used by residents of the Port 44 Bay Area District as well as Interground dwellers, residents of the derelict areas in Ledge Crescent City District and NEON gang members.

Bratan – Brother

Butt – Cigarette/Smoke

Chrome – Dead/Died

Chased the Chrome – Suicide

Crum – Food

Drob – Drink

Dust Drinker – Bookworm/Student

Fenn – Meeting Place

Feev – Steal

Funt – Insult

Firve – Drugs

Giz – Job

Haz – Give/Give Me

Marr – House/Crash Pad

Nier – No

Giznee – Deal’s Off

Peen – Sex

Poose – Pub/Bar/Café/Club

Rain Heart(ed) – Depression/Depressed

Strep – Cash

Tren – ASAP

Yars – Yes

Gizyar – Deal’s On

Zan – Gone/Escaped/Missing

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